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  1. Ornothopter

    Why Do People Need An Opt Out For Stalker Mode?

    I don't enjoy the PvP experience. I do not want to be forced to experience something I don't enjoy. I do not like playing PvP shooters and the only reason I'm still here (and loving it) is that this is not a PvP shooter game. I wouldn't care about a Stalker mode if not for the fact that it might not include the opt out method and force me to experience gameplay I do not enjoy and it might have rewards locked behind it, essentially blackmailing me to dive into an experience I don't enjoy with those rewards. I don't even care if I'd stomp the player Stalker every time. I don't want to play PvP. I want to be allowed to go about my merry way playing PvE without being forced to play content I don't like or being denied some (gameplay relevant) rewards by hiding them behind that content.
  2. Wisps might not be hard to get, but they sure are a pain. Pretty much everything else in the game can be farmed while also getting something else done (apart from... mining and fishing to an extent?) so it feels really inefficient, especially without a booster. And while it's subjective, it's also quite boring. You're literally running around in circles. Hands up everybody that plays WF to run around in circles! Being restricted by night cycles doesn't help much either, and all you'll be getting from doing bounties is bound to be a trickle compared to the few hundred wisps that are required to build amps and arcanes. It's surely not hard to get wisps, but it's a ton of busywork, that pales in comparison to the actual content this game has spades of. I've spent my fair share of hours running for wisps, and I can't say there are many things in this game I enjoy less than that. Since even mining has gotten better after Fortuna release only Kavat codes and Broken War parts are worse. I can't agree with taking boosters into account either. If something feels horrible to farm for without things reliably acquirable only with premium currency then something is wrong.
  3. Ornothopter

    What if reviving had a cost associated to it?

    The problem with revive costs is they are largely inconsequential (as far as the impact of the resource drain is concerned) to established players but highly punishing to newer players. Worse yet, veteran players have the tools and the know-how to help with staying alive and new players likely don't.