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  1. Actually buffing impact increase your chance to survive on higher level because if you deal more damage and stun the enemy then they cannot shot at you. You can kill it faster also prevent it from shot you. Buffing slash to become more braindead would not balance the weapon.
  2. The impact improved in that regard since damage 2.0 and not recently but few times ago (don't ask me exactly when) the ips changes they buffed the impact and puncture to be closer to the slash. The puncture is armor/shield while the impact shield/armor reducer. Atleast after the changes it seems work like that. My source is basically in some devstream when they mentionned what they changed and various threads in forum. Most of the things are my experiences because it is now better with dealing armor and shields but only starchart levels. Slash and Toxin damages are too good compared to the majority of damage types and the recent heat proc changes make me believe in the forseable future they will nerf the slash so it won't bleed out enemies until the armor not removed. Actually I am suggesting this in the present and a more balanced ips on this weapon is not problematic because still the majority of the damage of this gun is slash. I see where are you guys come from and I appreciate what you say I just wish to give more balance to this weapon and later on when they refine the damage types they will decide what changes will happens. Bypassing armor and shields sure, some damage type could deal that but just bleed out enemies is not or nor should be the best option because that kills the options.
  3. Regardless of the slash more impact still good because the stuns not that huge so you can do headshots with Braton prime. Braton prime has a bit higher recoil than the regular one and the low impact makes it harder to penetrate the target aka more time needs to kill the target because the bleedout not instant on beyond lvl 50. Enough just to buff the impact to pair with puncture and those two is not decent enough to harm the slash. Slash is dominant on it and it will still proc more slash than puncture-impact. The rest is mostly fine if the recoil would not be that harsh then it would be a nice headshot dealer weapon but for that role there are the snipers.
  4. Not undervalue slash because I use meeles and most of them slash based. I just want to see the Braton prime more balanced since the impact damage type improved. It is always good to shred shields+armor and do ministuns via impact. Also the slash damage could be nerfed or changed anytime and it won't ignores the shields and armor and actually need to remove armor to deal slash. The whole damage system is in order to change if not now but in the next 1-2 year.
  5. I spent on this game roughly 70-80 Euro just because I like this game and feels it deserves the support. Also I liked that nyx tennogen skin which makes her look like a xenomorph. #makeaxenomorphframepls.
  6. I do agree with some more impact would be nice for a baalnced rifle but still the braton prime is decent. I do not agree however with you raptorman, because if zou increase the impact on it to be pair with puncture then that buff not decreasing the potential because the slash is still much better on the braton prime. Actually more impact on it like 10-11 is still low but makes pair with puncture and the impact is helpful against shields and armor so it would be a little more better against grineer and corpus. Basically with the slash potential you can kill infesteds which has no armor because the slash deals more against flesh. Every damage buff increasing the potential on any weapon so I do not believe that could harm the Braton Prime. I personally would like to increase the crit up to 20-25% so you can make crit/status hybrid gun. I know this is an asssault rifle by role and that's why the crit is lower on it but the damage potential on Braton Prime is still low compared to other weapons in the same genre or hunting rifles.
  7. Latron needs some damage buff and a recoil rebalance because in it!s own class the other rifles outclass it. I would like to use it more for hunt/assasin missions but the recoil and damage potential with that long reload time makes it less likely to be used. On medium levels against infested/corpus useful but the recoil is still high on it.
  8. For me not the host migrations the worst, sometimes after the update 25 the game started quite often screen freeze and that randomly happend with me at any time I tried to play the game. Now it seems better but only this game doing and long before I had no problem with it. I lost 4-5 hour overall of my playtime on host migrations but the rewards at least not lost only the xp so they improved a bit on this. Despite I have a good pc with an overall 2017 build and with a good connection but almost never let me Host.
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