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  1. There's an MR5 out there, somewhere, that really appreciates owning this weapon.
  2. You should experiment with it, you'll find, that as a mechanism, duel rooms are basically that feature, so if it already exists, then implementing it on a larger scale for the purposes of room sharing should be theoretically possible.
  3. This has my full support. You've neglected to mention a live example of this in action: the duel rooms. When you go for a duel, and that room is decorated, the instance loads all the decorations as well, and the door is locked.
  4. Fantastic! It was a bit of a ride trying to look through 7 hours of video!
  5. Greetings Tenno! When the Helminth System was originally announced, with an mr15 requirement, many skilled individuals rejoiced at the idea of a game mechanic designed specifically for them. It was an exciting prospect, the ability to use other abilities. When that requirement was later lowered to 8, I think it did more to help us than hurt us, but some of those skilled individuals were angry and disgusted, citing a feeling of betrayal, that such an advanced mechanic be available to lowly, inexperienced players. I think that's important, because it seems to me that this expresses an underestimation and general disregard by most folks of newer players; and those who chose to play the game at a lower mastery rank permanently. I truly believe that had there not been a mastery rank, the mini-outrage episode would never have occurred in the first place. We've moved past that these days however. The mastery rank requirement seems unnecessary to me since it does not provide an accurate view of skill, or experience, or even an indicator of a "decent" resource stash. Quest completion and/or star chart completion is a better metric to use to determine if players truly are ready for the helminth. While it's true players can request assistance for every node in the star chart, they still have to clear the specters of the rails solo, and there are quests that have to be done alone. The Helminth System can also serve as type of warframe codex as they revisit different areas in the star chart to claim what they missed. But most importantly, I consider it strange to lock away an important game mechanic between 2 players who have the same accomplishments in quests, star chart completion, the ability to defeat Profit Taker, the Eidolons, building and upgrading a railjack, maxing your railjack ranks, staffing that railjack with crew from Ticker, and being able to fight level 1000 enemies in the Void Survival node; but only 1 of the 2 can use helminth and the other can't, Some critics will argue that this is true of prime weapons and warframes as well, but I will contend that it's a matter of the arsenal, if you can't access one sword, or a gun, you can use a different gun or sword, and while a non-prime warframe is generally weaker and less convenient than a prime, fundamentally, they both can perform the same functions. No alternative exists for helminth, and the helminth is less a weapon and more a mechanic, one that can open doors in so many ways; IF you can spare the time and effort for it. I think low mr players should have that option available if they so choose without having to be blocked by time. I sometimes notice some MR 0 players in this game, but they're not new, they've been around for years, they just choose to play as MR 0. They can still enjoy some content in this game, but not all. I would like to see them being honored in a small way like being able to use the helminth system for being dedicated. Anyway, that is my rant. Thank you.
  6. The "Strategic Development" achievement is broken because New Survival Node, Fenton’s Field is listed as being complete when I never completed it.
  7. Oh, also, I do appreciate the kuva nukor nerf. It was a very mindful nerf since it still allows us to fight profit taker effectively.
  8. I got 2 requests for consideration as a form of feedback. 1. Make Default Helminth Segment obtainable with Entrati Rank instead of Mastery Rank. If you have to tie quest completion to it, so be it. 2. Helminth Augment Mods WHEN!?!? It has the potential to bring some of the less subsumed helminth powers some life. You can even have them offered by the Entrati instead of the traditional syndicates.
  9. Okay so Orvius will be the superior option to Xoris once a person reaches mr5, which means Xoris should primarily be used for granum void. DE, I do appreciate the respect MR5 players are getting right now. Not only is it friendly for newer players, but it's also friendly to anyone who wishes to challenge the entire game at the lowest mastery rank possible (MR5 Challenge™, aka speedrunners).
  10. Okay I think it's been finalized. While the Mecha Kubrow and the Hammer would be moddable, the Imhullu, Marduk's 4th ability, would be based on Marduk's ability stats, and not be moddable.
  11. I put together, to the best of my ability, a warframe and kit thought up by a dojo decorator, for dojo decorators. A warframe that uses the power of creation for destruction, his name, Marduk:
  12. Ah so it does! Well that's great.
  13. I was a bit suspicious of a possible rework, but after reading the post, I have to say, I'm impressed, this is a very thoughtful rework. Though I am surprised that the way you wrote his 4, it doesn't put rift status on enemies in a spherical area. Other than that though, I would not hate this rework at all.
  14. Feedback: So I'll have to revise the augment or the forms to provide some kind of benefit to compete with Hammer form. I'm thinking of the possible following changes: Passive (Old): Loot Radar (20 meters) Passive (New): Attack Mode Buff: 10% Status Chance, and +1 Attack Range. Utility Mode Buff: 10% Damage Reduction, 10% Shield Recharge Rate. When I made the warframe concept, I did forget that the Tractor Beam mod actually does list Gravity as a stat. So I will update the description to also affect gravity directly. Another Suggestion that was mentioned: To better blend Marduk's Zero-G Beacon and Mushussu Hammer Mode, have the Hammer only be accessible after x kills within Zero-G Beacon's Radius.
  15. My goal here was to try to create a warframe that best represents the dojo decorator community, which meant a warframe that aided in the destruction of enemies through the use of creation or manufacturing. I wanted this warframe to be simple or straightforward, it had to be based on some kind of real world mythology or legend, and the abilities had to have a purpose or use to them. I chose to base the warframe on Marduk via the Babylonian Epic of Creation, which tl;dr tells the story of Marduk's rise to power through a battle that results in the creation of the world...or something like that. I took some liberties of course. I wanted this warframe to provide defense and utility to itself and it's allies, but I also wanted it to be able to be useful for dojo decorators and help them farm resources, which is why I included the augment suggestion. Anyway, feedback is very welcome. I'm not comfortable putting stats on this yet. Name: Marduk Description: A warframe that majestically uses the power of creation for destruction. Special Characteristic: Marduk's casting animations are slow because creation takes time. Passive: When Mushussu (Mecha Kubrow) is in Attack Mode, gain 10% damage reduction, 10% shield recharge rate, and 10% melee status chance. 1: Create Force Field Drone 2: Create Zero-G Beacon 3: Create Mushussu (Mecha Kubrow with Dragon characteristics) 4: Create Imhullu (Wind Cannon Rampart, Shaped like a Chariot)
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