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  1. The last Defection mission (Yursa on Neptune, I think) is the best place. Even when solo, that mission is guaranteed to spawn a mimic after 5 minutes in (less than the 10~15 on Grineer Survival, plus, Clem weekly might not be against Grineer, which makes it not useful in those cases). Plus, if you have other players, more Manics are guaranteed to spawn. And on the note of the mission, yes, it's Defection. And yes, you can do two rescues only (takes 3 minutes) to already enable extraction. Then you sit at the exit until the Manics spawn.
  2. So you pay 50p if you want it that fast. Cash grab for compulsive players (that is, over half of the player base), or people who just don't want to wait and have the plat around. On that topic I don't complain a lot. DE ties planning ahead and sinking plat out of people who can pay or don't want to wait with their game design, and doesn't hurt the players on the way compulsive traps like really low odds does. On starting players, you have too much to build, and too few slots to have a lot of things, you end up building things and letting them sit on foundry, or building one thing and getting the older one. This kind of planning is nice, even if it might be too much to ask of a new player, since they can be easily mislead into thinking "plat is NECESSARY for A LOT OF THINGS" (until they do a boss 20 times only getting Chassis, and start seeing that plat number as a better option). Also, on another note to compare, just got Blazing Step after a week or so doing ESO solo, one try per day (been doing it to fill Syndicates rep fast). Either DE buffed the odds, or it was ridiculous luck.
  3. On an example of how much it can take to get the Seeding Step one, I got after getting a total of 78 Vitus Essence. I usually did 1h-2h runs, so miss about 75% of these come from Rotations C exclusively, which means about 58-59 Rotations C. Since the drop rate is 2%, this means and average of 50 tries until success, and a standard deviation of that of about 49 tries (lookup "Geometric Distribution probability" to see the math for yourself), meaning it can take from 50*10 min to 99*10 min, or in short, 8.3h~16.5h, not counting the first 20 min in each try (in my case, almost 10 hours worth of grinding). Pics on https://imgur.com/a/zovaFbJ These ain't challenges. It's what has already been said, and will be always said: it's a luck game. It's supposed to feed compulsive behavior, not entertain or challenge. DE doesn't "understand that when we say 'more challenge' we want 'more RNG'". DE knows that we eat whatever it throws, without regarding of how it throws. DE understand that its community have already sedimented enough to be stable and provide enough income. They don't care about meeting their words, about making "a challenge" not be a "grind against this dice until you win" and instead a "surpass this wall that 5~10% of the players are able to". They care about producing content that will take long enough to be consumed until they have produced more. It's just that. Proof of that is how often they'll come out on these situations and say "we did bad, we'll do better". IF they do something, they'll say "we heard your feedback" and bump the rates a bit. They won't put Ephemeras as purchases from NPCs that are only unlocked if you did something like "Completed Exploiter Orb Fight under 6 minutes", or "Solo Exploiter Orb Fight without Dying or Becoming Downed", or "Survive 4 Arbitration Rotations in a row Alone", or "Complete 10 Arbitration Rotations in a row". They'll do the easiest, that is to put a RNG grind wall, and watch we squirm fighting between ourselves as we either attack or defend their behavior. Also: THE SEEDING STEP EPHEMERA EFFECT IS FOKING TINY. Please, BUFF IT. EVEN IF IT'S JUST FOR THE PLAYER.
  4. *sees Scan objective in Nightwave* *dusts off [Synoid Heliocor]* *puts a [Forma] on it* *doesn't work* FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
  5. Toggling Hildryn's 1 after 4 is activated is not possible anymore. This breaks using Pax Bolt on 4 and then using 1. Is this intended change, or bug?
  6. Also weekly: Fully slot 5 statues. The amount of Arbitration or random drop grinding needed for that is absurd when compared to simply finishing a Sortie with a friend/clanmate (and that also pays more). But properly balancing these things is asking too much of them, considering what has been done already. If they bothered, the rewards would be based on effort and accessibility (new, mid and end-game players), not randomly picking numbers like that and calling it a day.
  7. I did a bit of search and found nothing on "cutscenes & skipping causing toxicity". Mind posting some links? While I understand the worth of the content in cutscenes, Warframe design sadly relies HEAVILY on repetition. And because of that, cutscene skipping is a problem that Digital Extremes have to deal by their OWN design. And it's not like there is an in-game option to just "disable watched cutscenes" to also avoid turning skipping into a compulsive action. This might be what relates to the toxicity? "I'm p*ss*d because I have to watch this all the time, so I'll be an *ss to people to vent frustration"? If it is, the problem is being addressed the wrong way. Disabling cutscene skipping for first-time watching cutscenes is a good behavior, but forcing players to re-watch content is not.
  8. Takes 10-15 minutes to get more than enough for 1. Takes 3 hours to build. Why?
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