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  1. Typically when traveling through portals, carrying your momentum isn't a bad thing. However today I found there are instances when it works against you... When doing the Hall of Ascensions Nightwave on Lua, I was playing Nezha and his momentum carried me immediately out of 3 of the reward room portals after I entered them. That isn't an issue when you can go right back in, but that's not always the case. The agility puzzle teleports you back down and closes the entrance. I had to repeat the puzzle if I wanted an Agility Drift...
  2. At around 4:45 PM EST on Saturday , August 24th there was a Kuva Siphon mission on Adrastea Jupiter. It was a Sabotage mission type. Instead of loading the new Gas City tile set, it had the old standard Corpus ship tile set. It was still definitely Jupiter as we got Hexenon drops.
  3. After helping a clan mate with the task, I'm fairly sure you have to be within a certain distance. We didn't wait for him to get to the Doma Thumper before killing it, and he didn't get any credit. We found another Doma, waited until he was within a few meters, killed it and he got credit.
  4. I was in a squad for this week's Thumper tasks. We found a non-Doma Thumper first, and that completed the "Tusk Thumpin" task. After 2 more Thumpers, we found a Doma. I did not get credit for this, even after finishing the mission successfully. My squadmates supposedly got it, but they left before they actually confirmed... In any case, this nightwave task is somewhat bugged. Update: Second Doma kill registered. I wonder if the 1st one didn't work because I was relatively far away sniping it.
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