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  1. hello i play warframe on the ps4 and i love the game however i have some issues with the melee revisit. 1 the auto blocking makes fights more difficult then usual for example when using hirudo and weapons with life strike mods while trying to attack enemies to quickly regain health i would be stopped by my character abruptly blocking while being hit by the enemy im trying to beat up to get health and would die, with weapons with lifestrike the auto blocking would eat up a lot of energy and it ran out a few times as it tried to get close enough to attack. 2 the switching to guns when hitting L2, when using valkyr i have been killed in mid air because the only way to glide is with the L2 button however that switches to the gun even when using hysteria which takes her out of her immortality status, also when you do not have a secondary weapon equipped and you pick something up like the object in mobile defense if you aim glide you drop it (this is very minor but when you dont notice youve dropped it until you get to the objective multiple times it gets annoying). 3 setting melee channeling to R3, this is mainly an issue for archwings because R3 is my descent button so i cant channel at all. i have life strike on titanias diwata which really helped with her survivability but it is now useless
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