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  1. While I agree on several things (universal vaccum, and heck, make looting shared, if teamate got it, so did you, like it already works with creds), not so sure on enemy radar. It's a good idea to put things exclusively (like vaccum) only on companions for new players, so they have a reson to explore that content and start interacting with it. But still, the looting part isn't a fun thing, and sadly that mindset will never change on DE (or the players that equate grinding to fun). It would do great to us having the looting part more streamlined and simpler, instead of being tacked on a "ge
  2. Quick feedback on Seeker Volley talks. Seeker Volley is better against Corpus since they don't have the beefy armor to absorb the damage, main reason it wasn't useful AT ALL right on launch, and became slightly better after the damage revision that reduced armor across the board, with the final buff-to-equilibrium when the last rework was done before the current one. We're doing more Corpus, so naturally, what works well on them is priority. Maybe increase the number of Corpus ships with tighter formations, so the rest make as much sense as SV. Or just buff the rest more, buff SV a little
  3. Hope this comes through. Could help with AI looking smarter too, like, going to the Forward Artillery, telling the AI to lock on, and the AI pilot actually points the ship towards it. I know they want people talking and interacting, but something more practical, like being able to tag a ship as we tag enemies/loot actually working would be nice.
  4. After getting killed, Railjack crew keep talking when you go near them.
  5. As someone who was concerned about the rework, I'm actually surprised how it turned out. It isn't clear how the Plexus mods interact with other people on the team (two people with Predator maxed grants +100% Crit Chance?), except for the Aura mods (since they follow the same idea as frames). Oh, and thanks for allowing usage of Aura Forma on the Plexus right from the start. On recruiting, nice touch them being related to the factions and that affecting the price for hiring. Just wish we could either hire them untrained and train them ourselves (set the base points however we want), o
  6. At least give the option to train Liches, as in, we assign all of their points. Even if the base training is fixed and we can only respec the same 3 points we do for crew members.
  7. Didn't catch the devstream due to time zone (also sucks to miss an Umbra Forma because I need to sleep), but from the abridged version (thanks Shy), I must say I dread the possibilities of how the equivalent modding system is going to change the meta for RJ. I've started playing with 5 friends from the beginning, but grinding took the fun out of the game for them, and eventually only I remain. Tried to play with other clans, but after the third-in-a-row that was filled with racist & homophobic/transphobic speech to the brim, I gave up and went full solo even by playing a solo clan, si
  8. Can we please get a bundle for the new emotes? And perhaps also for Octavia instruments? I don't mind if the bundles don't have any discount when compared as individual purchases, but on that case, at least please do not charge again for already owned items. If not, at least a cart mode to select several things and checkout all of them at once. Micro-managing purchases is a pain. Deimos tokens purchases really exacerbated that feeling.
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