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  1. Wow, they really are just dropping this and letting Vauban sink back into the obscure aren't they?
  2. Agreed with most of this post. Good and thoughtful. Just would add I would also like to see the Telsa Nervos stay much much closer to Vauban, for increased survival and because at least to me it feels like as soon as I throw them out they run off like wild animals. Yes they stun enemies, but what good does that do me if they are stunning them three hallways away? I feel like Vector pad and even Overdrive should be replaced with stuff to help his durability. Overdrive just does not seem to do enough to make it worth it. I cannot agree more about his durability. For someone who looks like a medium armored mercenary. He is squishy as hell. Soon I start doing 60+ lvl content he drops randomly from being one shot. And this is with mods and arcane guardian on him. He is just TOO squishy. I completely agree his base armor should be higher, but I also think his base shields should be higher as well. Fits with the engineer gadget mercenary concept, and again. I CANNOT stress ENOUGH how SQUISHY he is!!!
  3. So much this. I am beyond pleased they brought back melee so I can only use it if I want to without constantly switching to weapons. But I accidentally heavy swing all the time and it's sooooo annoying. A larger time for activation would help, Along with a toggle button. Also while we are asking, make it cost 50 counters instead of the whole. REALLY the dmg from heavy swing is not worth the whole counter!
  4. It is a HUGE grind. Which is what warframe is half-way about. So I'm not surpised, but I honestly do not consider GRIND as CONTENT.
  5. Agreed. Would like some type of affirmation or acknowledgement here. Vauban is still a mess and really needs the love paddle. Otherwise he is just going to be shelved again by 99% of the player base.
  6. Tesla Nervos: -Thoughts- Neat concept, but not really practical. I cannot tell if they are actually doing anything half the time so I never cast it anymore. (cool juggling animation, I literately only cast it just to see that) -Problem- Not worth the energy or time to cast it. Even if I do, they run off and I never see them again. -FIX Ideas- I need to feel like I should cast them at the start of every game, they are suppose to be my buddies! - so they need to be more useful 1. Speed them up so they can do their job faster and keep with you. 2. They should heal your shields per % of Dmg or something else passively - or perhaps give a boost to radar range, they you're little eyes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Minelayer: Tether Coil: -Thoughts- Just not useful enough, not worth the cast or energy -Problem- It only sticks 2 mobs? Not worth the cast time, and seems to rarely actually pull any mobs, very weak. Not worth the cast time or energy -Fix- Stick to minimum of 4 per ball (or based on str) Increase pull GREATLY Flechette Orb: -Thoughts- Has potential but not enough -Problem- Impact dmg is weak, and the dmg they do just isn't enough -Fix- Switch to slash dmg, increase dmg or scale dmg to eneny lvl Overdriver: Good idea, but too weak. -Problem- Too weak, don't notice dmg increase- doesn't work on abilities - -Fix- Trash it- switch it to a survival buff of some kind - dealing with shields-affected by duration- (Vauban is too squishy) Vector Pad: Worthless, how did this make it in? -Problem- Has no real use- never going use it. can't believe it even exists. -Fix- Trash it - swap with speed buff that is affected by duration. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Photon Strike: -Thoughts- Looks super Cool, unfortunately it's not really worth using. -Problem- Energy hungry - super long cast time makes it not worth the effort. -Fix- Make it slightly cheaper and improve the casting time BIG TIME. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bastille/Vortex -Thoughts- Mostly good here, but needs tweaks. Could complain about cast time, also could complain about the how armor stripping seems kinda pointless. But really, in my opinion the issue with this ability is simply how weak the augment is for this. -Problem- Cast time a little high, dunno how armor stripping is too slow/weak, Augment incredibly weak. -Fix- If you just made the augment better I could live with the other problems. Overall: I appreciate the attempt, but Vauban is a frame that is too weak all around. His kit benefits from Str, Dur, and range Greatly. Any frame that requires buffs to 3 out of the 4 stats from mods to make his kit good will always damned to be weak. Only good min/max frames make it to the top of the pile. If you do not make some huge buffs or changes he is just going to be left behind, forgotten again. TLDR - His kit is still weak, feels like repeat of previous issues, and does not have enough synergy. Other frames do his job better, so why play him?
  7. Vauban love when? The rework wasn't enough. He needs more love. I know you guys said you are still looking into it. But that was two patches ago.
  8. I have this issue as well. Settings say it's right, but it likes it's being downscaled hard. Very annoying, resets every time I reload the game.
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