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    Hesperon Drop Chance

    It might be Texan Sharpshooter Fallacy, but Southwest Caves did gave me better luck too. After 2-3 hours seeing about 4-5 nodes in central area around Fortuna, 2 trips to 3 caves on Southwest region yielded about the same amount of nodes (and each trip was about 6-7 min long). I just wish DE would come forward and explained this properly, with either a "Stop seeing things. The rates are bad, you'll take and love it, or buy using plat when RNGesus wants them to be on Daily Special", or a "Yes, resources availability are not uniform over the map, similar to how resources exist on some planets but not on others." Because I don't recall a single NPC conversation or patch note that could point anyone into thinking that where you mine might make all the difference. Also, in case it's the second option, having a tool that you can buy from the miner NPC that allowed to know which ores have higher concentration near you would be nice. It's either that, or some NPCs talk about the areas, because I ain't cataloguing ore output all over their largest map yet for enough time for me to have a low enough p-value to know for sure where is best to get what (plus by the time this work is done, all ore needs will be gone, and I'll be sick of mining).
  2. R4dioS1lence

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.4

    I did a bit of search and found nothing on "cutscenes & skipping causing toxicity". Mind posting some links? While I understand the worth of the content in cutscenes, Warframe design sadly relies HEAVILY on repetition. And because of that, cutscene skipping is a problem that Digital Extremes have to deal by their OWN design. And it's not like there is an in-game option to just "disable watched cutscenes" to also avoid turning skipping into a compulsive action. This might be what relates to the toxicity? "I'm p*ss*d because I have to watch this all the time, so I'll be an *ss to people to vent frustration"? If it is, the problem is being addressed the wrong way. Disabling cutscene skipping for first-time watching cutscenes is a good behavior, but forcing players to re-watch content is not.
  3. R4dioS1lence

    Mask of the Revenant: Hotfix 23.6.1

    Takes 10-15 minutes to get more than enough for 1. Takes 3 hours to build. Why?
  4. R4dioS1lence

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.1

    Will there be a way to deactivate the new cursor? It's breaking the ease-of-use of the Arsenal, because you can't use a single button to access Mod/Appearence/Etc and switch between things with directional alone (other lists are also not working with directional)
  5. R4dioS1lence

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.13.4

    "You get paid the same for doing less work, too! That's how the real world works, right?" Reduces the grinding. Still shoves it on players faces with sarcasm. Really DE? Just revert it back to how it was then. [inb4 someone doesn't get it, just to be sure, below this line there will be only sarcasm] No, better! Make it 2000 Cryotic, 30 minutes, 30 waves, and 5 Interceptions! While doing it too, also increases the requirements for rotations! Make it 300 Cryo for a reward (also, 50 per excavation, not 100... 100 is too much!), make it 10 waves, and make it 10 minutes! Not to mention, Interception should also take at least twice as longer. But that would unbalance with extermination and capture. So make it no less than 400 kills on extermination, and make the capture target have 100x as much health, and spawn 3 different ones running in complete different directions. And, of course, make it for all missions, not only invasions! Yes, that's how games should be, right? EA did nothing wrong with Battlefront 2, they are righteous on the path towards making gaming a "work of sweat and tears"! Because nothing says more "I'm a great player" than "I spent over a thousand hours playing this game", instead of "I learned the mechanics and the game now gives me an easy time on tasks that were arduous before". Yes, gimme more of that grinding, because nothing helps out more my anxiety than small, not-mind-consuming, repetitive tasks with small gratifications! Not that it will solve it, but it makes me forget, so it's enough, right? Yes, that's how we like it! No, we LOVE IT, since it's a LABOR OF LOVE, right? Turn those "lazy frames" that require fine-tuning to be turned into room-cleaners into spamming machines "because AFK focus farming" or "because it reduces the enjoyment for new players when a single frame kills everything that isn't even in sight before they can even be spotted". As if those focus conversion rates don't already require hours and hours of grinding towards that cap, and not like Eidolon give much better rewards that not only don't count towards the cap BUT also can be put ANYWHERE. And as if crouch sliding Atterax/Secura Lecta players couldn't do the same. Right? I need more gratification for spamming buttons! Having an unbalance mod that can turn any status-centered melee into a crouch+click killing machine is okay to clear rooms, because it requires more clicking and spamming. And there isn't nowhere near enough am I right?!? Yeah, DE, you'll take this game into a great place! Please, keep up the great work!!! LOVED THE UPDATE!!!!!