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  1. Interesting. It seems like you figured out one source of the bug months ago? I hope they implement a fix soon. I can't be bothered to remember to do this every time I want to change something in my gear wheel. Mine got messed up again today, only 3 days after I last fixed it.
  2. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Completing what we thought was 2nd isolation vault of 3. More on this below. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: No idea. I assume it's desync since it happened to another teammate (not host) too. EXPECTED RESULT: We should have seen 4 different symbols. OBSERVED RESULT: Me and another player both saw 4 Fass symbols. It may have happened to the 3rd client player but he didn't respond. REPRODUCTION RATE: I've only seen this once. The comment above about us thinking this was the "2nd" of 3 isolation vaults is referring to general bugs with the
  3. It happened again to me today on PC as well. Lost all my slots beyond slot 17. I probably had ~25 slots filled before.
  4. Did anyone else never receive any email with the reward code? And to preemptively answer questions I'll probably be asked: Yes, I entered my email into the pop-up box. And also, yes, I submitted a support ticket before the deadline and got confirmation that it was forwarded to the team handling the issue.
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