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  1. Make it so a boss can only be tried two times per day. Make the boss drop is a physical one, mid mission, that can bug and simply don't drop, instead of making the old "auto-give upon kill" or "on mission end". Have fun seeing your playerbase get fecked randomly for no fault of their own.
  2. "Reduced Endo Rewards" Yeah... sure... 18 draws: 2 Aura Mods 3 Arcanes 4 3xVitus Pack 1 Seeding Step (already had, and the real thing is still nerfed in comparison to the image on the BP, sad... buff Seeding plz, it doesn't need to be Ookami level, but halfway at least) 4 Orta Sculptures 4 Endo Packs Considering Sculpture = Endo, that means almost half is still Endo. The people who play Arbies need Endo. That much. Yeah, makes sense.
  3. As much as I loved this event (before finding Nakak and the whole deal with pearls), please, never bring it back. Seeing a laid back and fun event turned into a competitive grindfest for aesthetic/collectible items is ridiculous and doesn't fit the feel of the event at all. It sucks all the fun out of it.
  4. It's nice to have re-balancing, but doing it retroactively like this kills the reliability of rivens, since there are no "good rivens" now because "everything is subject to change". I'm not sure if I like having the Trade Chat abusive prices for rivens controlled like that (even if I didn't like them in the first place). Like, with the new way things are done now, people will trade and look for Zhuge rivens for a while (since it's nice for Prime version), and next nerf Zhuge rivens will be blasted off. It wasn't preemptively re-balanced to adjust for new variant. It will be done later when the effects of new variant are measured and DE decides how much to control it. This is not for balancing purposes. It's just market and player control. Way to go on the whole "players have freedom and can make lots of choices".
  5. *sees Scan objective in Nightwave* *dusts off [Synoid Heliocor]* *puts a [Forma] on it* *doesn't work* FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
  6. Toggling Hildryn's 1 after 4 is activated is not possible anymore. This breaks using Pax Bolt on 4 and then using 1. Is this intended change, or bug?
  7. Also weekly: Fully slot 5 statues. The amount of Arbitration or random drop grinding needed for that is absurd when compared to simply finishing a Sortie with a friend/clanmate (and that also pays more). But properly balancing these things is asking too much of them, considering what has been done already. If they bothered, the rewards would be based on effort and accessibility (new, mid and end-game players), not randomly picking numbers like that and calling it a day.
  8. I did a bit of search and found nothing on "cutscenes & skipping causing toxicity". Mind posting some links? While I understand the worth of the content in cutscenes, Warframe design sadly relies HEAVILY on repetition. And because of that, cutscene skipping is a problem that Digital Extremes have to deal by their OWN design. And it's not like there is an in-game option to just "disable watched cutscenes" to also avoid turning skipping into a compulsive action. This might be what relates to the toxicity? "I'm p*ss*d because I have to watch this all the time, so I'll be an *ss to people to vent frustration"? If it is, the problem is being addressed the wrong way. Disabling cutscene skipping for first-time watching cutscenes is a good behavior, but forcing players to re-watch content is not.
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