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    Lol, I know still. Just preparations incase anyone comes in asking why I'd even want it.
  3. (PS4)purpleskullgamin


    Yes, accidentally. After playing since rathuum as a Volt myself up till like a month ago when Khora came out. A. I'm use to being able to handle the speed buff. B. I'm also use to being able to backflip with it.
  4. (PS4)purpleskullgamin


    And I feels sad man.
  5. (PS4)purpleskullgamin


    You accidentally backflip out of Volt's speed buff 😓
  6. (PS4)purpleskullgamin

    tower white pigment drops

    Most definitely, a healthy diet makes a happy life. Still doesn't hurt to suggest maybe he changes that to drop tables himself before someone more inmature about it comes along.
  7. (PS4)purpleskullgamin

    tower white pigment drops

    You know, not sure if this is intended. But this could taken in a different way than I believe is intended. As in sifting through there poop.
  8. (PS4)purpleskullgamin

    New Exalted Weapon Rework Needs Vetting

    So in other words like me you'd say DE doesn't have to compensate anyone for how THEY chose to build there gear?
  9. Yay, another thing to split some players affinity gains on maxed items. Yippee
  10. (PS4)purpleskullgamin

    Khora's Planned Changes

    So this is probably rather out-dated, but would somebody do me the honor of putting together a list of all the changes she's had and any bugs that need fixing?
  11. But what about Semi-Exalteds like Whipclaw? Would they get one too? Which would mean Khora gets two special slots?
  12. (PS4)purpleskullgamin

    DO NOT nerf Saryn because of ESO

    Isn't saryn a Pablo re-work? You know the guy who's kinda known for buffing the sh!t outta a frame then toning it back to as need be but still a little more powerful than other frames?
  13. (PS4)purpleskullgamin

    I really wanna know about this !

    Limbo's more of a Dimension frame. And as far as Rhino and his stomp goes the slow fall might just be shutting off or slowing gravity in that specific area. So he just as easily could be a gravity frame.
  14. (PS4)purpleskullgamin

    PS4 Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.18.8

    So no Gara changes, alright just had to double check.
  15. (PS4)purpleskullgamin

    Renown Collection Retires Soon!

    Hey look a older tenno, you realize Loki hasn't been a starter for a few years now right? He was replaced by Volt.