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  1. Just had to reinstall Windows after a hardware change, and I migrated all my settings to the new installation. However, now the in-game news is opening on my Windows default web browser, instead of opening on the Steam Web Browser (the default behavior before). I checked Steam configuration, and found no configuration to enable/disable opening in-game links on the Steam Web Browser. I checked Warframe Settings (which were backed up and restored after re-install), and didn't found anything about it.
  2. SO. MUCH. TITANIUM. (still want more tho, endless RJ mission for resources when?) Thanks for the update.
  3. It feels bad to have lots of reasons to use Simaris reputation now (with subsuming of locked-out-of-drops frames), but still no constant source of rep from him. Specially worse when some frames take 200k rep to get from him, 75k more than the maximum limit. Lots of times the daily scan targets give way less than the daily limit. And this is not counting on the way the daily target limit works: got on one day, completed on that day, but delivered on the next? Locked out of a new one! For a Cephalon so greedy for data, you'd think he would care more about scans.
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