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  1. i think its not that the game is getting worse,but the update is getting worse relative to player expectations,especially for people that keep up with the behind the scene DE share like the devstream,twitter post,etc like myself.at least i used to.For the last 5 update or so they always overpromise and underdeliver more than usual and the timing is probably bad too,maybe theres a lot of people already getting burned out by the game after playing it for years and get fed up the overpromise and underdelivery of the update at the same time as these "bad" update get release with even more bug than usual(like people get bugged out of their event mission reward,which is the worst feeling in a game like WF) as for me,this is the first time im not interested on going back playing more than just "login in and maybe buy new baro stuff that i dont have" even after 3+ month break like i usually do,and im glad im currently have another game i can invest my time into beside WF
  2. can we get a button to lock our homing stuff to a target? its a pain in the ass that you lock on into that mine dropping ship and ready to launch that big homing missile to them just to get disrupted by a fighter flying by and resetting the homing on the original target
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