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  1. If you do not care to much about not getting the achievements on steam it is perfectly fine to just launch warframe without steam. Make sure that when you do launch warframe, always launch trough the steam link/library. If you don't and the game patches I am pretty sure it breaks the steam link and causes a clean download.
  2. The option of it going on and on until you collect isn't going to work. One might run out of resources or accidentally waste a lot of resources on stuff (lets say, 500 infested catalysts because they forgot to collect) A more reasonable approach would be to queue items. If I have 10 forma bps, i can queue 10 forma and collect 1 forma each day or 5 on day 5 and 5 on day 10 etc. The only big downside I can see right now is the rant that will follow by players who buy a 100x (pizza/chypher) bp because those will become a lot less useful. In the end however, i rarely get obstructed by foundry times for gear items. They only take 1 minute, a tiny bit of resources and therefor i can easily use my warframe app on mobile to craft and claim so i have a big stock (i have a stock of around 1k of each pizza and ciphers for instance)
  3. In video games, an exploit is the use of a bug or glitches, game system, rates, hit boxes, speed or level design etc. by a player to their advantage in a manner not intended by the game's designers; however, the precise determination of what is or is not considered an exploit can be controversial. I would definitely argue that the drone spawning glitch is an exploit, because not only does it speed up the mission, it also actually DISABLES spawns/situations that were intended. The vomvalysts spawn optimization is further from the exploit criteria for me simply because it still doesn't disable/remove a full part of the mission.
  4. Your operator can do a great deal for you, especially in Steel Path. Literally any school can do great stuff at SP, you just need to look for it. I am pretty sure some of your melee builds failed because the Youtuber forgot to mention he used Naramon school to keep his combo counter high. As for weapons, AoE is often best because you can hit a dozen or more enemies per shot, so even if it takes 2-4 shots it is still relatively ammo efficient and quick compared to single target guns. The best status effects are viral, slash, heat and corrosive. Radiation and gas however are definitely funny and stronger once enemies do not drop instantly. When building melee, you should always consider what melee you are going to use and how. It is pretty pointless to install bloodrush on a heavy attack build. It is also pointless to use heavy attack mods on a weapon you are going to use for finishers (trough stealth or abilities). The list can go on. Every melee has its own base stats and base multipliers for heavy attacks and finishers, check these before picking a build. Most frames can do pretty well in steel path just by using/abusing shield-gating by reducing your (max)shields to a minimum and using augur mods or briefrespite to instantly refresh your shields. Personal preference is important. Most normal enemies aren't status immune, in which case status builds will always beat your crit builds given how high the armor and health buffs of steel path are.
  5. When will we finally get another rework of the gear wheel? It still has some old and wonky features that honestly do not seem that big a deal to fix/change. Here is a short list I've made, in what I personally believe to go from most to least important. Non-interactive items like ciphers, dragon keys and apothics shouldn't be on the gear wheel, you don't select them from the gear wheel anyways. Vehicles shouldn't be visible in missions where they aren't available. Fomorian disruptors and other event items could probably be made non-interactive so they stop taking up space in our gear wheel. It makes no sense to me that we are required to equip/unequip items that are only available/useful for a limited time, especially with the event items. Another option would be to make categories/groups in the gear wheel, just like we've had the fishing/hunting gear all behind a separate menu after selecting the spear/rifle. Example: Reinforcements, (specters, pizza's, landingcraft item) Vehicles Keys, (apothics, event items, keys) Fishing Hunting Beacons Especially for PC players it would great to just bind shortcuts to certain gear items, it would be less urgent or not required at all should some of the former points be implemented. Any thoughts on other/further improvements required on the gear wheel or as to why it is okay for it to be in a such miserable state are welcome. I believe I covered most issues and have brought up a few acceptable ways to implement improvements, should you spot anything amiss please comment so I might update the above section. TL;DR; The last time we got a gear wheel overhaul it was done cheaply and poorly from a user point of view. It really needs a proper overhaul.
