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  1. Don't worry you're on console so you wouldn't get the warframe rivens for another year or 2 lul
  2. That's something I can get behind. What I was saying is that rivens would be fun, because you could play around with the stats of a frame and see how powerful or different you could get it. but simply adding a feature like this would have a similar affect as a riven and also keeping the buffs for frames viable.
  3. This is why I said this. Balancing what the rivens could be capable of modifying and how much it could change each warframe to make it not diminish the challenge. The +300% power strength already nullifies the challenge. Literally had a +300 wisp, +300 mesa, +300 equinox, and a +300 Baruuk in a defense arbitration match. The target and players couldn't die with all of our buffs up with 300% power strength added. Got bored of playing and we all left after about 40 mins
  4. It's not a terrible idea in some cases. Say I got a inaros riven and rolled +80% power strength and +100% power max but had -250% health. or a nova with +300% health -60% power strength. DE would of course have to work with the rivens a bit but it would be interesting to see and players could benefit more from them for arbitration rather than a random warframe getting 300% power strength boost. Although I do see your point about getting duration, strength, or range as a stat but it would be disappointing to get +300% range on a frame that can't really use it or duration. Same with the strength for Loki.
  5. This is why I said this, making more gamemodes and allowing the rivens in some of the gamemodes we have now would make the rivens more worth it. but yes I see your point. Getting and rolling multiple rivens for different frames just for arbitration is a bit of a waste but if we had other gamemodes to use them in it would be a good investment to have really good stats on our frames to get through higher level modes.
  6. Instead of buffing random frames with +300% power strength for arbitration, why not just add warframe rivens exclusively for arbitration mission and/or ESO and if you add any other high level game modes you can enable the rivens for those modes as well. I believe it would make arbitration missions a lot more fun personally, also would allow us to go longer in arbitration if we roll a really good riven. The rivens would only be allowed for arbitration so it wouldn't make people overpowered in all of the other missions.
  7. I've had a similar problem, I usually get 140+ fps and now it'll sometimes dip down to 40-80. Sometimes even lower and be very choppy/stuttering. Temp is fine because I usually check everything when it does do this and is usually below average or is at the average temp. I can still play fine since after 5-10 mins it'll go away but still pretty aggravating when it does happen, makes me think my pc is going to explode.
  8. https://imgur.com/a/nWnibVN Rip, after years of playing the game and not getting the War bp. It finally drops after I've already gotten it. Rng has betrayed me once again my fellow tenno
  9. Yeah the turtles were in injustice. I do realize that some characters are inspired by other characters, just like the new running man is probably inspired by the flash but personally I think it would be fun to see some non-warframe characters added to the game that are playable. but
  10. I was wondering if DE will ever do deals with other companies to put playable characters in the game that aren't warframes. I think it'd be a pretty fun idea to play around with. Sort of how mortal kombat has put other characters in their games. I was sitting and watching the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from the 90s and thought to myself "I'd love to run around as Michaelangelo eating pizza and killing grineer with nunchucks". I think it would be pretty fun personally but to setup this for the lore I guess they'd have to pull the old portal to other universes story so I I'm not sure it'd be to good for the story.
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