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  1. So, for those of us who were not able to be around during that event, who some (including myself) bought TennoCon 2021 tickets, we get shafted? Real talk, kinda messed up honestly. Not everyone can be available for every limited giveaway. FOMO stuff is really unfair to those who are busy.
  2. Thank you, how will this affect the TennoCon 2021 ticket holders and their limited Baro Ki'Teer access?
  3. Very true, the only time I ever see DE interacting with the community or addressing "issues" is when it comes to anything preventing players from spending Plat or when it comes to providing more goods to sell to players. They'll gladly leave bugs in the game for years and years as long as it doesn't hit their bottom line.
  4. This isn't about changing the mechanics of trading any more than not punishing players who are victims of scammers using fraudulently bought Platinum. Digital Extremes has ignored this topic for long enough and needs to address it.
  5. Rooms that are not structurally necessary, where all connections have redundant paths to originating Clan Hall, cannot be destroyed without destroying an arbitrary amount of other rooms. I'm trying to replace one of my 4-way Large Garden rooms with another 4-way Large Garden room. All 4 pathways have other means of looping around to the Clan Halls, even the starter one, that do not necessitate the existence of this 4-way Large Garden room. Yet I cannot delete it to rebuild it with a different one without destroying half of my 70+ room Dojo. This would take literal weeks to destroy them all and rebuild, all to replace a single room that has no logical reason to not be able to be replaced. This has been a known issue since 2013. What's up, Digital Extremes? Why have you not addressed this known issue? There's countless threads about this, of which I'm adding another ticker to with this one. Is this going to be fixed? Or are Dojos an abandoned mechanic? You've added new rooms over the years, but still leave a buggy system in place that makes it almost impossible to efficiently replace rooms. I never see any responses from DE about addressing, or even acknowledging, this issue. Are you just leaving this bug in in hopes people will just burn Plat on rushing construction? Is that your plan? This is the layout of the Dojo, I'm trying to replace the 1st floor Large Garden on the top side next to the elevator that loops up and over to the bottom side. Dojo Planner
  6. It needs to be fixed, I'm trying to replace a single room in my Dojo, there's redundant connections for everything, there's ZERO logical reason I can't delete this single room.... yet it's trying to force me to literally destroy my ENTIRE DOJO in order to replace ONE SINGLE ROOM. The one, singular room is a 4-way room and all other 4 directions have connectors that all loop around to other rooms. Removing this one singular 4-way connector would not in any way hinder the connections of other rooms. Who designed this system? Who is neglecting to do their job and bug fix this stuff? This has been an issue ever since Dojos were first introduced steadily going on a decade ago (2013).
  7. I'm not complaining, I'm stating that DE is up to shady stuff by punishing those who are scammed. This is crap that I just found out recently after inquiring into my suddenly gone Plat, out of curiosity. Whether or not I personally got scammed is not the point, the point is that how DE handles those who get scammed is hugely problematic and unacceptable in any industry. If you cannot see this issue, and you defend DE, then it's clear that your allegiance isn't with the customers but with the corporation and I have zero further to say to you,
  8. Found the drone. There's threads everywhere, it's commonly known that this is an issue in the community. It's talked about in chat regularly (was just talked about in Council chat the other night). There's threads complaining about it on these forums, on Reddit, on Steam, everywhere. I'm not going to spend my afternoon looking up threads and independently verifying with them their personal information. You did a wall of text to say "yeah, without sources, you must be lying". You're absolutely blind in your love of DE and dedication to protecting them. Also, I'm not going to link the threads here as it's likely that it may flag a post as possible spam. Valve doesn't ban people if they unknowingly trade with scammers using illegal funds, they reverse the transactions and issue apologies and sometimes take it on the chin, as it was THEIR market that THEY failed to properly oversee and it was their customers who ultimately got scammed. DE is insistent upon not just punishing the scammer, but the victim.
  9. It's not about if the money is legit, it's about if the transaction is legitimate. /facepalm It's still on DE, not traders down the line, to bear the brunt of a bad transaction on their watch that has the potential to hurt their other customers down the line. All the copium in the world can't mask this fact.
  10. And that's the problem, that players are being essentially encouraged to do that due to a lack of trade logs for players as well as protections for those players from negative balances and bans.
  11. Except there is: They took the money from a fraudulent buyer and then punished an innocent customer who traded unknowingly with that fraudulent buyer. Also, very little of this is likely due to chargebacks and it's almost entirely due to people scamming and using stolen CC information to make plat purchases. So they use stolen CC information to purchase a product from DE, they then use that purchase in trading, and when caught, they are banned AND the people they traded with become victims that DE won't do anything about or may even ban outright. That's like the cops arresting and jailing someone for unknowingly purchasing stolen goods. That doesn't fly in the real world and entire investigations are launched in the off chances that it does.
  12. Reddit, Steam, 2020, 2021, various threads. Even on here. Just do a google search on the topic. The CAPS is for emphasis on certain words, but yes, you did miss the point.
  13. Then it sounds like the only acceptable answer is for DE to not punish unknowing victims. Threads elsewhere state otherwise and I've tried to find official stances on the subject and most of it boils down to them placing all the blame on the victim. Digital Extremes implemented the system, they watch over the system, they make the Platinum sales. We as consumers should be protected by them as well. Giving people negative Platinum balances and banning them is not protecting those consumers, it's actually quite the opposite. It's an openly hostile stance they've taken towards their very own customers.
  14. I would be perfectly fine with that, if I have to wait for my Plat to clear to use it. As long as any offers on the store are locked until the Plat on hold is unlocked, I'm perfectly okay with that.
  15. My solution is to just not support DE anymore with Plat purchases and maybe find another game from another developer that's not going to abuse its loyal customers.
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