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  1. @FlakesEv Suffice it to say that I misread it and thought that an enemy affected by "You're Mine" took double damage instead of all marked enemies echoing the damage dealt to that enemy. Under that misunderstanding I was asking about abuse potential. So nevermind.
  2. I'm digging the art. Crisp design, effective storyboarding. For the first ability, I'm not entirely sure how you're envisioning this. As it stands I wonder if you should include a caveat about warping untagging the other foes, as right now it sounds like you could warp to one for the bonus, and then start warping to the others, clearing the room before the initial tagging expires. As a minor note on the fourth ability: From the chest? I was honestly expecting that it was going to be from that forearm.
  3. Took a month, but Lobo now has a fresh coat of paint. I'm still trying to make sure it has the right "defiant" feel, but I've retooled his gimmick from being based on the revive counter to being based on status effects. Hopefully this works better and encourages a more active playstyle, but I don't trust my ability to fairly judge it, so any and all input is welcome.
  4. Alternately: multiple carry styles. Big brutish frames like Rhino could naturally sling the rescue target over their shoulder. More knightly frames like Excalibur could default to princess-carrying them. "Rougher" frames like Valkyr or Mesa could just heft them under their arm...And Nidus could open up and 'eat' them like the Venom symbiote (What? I like the idea of Nidus freaking out NPCs :P).
  5. ...And now I kinda want to see the hostage being carried by a Nidus with a Myxini helmet...and fully mutated. Nidus: "GIMME KISSY!" Hostage: "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" *faints in terror*
  6. It's not about the damage type. You'll recall that I cited Zephyr as reflective of a wind-element, despite wind not being a damage type. The issue I refer to isn't tied to the damage mechanics so much as it is to the thematics of the frame itself. Let's use Zephyr's Turbulence to illustrate this. Mechanically, it's a shield against projectiles, overlapping in function with Volt's Electric Shield, and that mechanic could be applied to any number of frames with or without elemental affinity. But what is it that makes Turbulence feel like it belongs on Zephyr? Turbulence takes the form of Zephyr deflecting projectiles with strong gusts of air, thus giving the ability an air theme that makes it identifiable as a "Zephyr" ability. What I'm saying is that the abilities you've listed don't have such a resonance with the frame's stated themes. These abilities don't read "Darkness" to me so much as they read "Boogeyman" and "Reaper". Point of fact, the core mechanic of the frame can be summed up as the reaping of souls, which is a little too similar to Nekros's wheelhouse for comfort.
  7. Strictly speaking, if we're thinking purely in terms of party role the rogue niche is already filled somewhat by Loki and Ivara (and Ash if you think of ninja/assassin as a rogue prestige class). So you might want a more specific inspiration to let you better differentiate this concept. With that being said, I do like the idea of the passive (provided the markers are distinguishable from what you see on Loot Radar), but this frame really needs to be more interactive. Three of your four abilities are toggles, and two of those affect drop rate and are only distinguished by what they're targeting. And the third (Cyberpathic) is rendered largely superflous by Ciphers, the Intruder mod, and the Security Override mod. And the last ability is not nearly exciting enough make up for that. I think you need to step away from the "stealing" angle for a moment and think more about how to make the frame fun to play. Try to come up with some active alternative abilities, and try to have no more than one toggle.
  8. For a no-shield Warframe, she seems a bit...squishy. She's starting at 75 hp and 125 armor. That makes her more vulnerable than Octavia at the same level (who starts at 100 hp, 125 armor, and 75 shields). Contrast this with other no-shield frames like Nidus (150 hp, 300 armor at level 0) and Inaros (550 hp and 200 armor at level 0). At max level, Flora would only have 300 hp and 125 armor, the same values as a shieldless Gara. Conversely, Nidus hits 450 hp and 450 armor, while Inaros hits a whopping 2200 hp. I understand that a lot of her abilities (including her passive) will improve her survivability over time, but it feels like you may have set her baseline too low (notwithstanding krc's point about the difference between affecting base hp and affecting an hp pool)
  9. Well that complicates things. I must have missed that stream. Still, that puts me in a bit of a bind for a properly "defiant" passive. I fear that if I tie the passive to HP it'll just feel like the second coming of Garuda. Building off of his kill count (even with caps and resets like syndicate weapons) seems a little too aggressive for the concept, and if I instead base it on suffering from statuses then it's simply a broader Ember passive. This will require some thought. It's the final nail in the coffin for Ability 4, as well. Thank you for drawing this to my attention. Glad you like Pack Sacrifice. Evasion would certainly resonate with the story it's based upon, as the pack's elusiveness was what necessitated the use of traps in the first place. I refrained from buffing here because - at least with the original original passive - everything worked to Lobo's advantage. I'll certainly take this under consideration, but I think I should figure out the new passive before I tweak Pack Sacrifice and replace Pack Spirit.
  10. I suppose I should toss up my concept too. Posted a concept for a Warframe called "Lobo", which is designed to work like a cornered animal.
  11. I'm also a bit hesitant about the "darkness" theme, albeit for somewhat different reasons. Let's take a look at other elemental frames for a moment. Ember is built around fire, and she has a fireball, an ability that increase the fire damage dealt to enemies, a fireblast that leaves a ring of fire, and - of course - World on Fire. Frost? A blast that freezes enemies, a wave of ice crystals, a localized blizzard (Snow Globe) and snap freezing everything in range. Zephyr? Zips around like an airbender, shoots out air-blasts, creates a windshield, and creates tornadoes. Looking at the abilities and your inspirational image, however, it feels like darkness is only associated by transitive property. You've got fear, you've got soul harvesting, but you don't really have darkness in there so much as a fear based psychopomp, somewhere between Epiales and the Keres.
  12. Paracesis isn't mastered at rank 30. The sword is unique in that its maximum level is 40. Two additional levels are unlocked every time you put a forma on it, so to fully master Paracesis, you have to forma it 5 times.
  13. Lotus I mean seriously, I try to redeem Sith Lords in Star Wars games. I'm demonstrably stubbornly when it comes to choices like this.
  14. I'd actually lean the other way. I kinda see Wisp Prime as lacking legs entirely. Just a head and arms sticking out of an all encompassing cloak.
  15. On the one hand, I certainly like the idea of such mounts for the Tenno. As a concept, it resonates relatively well with the "return to the old ways" logic that they were built around in-universe (see Excalibur Prime's codex entry), albeit not quite as well as taming actual animals to that purpose might. On the other hand, I'm not sure that they'd really have much of a gameplay niche. K-Drives already struggle for relevance when Archwing Launchers allow for quicker and easier travel in the overwhelming majority of cases. And at its core this feels like an idea whose application would have it competing directly with the K-Drives. So right out the gate, my question is "why should I prefer this to a K-Drive" and "why should I prefer an ABRAXIS or K-Drive to an Archwing?" I know you mention attacking while on the robo-horse, but for the life of me I can't imagine many situations where that would actually be in-demand.
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