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  1. you could still achieve less glow by using darker shades. the pre"fix" version jsut allowed for MORE custimization rather than less. besides it doesn't really matter what reason there is to think it's worse. the point is that people boght the skin for how it looked in the in-game preview and the changes changed too much which strayed too far away from the version people bought pre-fix
  2. The gara zamaraiu changes made the skin look worse than it's original and i'm pretty sure most people agree. alot of people bought the skin because it made the glass look way more crisp. Please revert or sadly i'm personally gonna ask for a refund. i don't get how it's fair that something i paid for gets changed to look totally different jsut a couple of hours later. the only people who disliked the original was the people who hadn't bought it. the people who had bought it bought it because the way it looked so the only people getting shafted here is the people who bought the skin before the "fix"
  3. I wanna start of with saying that most of the changes looks really good. BUT Making firewalls a duration based ability will heavily impact people who use the augment since you can't stack the damage as much or at worst you will be force cast into the augment whenever the duration runs out.
  4. Ok so I've been logging I for over 450 days and I've been so excited to get my zenith. But you are saying I need to wait another 100 extra days because you decided to switch prime mods with weapons. Please reconsider.
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