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  1. Some points nobody else has mentioned yet: roughly 30% of all weapons is completely obsolete and can be safely sold to free up a weapon slot or crafted into better/other weapons the same applies to most non-prime frames when you obtain the prime version, if you chose wisely not to potato a frame that already has a prime version available you have little to lose. I've kept all my obsolete frames for fashion-frame purposes and due to them having potatoes and forma on them but you really do not have to. slots are very cheap (especially weapon slots) Also the quick mat
  2. Alright so here is why people might think chroma needs a buff: His 1 is (near) useless, honestly we can all name a dozen frames that fit this category, so not a strong argument. His 4 is (near) useless, this has mostly become an issue since the addition of the Index and other credit farming methods that do not rely on you killing a big number of enemies. There are frames which out dps/perform chroma, well guess what... he still out performs 90% of the frames out there just with a good vex armor build PS. please do not use primed flow unless you are actually trying to make
  3. We also have complete cosmetic mods that aren't frame specific. And some incredibly niche mods that are mostly used for memes. Adding a separate system with its own slots/drains would add greatly to the complexity of the game, but it might be better than the current system. And while most augments provide cosmetic/niche benefits the same can be said for most abilities, which again brings me to the point, do we really want them to nerf all the good augments? It will happen, just look at what happened to MfD and Fatal teleport.
  4. We've seen what happened with the more useful/stronger abilities. I don't need the same to happen to the more useful augments.
  5. I'm completely in the dark of how this weapon will work. That said, this can be good or bad. Good if they actually surprise us with something original, bad if its just a *insert weapon here* reskin/redo.
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