  6. It is an exploit. One can also use hydroid to grab the hemocyte and pull it out of the boil. not sure if that would fall under exploit. The loki/nova teleports are no exploits. However I'd love if it could also receive movement speed buffs from other frames to provide more alternatives to the current must have loki to do efficiently. He would still be better but at least we could opt for other choices so we have our volt shield or zephyr turbulence buffs etc for the other phases. In general plague star still feels wonky in design just like the rest of the plains do. Not that any open-worlds feel completely working to me... they are simply to full of bugs and glitches to feel as finished and DE clearly gave up on trying to fix (all) the bugs properly. The plains are almost 4 years old, yet we all know that PoE 2.0 isn't going to remove bugs... it will most likely be nothing more but a visual overhaul. Waypoints, mission timers, host migrations, wall clipping, objectives (instantly) failing, archwing launcher, etc. they are all still in a miserable shape. The biggest issues have been fixed, but some basic issues are still very much present.
  7. Uhm, I am not sure if I am understanding this... What exactly do you mean by inventory? The loot from the mission (which is included already) or your entire inventory?
  8. When kitguns were first released they were pistol only. They literally didnt have rivens because they weren't supposed to have them. It led to an outcry for riven mods for kitguns for "my favorite catchmoon/rattleguts". We got what we asked and the kitguns were soon to be nerfed (they really never needed rivens). Honestly, any poor riven disposition weapon isn't worth a riven regardless. Like, I'd rather have a riven for my archguns than for my kitguns... they really don't benefit much from rivens. Hounds really shouldn't get rivens, neither should any companion. The joke that is companion weapon rivens is just hilarious.
  9. They were placed within their own rivens on purpose. However, kitguns should've simply never have had rivens, they only thing it brought was OP kitguns that HAD to be nerfed to be balanced out again.
  10. troll limbo, i always frown the moment i read that. Because the times where he actually blocks your damage are very limited, to none at all if you are using exalted weapons or other warframe abilities. I am not sure if this is the case, but my best bet is that DE aren't doing this simply because this functionality is probably only going to be used on those missions which are run regularly.
  11. I'm not against it, but to be the devils advocate. Do you often pay attention to the ghost pyrana prime that appears upon activating its effect?
  12. I'm just completely in the dark as to why our saw looks like it literally spins to hit enemies a dozen times per strike yet only applying one damage instance per strike. I was hoping it would be a bit more like the panthera alt-fire (but then melee, thus stronger). It is a funny gimmick weapon though.
  13. Your focus should always be on things you CAN control. You can't control the guy who is trolling. You shouldn't be allowed to kick, this will only introduce more types of trolling. You can always leave the squad. The only sensible implementation I've seen in a long time is to further extend upon the squad system open-worlds use. One should be able to leave a squad without aborting the mission. This would then probably be subject to outcries to allow for better host-migrations and squad building in general and if anything this is some far future music that we might see after cross-platform is in a stable state (or perhaps as part of the cross-platform patch in order to combat stability issues and what not) TL;DR; You can only control your own actions, so stop being frustrated by those that you think are working against you and make your own move. (leave the squad)
  14. Why are you complaining about a saryn that will boost your weapon affinity to max rank faster than most other frames? If you need to level a weapon fast you do not care about how it is done (being semi-afk in specific tile-sets has been a common thing for a looooooong time now) If you really want to do stuff yourself too, go and do some railjack or a stealth mission type. The former has infinite affinity share range and what not (go to the wiki). The latter has bonus objectives that grant affinity to all your gear, e.g. no detection bonus and kill all wardens bonus etc. Obtaining warframe or melee affinity and/or the focus from said gear is best done solo.
  15. This doesn't mean it is good to remove the ability to mod for specific traits in your Warframe. I see plenty of people fail at spy missions in sorties. If they don't they usually try to go and do it on a lazy loki/ivara way. Oh and please stay on the topic of the suggested frame. It really is a cool concept, but I find limiting the effects of mods to be a bad thing to do. I was mostly trying to avoid the typical one mod config to rule them all which was creeping into this concept. Even if killing things is all that matters there are builds that do just that, but in a different way. Energy vampire vs Abating Link trinity is a good example. Atlas has such a great variety of augments that you can definitely make more than 2 builds that kill. Ivara can be modded for duration for stealth, strength for damage. My point was that on Yareli I barely notice the change when I up the duration or range of my abilities, it just feels like it does nothing at all. Cast speed has become less of a thing these days, it is something that is rarely used but it still has its uses. I do like cast speed on nova/trinity builds because they have some pretty long cast times. Sprint speed has some really interesting effects and benefits on gauss. Energy colors change how Chroma works. In general, I barely enjoyed Yareli because there was nothing to experiment with. One mod config to rule them all is bad in a game where we have such a big pool of mods to pick from to customize it.
