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  1. So, after playing few Railjack missions, I came to conclusion DE managed to F* it up terribly and what is even worse, it not only created dozens of new bugs and glitches, but even revived some older ones, all reaching the point where missions are literally unplayable. I found and counted over 30 I encountered, stopped after that, it became so clear how rushed this update was. A good example, we played Saturn mission, we had to disable weapon platform, game glitched in several ways and made mission impossible to finish or leave by normal means (we had to do Alt + F4 to get out of the endle
  2. We all know there is a problem with primary/melee gap, however, trying to fix this by removing crowd control which has already been heavily devastated in previous updates, even older ones just doesn't feel right. Either you, DE, are lazy to find proper solution or you think taking the easiest path is the best, no, not always. As for Ash and Oberon warframes being farmable only in Railjack, what a huge middle finger right in the face of new players. Oberon is nice warframe for new players, Ash can be too. I really don't get why you punish people like this, you could have come with somethin
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