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  1. Can we please get a bundle for the new emotes? And perhaps also for Octavia instruments? I don't mind if the bundles don't have any discount when compared as individual purchases, but on that case, at least please do not charge again for already owned items. If not, at least a cart mode to select several things and checkout all of them at once. Micro-managing purchases is a pain. Deimos tokens purchases really exacerbated that feeling.
  2. I agree with making Umbra Forma hard to acquire, and even making only about 6 of them available per year (wish were more, but going there is more pain than its worth), but why do we have only one week to get them? "You had exams on the Umbra Forma week? Check your priorities." "Bedridden? Don't care!" "Vacation with family? You should be having fun other way *nudge* *nudge* *wink* *wink*." Can we please get this revised in a way that player time is better respected? Like, the Umbra Forma is available for purchase during its whole 8 weeks availability window? Or at least non
  3. I agree on the no-downtime between waves, even if this means possible ranks not being gotten by those who are always doing the whole weekly list all the time. At the very least, add Nitain to Teshin's Steel Path honors, or send a 24h alert for Nitain when this happens. Us long-time players don't need/care about Nitain, but every new player struggles. But good job still. Except for the Sabuuchi ban. Please, keep cracking down on hate, but THAT was unnecessary. Specially since devstreams often contain innuendos galore. We know that despite the rating of the game being mature the p
  4. Is there an update about when the trophies will be given out? I have 20k on the OV Endurance, as far as I know the randos I did it with used no exploits (at least the score is still there and I didn't receive any message saying my points weren't valid), and I only received the Terracotta, Bronze and Silver trophies (for Ghost Clan).
  5. On Bonewidow general feedback and for the event, I wish her heavy attack with the Ironbride didn't require surgical precision to hit the Condrix 2.0- I mean, the Orphix. Could the point of impact hit in a radius dependent on weapon range, and not be stopped by the body of the rest of the Orphix? Also, I hope this event makes up some ideas to make Survival missions less boring. There is good stuff there (some urgency, requiring the team together, reason to move around). Or at least, implement infinite affinity share range and combined loot collection (like with Credits), so we don't get he
  6. Lavos is being really fun to play with, but the lack of verticality on his abilities is a downer. Really hope to see this reworked in the near future. This change is good, but 1 is still a miss on enemies slightly above or below, no matter if you aim up or down.
  7. Ingoring the saltyness over a Voidrig-centric operation, wish Bonewidow was more useful. The thingies take huge damage from her sword, since similar to the Condrix, they don't have damage reduction on melee attacks (bug or feature?). But this is useless when 90% of them are way above ground level. Could've been done better. EDIT: Since Lavos and Operation stuff actually drops on the operation, not so grindy. But still, I have no use for 4 Lavos alternate helmet cosmetic blueprints.
  8. TYPE: In-Game, Deimos Open World DESCRIPTION: When transferring out of Necramech and back into your Warframe while in Deimos Open World, sometimes you lose collision with the ground. VISUAL: (screenshot at the end of post) REPRODUCTION: Transfer out of Necramech, transfer inside Warframe (been happening with me while using Excal Umbra) EXPECTED RESULT: I should've just transferred back to the Warframe/Necramech OBSERVED RESULT: I lost collision with the ground, fallen to the bottom of the map, got warped back to the map, still had no collision, kept falling again,
  9. While watching Shy's video on a talk about Warframe situation (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxDLgWQ_Zss) a discussion popped about the reward system, and how a "bad" drop table can shy people away from a gameplay mode. And by "bad" I mean "I don't need this anymore"-bad, not "not rewarding enough"-bad. Rebbeca touched about "putting evergreen rewards", but even on those situations, it's not a perfect solution, since the "evergreen" might as well be disputing place with the "one-time useful" reward, and desire sensors never work against anyone's favor. A workaround discussed was "s
  10. "Here's one Forma back for polarizing an item 9 TIMES, and item which is HARD to level." And if you've polarized 7 or 8 times, you just wasted 1 or 2 Formas, instead of 3 and getting back 1, which is 2 again. Hooray for respecting hardcore early adopters and DE math skills! And Cephalon Shy was right. Either Bonewidow will start getting buffs, or Voidrig will be taking nerfs. And since the frontliner has the front-blocking shield while the long range has the universal shield, the universal shield took it in the knee. Caustic jokes aside, good job with the udpate, and good luck with t
  11. Good job on the update. Still lots of QoL things left to do (reminded by the need to interact AGAIN with minerals on the Foundry), but good steps. Also, can we get a better way of getting damaged necramech weapon parts? 15% chance on thrid isolation vault is abismal boring. Either clean up that drop table, or issue more rewards on iso vaults.
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