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  1. question...where is the Zephyr Migisi helm at.....don't see it as a alternate helm in game........was it a special alert or something....
  2. free anything is good. hope ppl play the game cuz they love it, not for rewards...then it would be called "REWARDFRAME"?
  3. There must be a problem with the Revenant quest, i havent started it yet, should i wait for a hot fix?
  4. To all who may be affected by Hurricane Florence, stay safe and strong! Our prayers are with you all, Tennos
  5. Awesome, Finally Tennogen update, my Obezzy Pezzy needs that Blade of the Lotus like a cure for opiod addiction, [ i know, not funny...just saying]. Hope the Syandana update not far behind, will make due with what i got. Thanks heap much, DE! Giving us Revenant, V'an Citadel and more...ya'll working hard for us over here on console. I know we 'gripe' alot but you know why we do! Also can't wait for that Aegis skin for R'no, plz cert that one for sure!
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