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  1. The melee weapons with more polarities from 0: Nami Skyla Prime, Kogake Prime and Silva & Aegis Prime. Weapons with augments %buff mods: % Toxin: Toxic Blight (Mire); % Damage: Blade of Truth (Jaw Sword), Justice Blades (Dual Cleavers), Bright Purity (Skana); % Status: Gleaming Blight (Dark Dagger);
  2. I'm still against the revive system, it killed the essence of arbitrations for me, but a simple way to make it better is changing the object instance to something that you must click to get (like the energy capsules).
  3. Plz, don't remove permadeath and reduce the time consumption.
  4. What part of the game you disliked at the start? What now? Braton or Latron?
  5. I will talk about only two points: Whipclaw: Just no, we will lose a lot of damage from rivens. If using melees with complex dmg types (like the infested zaws with viral or tatsu with rad) you can get two different dmg types, since the skill will only import the mods. Venari: The cat is dumb, they need to remake the AI, ASAP.
  6. A toggle option can be more easy to implement probably (on/off).
  7. Hmm maybe it's just the clear situation of a "total war".
  8. Trade chat is, most times, a joke. When I really want to sell something I just go to the market sites because reasons. This is a constant for years and will only change when DE decides to make something good in-game.
  9. I stopped playing like in the start (2017) months ago (just getting logins, specially because logins are better than MR), to see if my problem was a burnout. "Returned" sometimes just to see something new (I like the game, it is included in some future ideas that I have for content creation and I recommend this to many ppl); in the last 5 months probably the only content that trully motivated me was the nightwave (maybe the little farm to get the opticor.. but trying most of the things), and I'm here again waiting better content (just doing small daily fast things now, like saving kuakas for 10 minutes, nightwave, random relic farm, these same things). But if you check the big list of "content" that ppl like to scream in social media or whatever is literally not much interesting for some old players (I'm not saying every old player hate the game, but a good number isn't "loving" it now). Its not only a personal opinion, all my friends (good part are MMO veterans) who started playing in different moments already stopped playing or reduced their login activity much more than me (and I have a friend, with higher MR than me, 25 and 26, who already become triggered when I tried to say to him "there's new content lets try!", he just said something like: "no, stop this, really, this game is no more interesting."). The problem is: I'm talking about ppl who tried to conquer the game, getting bigger stats, mastery, mods, who spent money, etc.. and a big part of the "new actual content" is almost dispensable for us.. and for us, not giving a really decent content is like a slap in the face (actually, some of us already accepted that DE is just making things to bring new players, not to keep old ones.. I already accepted this destiny for the game and it just become a tool of temporary fun.. but it makes me sad because the game have much more potential for everyone). And I can talk about some other things that make the experience of old players worse or make some ppl think if the game is in the right pace like: destroying our efforts making some things much more easy now, bugs (PoE launch was a nightmare, or some critical bugs affecting fortuna bounties even after months of expertise with PoE), efforts to make useless items with super low drop rates (ephemeras, peculiar mods), billions of floofs (cute but, again, losing too much time when we are waiting more important things), lack of good reworks (hey Rahetalius, bring your 500 forma Vauban here), lack of good optimizations for open world maps (some players still with problems to play there, and a good part of the new content is totally bound to this, not my case but sad for a big group of the community), bunch of new warframes with no quests, an increased effort to make decorative items but they still fail to make simple deluxes (for me all the last deluxes are just ugly af, the tennogen are just better and smooth). If you see, it's not just ppl whining, it's a clear focus problem of a developer while their loyal players are waiting always something better, money they have (see last Steam game profit report). Railjack looks new, but boring even in the concept (at least it's not a new survival, right? I hope). Would be much more easy just ignoring everything and jumping to another game, but I want a better future for this one. I'm not trying to make a storm here, but for me it's not going to a good end... only this.
  10. For me it's just a clear signal of "I don't know how to make it better". Someone call Pablo plz, or hire a veteran on MMOs. DE just looks lost, while they are always trying to push random trivial content to satisfy a new population instead of the veterans.
  11. They are doing it sometimes, but... check the drop of the last big fight/content/whatever they implemented in the normal content: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Profit-Taker_Orb When I saw the drop of this "orb lulz" I just dropped all my interest in trying this. The Teralyst bois dropped trash until the end of the raids... now they are cool ... but chroma snipers are cheesing it and some other warframes can't do a thing to this content (oh yeah the fights are still complex to do since its still very flashy and annoying for some ppl). Your efforts worth nothing in this game sometimes and the coop experience is boring or just random to make your head confuse, most ppl only stack dmg and this is it. You don't have a role, just stack resistance and dmg. The game is just this. edit.. oh yes.. the game is just dmg, resistance.. and farm.. endless farming for almost nothing.
  12. They killed some cool combinations with this 😞
  13. I think DE is losing a lot of time with this floof thing, they have some more important things to finish or fix... but, hmm why not warframe flooffs? +1 for Ivara floof...
  14. I hope DE will not implement this.
  15. Probably I will put it in something that can use all three wf mods... or wait the new quest because reasons..
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