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  1. Ehrazmus

    Stealth Kill Bug

    Encountered a bug 2019-Jan-09 Sortie - Spy - Corpus - Eximus Stronghold - Ship Map - Loki Prime - Rakta Dark Dagger Performed a Stealth Kill Assassination on an Eximus walking down a set of stairs. Instead of doing the animation, it did the 'fell off the map-black screen' then returned my Loki Prime ontop of the stairs. Eximus suddenly 'died' even though technically I haven't stabbed him yet. While ontop of the stairs, I can't turn my warframe to face any other direction. He can turn his head but not his body. Jumping doesn't work, nor does my abilities, unable to go to operator mode or use gear/emotes. pressing forward and forward with 'Shift' causes the warframe to walk and run in place. /unstuck didn't resolve the issue. I got killed by a Corpus drone and escaped that way.
  2. Ehrazmus

    Warframe Builder

    Rift Torrent - Limbo Augment = 30% per enemy, not 20%