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  1. New necracmech fights are terrible. You gave them status vulnerability but added invulnerability to punch through, warframe power diminishing returns and finally effective damage invulnerability until the arms are destroyed. You effectively designed an enemy that requires you to shoot weak points on the side/back but gave them the ability to turn as fast as we can move, and that is immune to damage while able to one shot us via mines spam and its reflection shield. And you guys apparently think this is such a great boss fight that you locked some content behind fighting 6 of these things every
  2. Some bounty stages are way too slow, like the collect samples for Latrox Une, and the collect infested parts for the cauldron. Please make spawns faster for those or up the drop rate of quest items. Please make the radius of the cauldron much larger as well. There are many enemies with ranged attacks in CD such as Mutalist Ospreys, Jugulus, Saxum, Carnis etc. and they often like to stay out of range of the cauldron while attacking, making it annoying to complete the bounty stage. Please also consider making the defense timers shorter in both normal bounties and the vault bounties als
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