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  1. I’m not really talking about Nekros being useless currently I’m saying he’s .... used to go farm like that’s his only purpose in life and using him as a tank is secondary. You CAN use him but how often dose the community actually use him I’m a long time player I have what feels like an unlimited supply of everything I would use nekros for he collects dust mostly I only use him because he’s cool looking or when I’m looking for argon even then I mostly take hydroid I like nekros I do think his 3rd is important but I feel it would be better as part of his passive I want more out of him and I don’t mean make him a tank I mean make him FUN if I just wanted to be a tank and shoot things without using abilities every few seconds I’d play inaros let’s face it he’s like the best tank without abilities in game and nullifiers can’t trip him up plus you don’t need abilities to survive and he’s invincible while he drains life from others he can revive himself and stack on more armor cc with his sand storm yeah he’s got you covered if that’s all you want with nekros and costs les forma to build I think 1 is what it takes him so as far as nekros he has two abilities that define him and are decent. his 3 and 4 I’m just saying move his 4 to be his one because yeah they scale but it’s not that amazing in damage it’s more of a distraction his 3rd just feels like a waist of an ability because it’s so underwhelming it should be his passive because no one in the game goes around saying I’m a farmer main the idea that you would use a frame for nothing but farming is kinda boring a waist of talent every game I play I always love the role of nekromancer if I’m given the option and I can tell you a nekromancer is all about bringing the dead to life to and bring more death .... that’s not how nekros feels to me he feels like the guy just robing dead people he don’t feel like his undead is a priority but more of a secondary to me
  2. Yeah 😅 I’m kinda bad at writing. I get lazy on my grammar I’ll try to keep that in mind for the future.
  3. True he is a nekromancer but I can’t help but think of him as a reaper but I guess you are right I kinda got carried away but just using his 3rd as a farm makes me feel like it’s underwhelming a bit I kinda feel like his 3rd should be a passive sure he can kinda become hard to kill I guess he feels like he’s paper to me in higher levels though terrify uses way too much energy and is kinda like Excalibur’s blind but way more expensive to use and then you have to chase after the enemies unless you’re skipping them the summon minions are alright but would still be cool to see floating spits that sap health from enemies soul punch I guess can be strong but it’s too small I’m not gonna sit there and spam it on every enemy and using it on a single enemy is slightly Impractical because your constantly against hordes and it’s not that great for bosses so.... why not breath new life into a wonderful frame that could use attention most people only use nekros as a farm frame literally just for his 3rd as for him being a tank theirs way better tanks that are require way less work to tank the only reason someone uses him as a tank is so they can farm and I just want to see him used for much more then a grave robber make him more of a Offenses support even hydroid has a fun kit that still can farm but also do other things I mean he will still be hard to kill because now he uses souls to gather health more effectively and now doesn’t rely on energy the foundation of his abilities are still there just little more wrapped in death even a nekromancer idolizes the reaper right? I’m sure this rework would still make you happy if you gave it a chance
  4. Ok so hear me out I think nekros needs a new motor behind the hood he’s supposed to be the nekromancer a grim reaper of sorts but he don’t feel like that to me he makes me think of that child on Halloween that’s just there to scare buddies with his friends and look for treats lol so little underwhelming to be a space ninja of death but still a great farm frame soooo with that in mind I propose his 4 becomes his 1 but instead sucks out the souls of everyone around him to summon spirits that fly around and make ire screams while attacking enemies and can go through walls sapping health from enemies and harvesting souls for Nekros. his two becomes a real terrify by making an area like limbo but instead all the light becomes dark and all enemies in it scream highlighting them through walls for allies and attracting summoned ghosts that become frenzied from the screams while also making the enemies panic and attack anything his 3 needs to be his passive but instead all corpses he’s near that die have their souls fly out in a glowing ball and fly to nekros healing him for small amounts and his new 3 will let him enter another Warframe and grant the other Warframe healing them with his own life force and regenerating their energy covering them in shadows making them invincible while he’s healing his teammates and he can instantly teleport to a downed allies with this ability and get them up by entering them while downed but uses a great deal of his saved souls to do it this way and lastly his 4th he becomes a shroud of shadows unkillable floats around sucking the soul out of everything slowly and gains a scythe a big one that takes two hands not some lame hand scythe but the true weapon of the reaper swiping enemies that are feared automatically becomes minions when killed but while he’s invincible from damage he has his health constantly drained in this form also he should have no energy but use his health as energy and have no shield and when he’s downed he uses all his saved up souls to get up if he has enough or something like that all my ideas are open for use I have no intentions of claiming any credit for what DE decides to use nor do I care if they take parts of my ideas I simply would love to see an angel of death really leave an impact in this game I love so much knowing that I helped in some way would make me happy
  5. So I’ve played a long time and I love this game but a few things I feel could use some fresh ideas for the outdated Warframes abilities lets start with atlas I feel his 1 is too boring and slow sluggish and just more daunting to want to use so why not make his 1 an ability that lets him do combat like an earth bender from avatar the last air bender with much wider attacks to hit an entire hallway of enemy’s around him his two can let him jump into the ground and move around then pop out pulling every enemy under the ground around him his 3 can be improved little further but stay the same and any enemies pulled under ground while petrified will become a rock minion and his 4 can summon his to big minions but he can activate it again to draw them to himself and use them to encase himself in rock armor and become a huge hulking rock monster with a big rock hammer that makes earthquakes staggering enemies and his augment for his 2 gives his allies rock armor that’s near him when he pops out .... and in his rock armor his one changes to work in tandem with his hammer. If this was the rework they did with atlas I’d promise you everyone would use him and he can still be the rock punch boi also if DE dose see this and like the idea I officially would like to state I in no way will seek recognition for this in any shape or form I simply want this game to never die and will gladly give my thoughts to help just seeing my ideas in game and hearing the positive feedback will make me happy I have hundreds of ideas for this game and look forward to hopefully being of help
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