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  1. He's not complaining. He's pointing out a problem that the game has.
  2. Exactly. Not everybody is happy with it. You can't ask other people to be satisfied with low quality.
  3. The success of any product depends on how many people purchase it. I never spoke about the ownership of the game. It's the destiny of the game. Those are two different things. If we are satisfied having Los Angeles Sid Row quality for our gaming habits, then that's exactly what we are going to get. If you enjoy that, fine, that's your business. The problem has nothing to do with DE at all. The problem are the players who are easily entertained with crap. At this point I don't hold anything against DE performance at all. I blame the players who keep endorsing low quality. It is there the real source of the problem.
  4. Let me improve the accuracy of your post. At this point the destiny of this game is in our hands, not on DE's hands. If players keep endorsing this type of game then that's exactly what we (players) are going to get. Nothing less, nothing more.
  5. And no cesspool will be enough for it. No wait, we have the CELLPHONES for it, courtesy of Tencent, ^^ At this point there are two options. Scrap the project and start a new one or pour money on cellphones with the current pile. Obviously the second one is the preferred. :3
  6. We have 9 years running with that philosophy. Are we expecting any change at this point?
  7. Maybe because that topic is not addressed sufficient enough? Maybe people have a slight different perception of what the game does or intended for? Maybe because other games made us have preconceptions about this one? Are you sure about that? Playing with friends and having fun is not considered a benefit? Is this guy joking? lmao. That's carrying. That's another can of worms.
  8. Precisely. Players asks for content such as better levels, newer enemies, better assets as graphics, lore and more tools for diverse game play. DE needs money for all those things that players wants but rarely get in a game like this. Maybe players are searching the wrong game for their needs. Maybe they should play other games that provides what they really want instead of repeating the same loop over again expecting things to change.
  9. DE made viable the option of playing solo and teams without teamwork being forced on the individual. In other words, a game design choice where players decide their ride. Some frames, designed maybe by 'accident', could carry teams easier than others. Valkyr and Inaros bite the bucket while Wukong becomes a better heavier wrench for many missions. Is the game team oriented? Is it meaningful in a way that team play is endorsed? At least the game poses both alternatives democratically. Is it worth to commit over team play more than playing solo? Besides, making friends makes easier the farming, trades, exchanges, speed runs and even make the game more entertaining other than playing with programmed A.I. with LUA.
  10. I would prefer a Bishamo equivalent of female and male. The male version is underwhelming in design and details. At least a tweak for the male version similar to the female version would suffice.
  11. Both of you are running on different tracks. Maybe the real issue here is preference. How preference is addressed when Wukong is selected. What is affected and what happens to the other players when the frame is around. I would like to read a comment on that matter other than player psychology and behavior intentions.
  12. Out of curiosity. Is the cooperative component in Warframe incidental or design intended as an integral part of the game? Is the conception of the game based on team effort or is teamwork an accessory where the player could dispose or adopt in the game structure? If the player proponent defines a team then he could reach agreements for play styles and farming. If that's the case. If the player finds out that Wukong doesn't add anything of value to a particular mission then the whole thing resumes to efficiency. The war frame is not the problem. It's the tier composition of that team. That is understandable. Some frames passives adds more than others. Some tools are more viable than others. In my opinion, Wukong doesn't pose any problem. However the game play of Wukong could improve with better parkour. The sad part is that your clone who goes melee or primary could make things you do not want if the case is to go stealth. At least some command controls over your clone could make more precise the gaming. It depends on the stakes that the mission poses. Other than that the game at least should invite for team effort on certain missions.
  13. Wukong has a good kit of abilities and utilities but I feel that he simply needs a bit of parkour on him. Some frames adds to the parkour set of moves and traverse. The general kernel of the warframe is the same but somehow would be extremely good if certain frames does more for traverse other than being just an ability in their repertoire. Let us take for example Lucio in Overwatch That Lucio is DOING exactly what warframes are supposed to do. We can do similar wall latching and jump off edges but somehow we lost the wall run that gives continuity of the parkour. A Wukong is a character that can perform a lot of moves with his POLE. Why I don't see this when he is literally a WUKONG!!! Warframes are supposed to have a diverse and exquisite repertoire of parkour moves. Not only they should be limited to their set of abilities and utilities. The game play should be slightly improved without loosing the base standard that all warframe have. It's strange that wall ride and few other abilities where dispatched. They should return. In stages like Lua and the Gas Giant I always parkour and fire my weapons doing wall climbs. Another character that makes rope jumps with the zip line is Widow Maker and now Master Chief in Halo Infinite. Doom Eternal had that grappling hook for momentum swings and jumps. I could expect something with Wukong and his pole extensions. At least some frames could parkour heavier like Spider Man while others can hover like Pharah. In short all these ideas are here. I think that Wukong deserves some love adding few extras to his 'parkour kit'.
  14. Those numbers are not known. There's no way to find out how many players are logged on. We don't have access to those statistics. Would be good to at least have an idea how this game is growing with the increase of new players and how many veterans remains playing the game.
  15. Indeed. Many people on these forums knows how to prevent this. DE MUST PLAY THEIR OWN GAME before the release of these updates. DE IS NOT PLAY TESTING THEIR OWN UPDATES FOR THE GAME. Many of these mistakes are fundamental. It takes few plays with the content to uncover them. Many suggested that few players play test first the content and see if the proposal of the 'grind' makes sense with the rest of the game. Why not let few veteran players playtest the game and address the possible recommendations? Pretty much. Experimentalism should not be the philosophy of game design when people pays for a product. However improvisation on content for Warframe is the quotidian practice because the nature of this product is based on another form of indirect payment. 1. MORE GRINDING IS NOT CONTENT, DE. How could anyone consider time sinks, time foundry gates, gear checks, XP gates and RNG content for a game? Isn't that Pachinko? Do you remember how amazing was Second Dream? Do you know how amazing was the Sevagoth quest with those chanty music? Yes, this is what we love about DE. We want more of that strangeness and enigmatic approach to the Warframe Universe. Content like this is hard to produce but when is done right the impact on the game is positive. 2. CAPITALIZE ON WHAT PEOPLE ENJOY THE MOST, DE. We all like customization and design. We like exploration and puzzle solving. We like and enjoy exploring hidden items in the game. Somehow the Tenno customization is a bit limited and rudimentary. I would like to customize the colors independently the sleeves, legs, hood and suit However some colors are tied to the whole suit ruining my idea. People invest money for these options because they enjoy them. More customization tools always provides more variety and personalization for the game. Hydron is the presentation card of the game for many users. Make farming levels more interesting instead of an up and down piston in the case of Hydron. The new tileset of mars and the new corpus ships is amazing.
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