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  1. Feedback: Even with the fix reducing the intensity of the void particle effects, I still feel the missions are too visually noisy. Like the void effect on the edge of the screen warning you of nearby void explosion should be removed - I can see the bombs clearly. I don't need more clutter on screen in a game that's already obnoxiously bright and flashy usually. The hacking side objectives (disable icedriver/cyclops array/autofactory) are really annoying to do as the jamming drones seem to spawn really far from your location always. I don't find it fun to have to bullet jump back an
  2. First issue, I don't get why everyone has to be in the ship to run the main mission. Isn't the main draw of RJ (or squads in general) being people can split up to accomplish multiple goals at once, making missions easier and more time efficient? Second major complaint regarding the new corpus railjack missions is that most of them feel slow and unnecessarily padded. I don't understand this weird obsession with making mission objectives that boil down to waiting for timers. Other than exterminate, the other side/main objectives are basically standing around waiting for things to happen or
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