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  1. Ok this is really nice, depth is needed for something like this
  2. None is better than none, they have RNG stats, only guns have set stats, I've gotten Zekti shields with ~400 capacity and -4 seconds delay and Lavan with +60 shields, at least if they went this route, parts should be refunded for 100% of cost, not 50%, and repair time should be 1 hour for new ones.
  3. Why are Zetki guns better than the other 2? What's the point of crafting the other 2? Why do Shields/Reactors/Engine have RNG stats? What's the point of that? I've seen Mk1 parts better than Mk2 parts, what's up with that? Just give everything set stats, and make each with it's own downside and upside based on faction Lavan/Vidar/Zetki, reset all archwings to default, give everyone their parts back as blueprints and give everyone rush drones equal to the amount of crafted parts they had equipped otherwise everyone will be mad if something they have now is the best but won't be after changes
  4. Intrinsics gain is not equal for Host and for the others, Host always gets less, I've played with a clan mate, and him alone for like 40 missions and every single one he gets around 8 points, and me as a host get only 5. Could be that I'm the one that deals with Cruise Ships because anyone who isn't host can get bugged out, and I think repair EXP isn't shared IF you're not on the RJ while it's being repaired, literally forcing people to not want to leave the RJ regardless of what happens, needs fixing ASAP.
  5. I mostly fixed mine, if you have a 5700 card, try updating the drivers to 19.9.2 (there's a newer version but that's experimental, don't use that as it randomly black screens your games for no reason)
  6. Yeah the alt-tab is really weird, monitor is 4k but I run both desktop and game at 1440p so when I alt tab there really shouldn't be a change. If I increase FPS limit game is horribly stuttery and screen teary even thought it is stable at those FPSs (the 5700 XT is a damn good card lol). I updated my driver from 19.7.5 (which was the only version that wasn't blue screening 3 times per day to 19.9.2 which so far hasn't blue screened and it fixed the random stutters, now I play the game borderless at 1440p - 60 FPS and it's fine, weird things happening in other games though, same settings in Apex Legends, 1440p capped at 60, borderless, game runs well but VERY RARELY there's some frame skipping happening...but it's still much better than with 19.7.5 drivers
  7. Anyone has any idea why my game stutters every 5-10 seconds for like 1-2 seconds even though FPS sits at 60 at all times? Feels like FPS drops to 30 but it's not https://imgur.com/QfXrqR8 Monitor specs above, it's 4k capable at 60 FPS with freesync (wanted a 1440p one but for some reason I found this one on a sale much cheaper than any 1440p with same specs lol), I tested it in Elite Dangerous and works flawlessly, no screen tearing, no stutters, no nothing, works as expected. I play Warframe at 1440p locked at 60 FPS in-game, borderless (also my desktop resolution). Things I've noticed: -If I leave it at 1440p but make the game full screen, if I alt tab the monitor goes black and re-connects as if it lost connection "DisplayPort" appears in the corner, this doesn't happen if it's borderless. If I make it 4k and full screen while desktop sits at 1440p, alt-tabbing it no longer does the black screen thing. -If I increase FPS cap to 72 from the game (it's the next step up after 60), stuttering happens way less often even though game sits at 72 FPS at all times. -turning on vsync does nothing (freesync is already on and it does it's job, no screen tearing) I swear that tiny little window where it dips to what feels like 30 FPS (even though any FPS counter I tried says it sits stable at 60) makes me insane Monitors/GPUs are so finicky these days, no more plug and play without further tweaking like my previous 1080p monitor (but that one was screen tearing 24/7 hard regardless if I had vsync on, it was stupidly distracting)
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