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  1. -ZechFate-

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.9

    This hotfix broke adding rooms to dojos - please fix asap if you can! 🙂 My clan is currently remodeling and people are not impressed with me and having our labs knocked out for a few days. 😛 Keep up the great fortuna work! 🙂
  2. -ZechFate-

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.6

    Red text not red enough.
  3. Ash - great, he's an assassin and can scale really well into late-game because of the survivability from his Invis and his "get out of damage free" card with his 4 being opt-in. Atlas - seems good, if his armor is a reasonable amount and can scale to give him some significant tankiness then he'll be great as well with that instant CC on his 3 and 4 now. Great. Banshee - I mean it's her augment.. she's still unchanged and her Silence makes her really good at dealing with enemies as well as her Sonar for ranged support, she's great. Chroma - wonderful change making Vex armor recastable... I may actually play and build a Chroma now. I didn't want to have to self-damage and now I don't need to. Ember - still not good. She'll just be replaced with a maim-equinox for low level farming. These changes allow her to still kill things on the starchart, but will still be useless as a DPS caster past level 25 really. She has no survivability, is losing a large amount of her CC, and isn't getting a way to deal with enemy scaling... So. Yah. Gara - should be good if it takes 100% of health / shield / armor from glassed enemies, because enemies can't kill eachother, they just kill us really well because we have like 1500 EHP total (mostly). Mag - energy is nice. Still don't know about her. Everything feels kinda bad on mag and some of her abilities actively hurt her, like Magnatize on an enemy if you don't have punch-through makes it so dead bodies defend the living... eh, still won't really look at her. Zephyr can be good, would hope for some pretty smart tornadoes, but playtesting will showcase that more then anything. Overall good work, just sad to see that Ember still doesn't get anything to push her out of the "kill level 30 and below" status that she's in right now.
  4. I know it's been asked a million times, and it will be asked a million times more. Can we get like a "prime accessories unvault" that doesn't include any plat (or even discounted plat and accessories to bump up the cost) or Warframe parts. I only really want the accessories / extractors. I don't care for loki / ember / frost and there weapons since I can farm those in-game just like prime access. Also bringing some prime stuff with Baro like accessories / relics to give players something outside of just the unvault windows. That would also be great.
  5. -ZechFate-

    Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited

    Ember in this case needs some kind of survivability... Give her an ability that would give damage reduction and would scale up to 50% of damage or something with power strength mods, give her some kind of armor strip in her kit as well, give it like a "supernova" feel so the metal armor gets so hot that it liquidizes and melts off the enemy so it fits with her heat theme. My suggestions as someone who has been using Ember Prime for 2 years and across all 3 platforms y'all are on. Give her 1 a targeted armor strip, either through an augment or innate to the ability and scale it with power strength. That way she can target those bigger enemies and get their armor out of the equation. Her 2 is perfect already and is her most casted ability as it just helps her scale and gives her some CC. Perfect. Her 3 could be tied in with the damage reduction and instead of just leaving a cone of flame it could evelop ember in flames and give her that scaling damage reduction I mentioned before. That makes her 3 a knockdown as well as damage reduction, again perfect. And of course her 4, I'd like to see the energy only go up 50% instead of double to make it feel more like a sidegrade then a nerf but hey. Anywho. That's what I think would keep me playing ember after this change, if not then I'll sadly need to find something else that makes things just as fun and fast (looking at you Nezha). The afore mentioned changes would make modding for power strength embers thing, and as a "DPS spellcaster" that should be the way she's modded. As well not giving her as good damage reduction as say Mesa or Trinity but SOMETHING to compensate for her needing to move closer to the front lines. Still love the game! Love the work you do! And look forward to seeing people at Tennocon if I can make it. I'm just sad that after 2 years my main girl is finally getting the nerf i've seen coming since I got her.
  6. -ZechFate-

    Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited

    This was mentioned in the livestream but I really agreed with this - so cudos to that person in stream. Can you make Chromas 3 recastable so that we don't need to feel the need to self damage every time the buff runs out - that's totally a not fun playstyle for me at least and with the recast option we can just keep a good armor going from enemies damaging us naturally.