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  1. Loki absolutely needs a rework. He is branded as THE stealth warframe to use but Ivara is superior in almost every way. With the augment that lets her walk through lasers and the ability to actually deal out significant damage with the Artemis Bow, she is the superior choice for Spy Missions. Think of it this way, I have Loki Prime all modded up and I literally never use him. Thoughts on Improvements: Let Loki put down more than one Decoy with repeated casting or charge up one Decoy to make it capable of actually doing damage to enemies. As mentioned above, the auto telep
  2. Seriously, this. As far as I can tell, the drone's health doesn't scale with the bounty difficulty. It should at least do this.
  3. I can count on one hand how many times I've played Rathuum in the past two years (three times, today, if you were curious). I think we can all agree that this game mode requires a re-work in order to attract players. My thoughts are as follows: Nightwave: The Index shows up as a Nightwave challenge, so Rathuum should too. Maybe have a challenge that requires a certain number of Executioner kills or Judgement Points earned, or an Elite Challenge that requires the completion of the top-level mission without dying or something similar. Rewards: The possible rewards for completi
  4. Because it's not meant for low-ranked players to do. It's meant for high-ranked players who have a surplus of resources.
  5. I have a headache from reading this. A Kuva Lich is not required to play the game. You did not have to make a Kuva Lich that had a weapon you already own. When the option to create a Lich comes up, it shows you the weapon it will have so you can choose to ignore it or accept it and make a Lich. This entire situation was avoidable, DE isn't going to remove Liches for individual players. You know how to kill a Lich, so do so and stop whining.
  6. Since launch, and the initial bugfixes, Railjack seems to have gone unloved. In this post, I would like to propose several items that may improve it and integrate it with other systems. 1: Factions and Invasions: Space is big, so we should be seeing more factions than the Grineer flying around. Corpus and Infested should have a presence, maybe due to spontaneous Outbreaks on ships or the ongoing conflict between Corpus and Grineer. 2: Mission Variety: The Railjack missions are all variations of "Get In, Murder Everything, Blow Stuff Up, Move On." I would be much more intereste
  7. Your warframe may disappear if you are using the Necramech in the Isolation Vaults. As a result, you become unable to transfer back to it and remain stuck in Operator form. All gear items with vanish, and any arcanes on the Operator will not work. The only thing that fixes it is exiting the Drift and returning to the Necralisk.
  8. Now that we have the Heart of Deimos, I thought it was time to ask a question I previously asked shortly after the release of Fortuna: What do you guys want to see in a future open world area in Warframe? For me, maybe a water world of Uranus with island chains and a Sharkwing re-work, or the Red Deserts of Mars where we can raid Orokin tombs (admittedly we can kinda do this on Deimos but the point stands.)
  9. I believe that the parts for Necramechs, K-Drives, and Archwing pieces and weapons should all be in a single Foundry slot simply labelled "Vehicles" or "Transportation." Anyone else think so?
  10. Here's a question for all you guys: what is the most badass thing you've ever done in Warframe? For me, it was during the first Plague Star event. One of the Hemocytes got stuck on the boil and we couldn't reach it to make it attack. That was when I, as Valkyr Prime, activated my Hysteria and jumped onto the boil in order to start clawing at the Hemocyte's face. It worked.
  11. So far, I have received nothing. No cannon, no Hydroid or skin, and no trivia rewards.
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