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  1. Our orbiter is our home, we have personal quarters in it and can go to anywhere with it.
  2. It will be a thing. You would know if you watched the devstream. It is to be added in the deimos aracana update or whatever it is called.
  3. What is your email, i'll send a mail right now that you've posted something.
  4. That would be a bit to cheap to cheat death. It looks really cool when you reverse your movement, but aside from endless missions, where on earth would i want to redo all my movement because of my ability?
  5. I agree. It is very unclear to me what it does apart from giving you some free energy and a survival trick. It just feels underwhelming when barely anything happens when the rewind happens. This has probably to do with the following: if it doesn't do significant dmg, it is worthless - "Most Tenno"
  6. Then you must have never played a game 15 years ago. Back then almost every game had to take system limits into account. Today however, memory is rarely ever an issue since it is cheap and abundant.
  7. So what do they do? A quick summary: Energized Munitions ENERGY 50 KEY hotkey  Energized Munitions Imbue your weapons with ammo efficiency. Metamorphosis: Tier 5 Infusion Costs: 5% Oxides, 15% Calx, 10% Synthetics Strength:N/A Duration:3 / 3.5 / 4 / 5 s Range:N/A Misc:75 % (ammo efficiency) Expend 50 Energy to improve all e
  8. if you need more than 2 mags for the weakpoints with your titania, try energized munitions, works on your exalted pistols :)
  9. looks like nidus has found a brother in the void host. I like the concept.
  10. multishot is better than crit chance in almost every situation. the worst part is that the 2nd one you mentioned doesn't add any damage modifiers like the toxin one you have in the first one.
  11. Just wondering why isn't shwaak(2) better? I haven't done tridolons in a long time because i simply hate doing them (the time-gate of nighttime truly doesn't help me hate them less) Also, naming the arcane might be useful, i'm pretty sure you won't have good results without the proper virtuous arcane (and even magus arcanes can help a lot). I also wonder when they are finally going to add operator loadouts (haven't found them yet). I would really like to have a special eidolon operator loadout and maybe even one for profit-taker/fashion-operator.
  12. wait, it is actually linked to how light/dark it is? I thought is was either dark/light and then you got the buff.
  13. sigma and octantis is good, but i do think silva and aegis prime is slightly better on most stats. The question is do you like the stance and/or the looks. When it comes to melee there are a few niche situations where you want a specific melee. The rapiers have a stance with innate slash procs for instance.
  14. Oh and on a side note, don't edit your posts this much. It doesn't make the discussion any more readable/understandable. Also, for an elitist I seem to be the only one actually taking the effort on commenting on this. I guess Prisma grakata is the #1 weapon in the game right now.
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