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  1. Ehrazmus

    FrameFighter Bug - 2 Specials at the start of the match

    The fact that you can actually start the fight and damage one another while the announcer is still counting down also bothers me. The scores too, because it is both counting from left to right. On typical Mortal Kombat or Tekken games, the score would be locked depending on which you side you start. If you start from the right, then the score crystal thing should light up right first and vice versa
  2. Ehrazmus

    FrameFighter Bug - 2 Specials at the start of the match

    The look of disbelief on Rhino when the match starts is just... Wait, What? How?! and proceeds to stomp the enemy halving his HP within seconds
  3. FrameFighter Bug 2018-Aug-19 During the Warframe Selection, on the lower corners of the screen you see the Warframe's Special attack on full cooldown. If you change your Warframe Choice on the last second, You'll start the match with 2 Specials ready to go. I tested this using Random Warframe selection, I haven't tried to recreate the bug using my available Warframe options. I tried it numerous times with a friend and it works 2 times out of 10.
  4. Ehrazmus

    Warframe Builder

    Rift Torrent - Limbo Augment = 30% per enemy, not 20%