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  1. Not really, typical Warframe thread
  2. (PS4)purpleskullgamin

    Forum Game (Ban The User Above You)

    Banned for not telling us what your hidden count is.
  3. (PS4)purpleskullgamin

    Akvasto Prime recoil is weird.

    Well, that's certainly one way to put the "super hero landing" which yes I agree is utterly ridiculous and unnecessary.
  4. (PS4)purpleskullgamin

    Now that we have Switch, what's next?

    No... Anything but the toasters... Not the toasters...
  5. I can only assume OP is a nidus main who's really just salty about not being able to get stacks.
  6. (PS4)purpleskullgamin

    Conglomerated Wukong rework

    Hmmmmm!?! 🤔🤔🤔
  7. (PS4)purpleskullgamin

    Conglomerated Wukong rework

    Values, nerf shields/health and armor all to base values of 69. And make his sprint speed 0.69 Anything above 69 needs to be brought down to it and anything already below it needs to be quartered.
  8. (PS4)purpleskullgamin

    DE, Never Sellout Please

    Something that last I knew failed miserably
  9. (PS4)purpleskullgamin

    Conglomerated Wukong rework

  10. (PS4)purpleskullgamin

    Now that we have Switch, what's next?

    Well he's probably not wrong. I don't see it happening because of the potential for in-game market crash and Sony's stance on crossplay. On the other hand people are saying Mobile which seeing as they can barely get the companion app working properly I doubt it. If I was to guess the next step for DE is probably to work on server stability and finally getting around to updating old tilesets and the spaghetti coding overall. But I don't see that happening either. So what's to come is actually a really good question. Probably Mercury open world?
  11. (PS4)purpleskullgamin

    DE...Stop and listen.

    You're correct, I am very much surprised kinda expected them to come in like they own the place.
  12. (PS4)purpleskullgamin

    DE...Stop and listen.

    That sucks, anyways while I've been away I can only assume the newbies on switch have been taking over the forums with completely ridiculous requests?
  13. (PS4)purpleskullgamin

    DE...Stop and listen.

    No, this is what you want as a PS4 player I'll happily keep those barbaric Xbox players out of my server's.
  14. (PS4)purpleskullgamin

    Akvasto prime has really aggressive recoil.

    DE sees this welp lets add recoil to the rest of the family that way there reasoning no longer works
  15. (PS4)purpleskullgamin

    Please reduce the affect radius of Volt's speed ability

    Not necessarily, Shock is rather useless so they probably wouldn't add power strength for that. Shield isn't even effected by it. And discharge is better off with duration and range, and scales better via the chains then power strength. Right now speed is the only ability that really needs power strength to feel effective.