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  1. I really hope so, we really don't need more Umbra frames, as a cosmetic skin? Sure, those scarves could look pretty cool on a lot of frames, but I really don't want to farm a new side-grade to Primes, that's the last thing Warframe needs, more meaningless farming.
  2. I already don't see the same person twice, without such a system, so it would be rather pointless. They should at the very least remove the companions AFKing along side you when the AFK detection triggers. Again, this was implemented back in Update 8 when people were farming Xini a lot and Dethcube could cheese the infested as they could not climb a crate so people kept AFKing on the crate for 5-10 waves while dethcube did all the work since infested back then couldn't climb on boxes and had no range attacks.
  3. While I mostly agree with what you said, kick option is a bit too abuseable unfortunately, that's always been the case in any games with that option. I think the best option is to add a "vote report afk" and if all 3 players vote yes then that person is flagged as potentially AFK. At that point a more aggressive version of the current AFK system kicks in and literally forces that person to do stuff or get constantly afk flagged and ineligible for rewards. It forces human decision making into this but it's in no way abuseable like a vote kick and the default state of the game assumes no one is AFK until voted so, so there's no need for the current passive system we have.
  4. Yeah, they need to make sure actual AFKers don't abuse it, but in it's current state it's too aggressive.
  5. Ya, really hope umbra frames are not a thing, Excalibur made sense since Excalibur Prime is basically none existent so DE gave everyone Excalibur Umbra to keep things fair. Beyond that I don't want to see any other Umbras that can compete with Primes stat wise. If the other Umbras are cosmetic skins, then yeah, it's fine.
  6. Exactly, there's plenty of times where you sit still shooting or casting and you get flagged as AFK, I see when that happens because my sentinel stops shooting (another dumb system) which is really frustrating, Pet AFKing should be removed and the AFK system shouldn't flag you if you sit still and shoot/cast/provide buffs/CC.
  7. So I just opened a relic on a defence map as Hildryn with a strength + range build. I sat on the pod with my 3 on, using my 2 to replenish shields and shooting those harder to kill enemies. At around wave 3 I went to get the 10 drops for the relic then returned to my spot for the last 2 waves. At the end I had the most kills and most damage dealt but the game flagged me as inactive and thus ineligible for rewards. Can we please refine this system a bit more? It's way too aggressive, if you're actively dealing damage, benefiting teammates with buffs and shooting, you're not AFK even if you're sitting in the same spot doing that. On a side note, can we please remove the pet inactivity behavior if you're AFK for 30 sec-1 min ? It was introduced back when everyone played Xini in update 8-9 and Dethcube could carry you first 5-10 waves without you doing nothing because you could sit on a box and infested had horrible AI. That is no longer the case for any content with any of the companions, not to mention kubrows/kavats often sit around doing nothing, adding more cases in which they sit around doing nothing makes them appear even more useless than they are combat wise.
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