  16. If you have the time, corpus endless railjack missions are the best. How do you keep the mech alive? Necramech rage definitely helps. Bonewidow can just cast 1 to siphon health and 2 to block some dmg. The voidrig requires mech repair to last longer.
  17. You mean a brother for Valkyr, the cat frame? There are some ideas I could definitely like, but removing the effects of mods is something DE should do carefully. Not as a band-aid to fix the clear issue that we can min-max so much these days that it might get to strong. Disabling modding for certain effects of abilities is sometimes required, but I would much rather look at ways to make the ability scale with the mods allowing for a more versatile modding configuration. Otherwise every warframe is going to be a boring slap one stat to the max and forget the rest. A bad example being Yareli, where there just isnt any min-maxing i can find enjoyable... it always comes back to a lot of strength, the other stats do fairly little (range does almost nothing) A good example being Oberon, Ivara or Trinity, where almost any build tries to balance at least 2 out of 4 stats. There are way more fun/powerful/interesting ways to mod these two then there are for some other frames.
  18. Noticed the same, you got my vote. The current system makes mercy kills even more wonky.
  19. Damage wise it isn't hard to make the hounds kill if you skip the diversified denial (triple tiny hounds) and go for the reflex denial (a nyx/mag bubble kind of ability). The only downside is that it isn't very reliable and also soaks our own weapon damage in resulting in the occasional stagger or bad moments because the status procs get blocked/soaked. With shield-gating around, moa's and hounds have become a lot more useful, guardian instantly refreshes shields and shield charger can override shield regen delay like a shield osprey/drone does for corpus/corrupted enemies. Companions in general just aren't that strong. The best companions simply are smeeta and the vulpas. The former due to charm being arguably the only S tier companion ability, the latter due to their immortality regardless of modding. Of all hounds I think it is safe to say the Hec hound is probably the strongest since it has the akaten gun which deals mostly slash and therefor allows for a more versatile mod configuration. For optimal stats one would probably be looking for a hound with the Raiju Core and Urga Bracket. Shields are a useless stat on companions that can equip (primed) pack leader.
  20. AoE is still simply to strong right now. Using heat or toxin for extra damage overtime can certainly help (most likely heat since you run viral). Not every kuva/tenet/prime assault rifle can do a good job at killing enemies. In general I feel like status chance/effects have a bigger impact compared to critical hits. (in steel path)
  21. A toggle is certainly something reasonable to ask for, but you are quite likely indeed part of a minority that might actually use it. We can only guess as to why it was removed and never put back.
  22. Nobody seems to mention the no-brainer as to why they removed the old hold melee. It is easy to make a normal/heavy hit while trying to do the other by either pressing to long, pressing to quickly or releasing to early/late. I am therefor completely fine with how this is right now, much better than the at times confusing and frustrating old charge attack system.
  23. you buy every K-drive for mastery rank fodder, every K-drive mod because it don't matter anyway. A relic pack or ayatan statue to spend the standing on when you are maxed and actually do enjoy it would be nice however.
  24. No, it is actually really nice to have a sentinel that doesn't deal damage. I also wouldn't like having to apply at least 3 more forma to make my pets/sentinels maxed out again. I've got 5 pets close to or fully maxed the way I want them for fun/use. I don't feel like burning more forma on them.
  25. Gunblades are. Or if your melee fails, try high status weapons. If the enemies aren't immune to status you can use primary/secondary to help with stripping some armor. Tenet flux rifle can get over 300% status chance with innate fire/toxin/cold for a heat and viral combination that helps your slash procs require less time. For pistols, kuva zarr is kinda busted (nerfed soon tm). kuva nukor is still great with innate peculiar growth.
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