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  1. I fail to understand why you are complaining about not having to fight the Sortie boss. If it's because you want to fight challenging enemies, you could go solo or do either Arbitrations or the Steel Path. I also fail to understand why the chart has Arousal on it. No matter how much I play Warframe, I am 92% certain I have never been aroused by it.
  2. You could just run Sabotage missions solo. I feel like that would fix quite a few of your problems.
  3. This would probably be good on other weapons, but the War primarily does Impact Damage.
  4. I'm pretty sure I know when Plague Star is coming back.
  5. In my opinion, giving feedback about Yareli is irrelevant since she isn't out yet. Wait until she's released and we've all had a chance to play with her kit, then come here to complain about whatever has slighted you about her.
  6. Something to add on here. As a fellow Javlok enthusiast, there is a slight issue that pops up when Punch Through is applied to it through a Riven or some other means. A thrown Javlok will pass through some walls and floors on some tilesets, making it impossible to retrieve until the timer runs out and it reappears on your back. I have not tested this with the other Spearguns. Something to keep in mind.
  7. As far as I can tell, take a screenshot with the PS4 system and then post it on this forum attached to a report.
  8. I had a stroke reading this. Please clean up your question and ask again.
  9. There are two options here. One, it's an issue on the game's end. If this is the case, theirs not much you can do about it except post about it on the forum and see if it's happening to anyone else. Two, it's a problem on your end. If it is, then it is either A, a problem with your internet connection. Try running a Internet Connection Test from your PlayStation's settings. If you are running off the WIFI and the results are less than optimal, pick up a good length Ethernet Cable and plug the PlayStation in directly to the Router. If this does not work, it could be a problem with the Router itself. Try resetting it and seeing if it helps. Or B, a problem with your PlayStation. Check to make sure your system and game are fully updated. A trick I picked up is to go into your PlayStation settings and turn off Remote Play. This should improve your connection speed. If none of the above helps, then I'd recommend asking a professional.
  10. I'd save your Plat and just host a farming mission.
  11. Pretty sure the answer is going to end up being some variation of SOON.
  12. I personally see no reason for Mesa's Shield to be nerfed. Most of the time, it's the only thing keeping me alive while I use the Peacemaker. As for other Frames to rework, my biggest suggestion would be a rework of Loki. His abilities are absurdly lackluster when compared to the other spy Warframes. I'd take Wukong into a spy mission over Loki. The fact that his abilities don't actually do any damage is just icing on the proverbial cake. His Decoy is barely worth the energy cost. The Augment for it doesn't really improve it. Maybe it'll save your life once or twice, but Loki is at his best when he's invisible, so a good Loki player would never need to rely on it for an average mission. His Switch-Teleport ability is just a crappier version of Ash's teleport, made worse since it doesn't kill the enemies targeted. The only two good abilities he has are his Invisibility and his Disarm, and even those have problems. His Invisibility has more speed compared to Ivara, but her Augment to walk through lasers puts her on top. The Augment is basically a rip-off of Banshee's passive ability, but worse. The Disarm is probably his most useful ability outside of stealth, simply because of the fact that it disarms enemies. But even then, the ability does nothing else except disarm and occasionally do Impact damage. The Augment allows it to do radiation damage, but making enemies attack each other isn't as effective if they don't have their primary weapons. This is my idea for a rework: Passive: Hushed: The Hushed Invisibility Augment is folded into his regular kit, with the amount of noise Loki makes depends on what rank the Loki Warframe is. Level 30 makes him completely silent to enemies even when not Invisible. New First Ability: Wall Walk: Loki can walk on the walls and ceiling like they were the normal floor. His weapons get increased Critical Chance while he's attached. Duration based that drains energy while active. Can turn Invisible while attached at double energy cost. Invisibility Changes: While Invisible, Loki has a 50% chance to Auto Hack consoles, and gains increased Stealth Damage. All Throwing Knife weapons do double damage, and he can carry more ammo for them. This includes the throwing mine weapons. Switch Teleport Changes: Swapping with an enemy inflicts a Bleeding status effect on them. Charging the ability makes it so that, upon switching places, Loki leaves behind an explosive charge where you were standing. Loki can now target objects with the ability. The Safeguard Switch Augment is rolled into the main ability. Radial Disarm Changes: In addition to disarming enemies, this ability receives the Chroma treatment, allowing it to do radial elemental damage based on the Warframe's energy color. The sub-elements of Blast, Corrosive, Radiation, Viral, Gas, and Magnetic are unlocked after the first Forma and are based on combining the two Energy Colors. Unlike Chroma or Lavos, you cannot switch the elements mid-mission. These changes would, in my opinion, make Loki much better while keeping his status as an effective stealth Warframe. Please share your opinions.
  13. They only get the credits by completing the Junctions. They have to earn it.
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