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  1. Looks great! I hope robotic companions are added to the game in the new year.
  2. I expect the new faction will premiere soon, through the repaired Pluto Rail. So I fully expect that a new tile is planned.
  3. Hmm. Expected Pluto to be an awesome place, ruins ans repairs on the rail. When I realized none of that is there I lost all motivation. So I have 1 node, never been back :/
  4. Back on topic: Orokin units as specters seem logical since it is Orokin Tech. Allyhough, the Orokin seemed more fond of using robots and lasers and gold-zombies. The word Orokin can mean the Gold People, since the Corrupted are all gold, I theorize that the Emperors looked similar to this. They were clearly humans evolved, so they would engineer their soldiers and machines. The question is, what kind of units would these spectres be?
  5. Well never theless, a replicant of a warframe with the entire gear copied is still silly. It's a game-mechanic I get that. But the Lore Seeker in me still asks how this is done. Ok, lets say Tenno/warframes whatever, can be cloned as a Replicant (as in Bladerunner or Aliens) and basically be robots like in Star Wars II AND III. But Ancients? Rollers? Moas? Butchers? This is pure gamemechanics and nothing else. Sorry for ranting about this, It just bothers the bejeebus out of me.
  6. Hmm. I personally think spectres are really weird. Are they robots? Cloned copies? I just dont get it.
  7. You wrote it well. However this seem fan fiction, since we know that the Tenno waged civil war against their Orokin Emperors after the Sentients were driven back. We allso know that Lotus was Tenno Guide in the war. Other parts I agree with, Vor hunting Tenno for their cure. The neural sentry leeshing the Tenno.
  8. arch111

    Prototype Volt

    Very good artwork. As a Lore Man, is the straps from restraints? And it looks like parts are being "grown" on him. What's the story behind the picture?
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