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  1. i've been saying this for years, needs to make up it's mind whether it's drain or duration.
  2. aww yis *grabs some chicken* thanks mom
  3. sounds like fun where's my chicken?
  4. so not because you were being sarcastic and they were dense enough to think you were A staff member? I know that has happened atleast once
  5. This tbh though there's not a statement I'm entirely convinced they just gave up completely on it.
  6. *Gasps* you mean the forums people aren't omnipotent gods like I thought? I would've thought atleast monkey was being wukong and all. Jokes aside not even DE's zen desk could help me I have to wait on the Verizon guys to come back and hook up the proper cords.
  7. My WiFi was murdered by a tree, please send help. I wish to play the warframe but cannot.
  8. Personally. I just make use of the one that's not more AoE for diraga exclusive's but tbh they should merge his base Precepts he's one of two sentinels who have two starting precepts out of the what 8?
  9. I don't believe it does, what order did you have the mods in? If you had calculated shot to either the left or the top of them it could be that it didn't just have time to use the precepts. Sentinels seem to activate abilities/weapons in a similar in a left to right mannerisms with the top bar first, then going down to the second bar. Atleast from what I've experienced. Edit: nobody asked, but I'm going to put this in anyways. Electric probably isn't the best element for crowd control if you ask me. You probably want either a cold or a radiation and with sentinels cold is really easy to g
  10. Well you're getting plenty of well deserved flak for the Mr changes and nerfs. But as far the buffs you have, while you're buffing well of life can you add One handed casting that doesn't disrupt movement to the list? In a largely movement based game such as warframe the fact that they're are still abilities that bring everything you do to a halt is astounding.
  11. I'm mr22 and generally I'm that player who's indifferent to MR. But I have to question the MR15 requirement aswell. If it's supposed to be a system for experienced players and especially given what it consists off would it not be unreasonable for it to be the first item with a new higher Mr in awhile? Say at like 18?
  12. I'm guessing other types of buffs will work the same as damage? For instance speed? I couldn't have like Volt speed and infested Mobility?
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