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  1. 52 minutes ago, (PS4)XxDarkyanxX said:

    If you wanted to run Second dream AFTER Alad V was infected he wouldn't be able to help Lotus in that very quest.
    It's not completely unrelated, it's placed here for a reason.

    The only thing you should feel lost about is Event Placement as those contain a bit of story as well but those bit of informations are not available anywhere other than the Wiki or older players themselves.

    You were simply informed that the new starchart was made with the intention of helping new players around, ense you are not a returning player, you are a new player with skills, you must revisit everything you know to replace the content you were once aware of as we all did.

    I don't know for you, but the game as been expanding on many basis :
    -The warframes and what they are
    -The infestation and its danger/benefits
    -The grineer and what they believe to be their queens
    -The Corpus and their greed at the cost of destruction
    -What you are
    -The lost that have been found ( Older warframes that have become legends )

    I don't know when it is that you left Warframe, but you certainly haven't been exploring the world if you feel like the game is just adding random stuff for the sake of being random.

    So. Everything you listed that was 'expanded upon' involves lore. Which no one cares about. When I say I expect existing elements of the game to be expanded upon, and developed, I mean gameplay. You know, the things you actually DO in game. When you play the game, you are doing the same things you were doing 3 years ago, just for different reasons. Theres no added depth, just more bells and whistles. Every now and then one of the games glaring flaws will be reworked, but its once every couple years, as DE is too busy trying to add gimmicks to make people spend more money on.

  2. 1 hour ago, TheBrsrkr said:

    You're no longer a returning player. You're a new player with some stuff. They redid the starchart with new players  in mind, so you're just gonna have to dig through. 

    Of course I had played since the updated star chart, but your comment supports my entire point. If a player of my experience returns to the game and feels totally lost, then there is a problem. Not lost because of the amount of content added, but lost because none of the content that was added was relevant to any of the old content. Theres no sense of direction or progression. None of the old content I had played was expanded, they just added a bunch of new gameplay in an attempt to make the game feel fresh to players who were long getting sick of it. Its the equivalent of taking an old car and adding a bunch of random body kit parts to it to try to make it look cool, but when you back up and look at the car as a whole, its just hideous.

  3. So after an extended break from Warframe, I had some friends on PS4 that got into the game and decided to rejoin and help them. I was a PC player, but had transferred my account back in the day just in case I ever wanted to play on PS4. What I encountered was utterly infuriating to the point where if my friends werent playing the game, I would have immediately uninstalled it.

    So right off the bat, I noticed I did not have my favorite frame on PS4 - Mesa. So that was my immediate goal. My first thought was to spend some plat and get her quick, but after going to the store and seeing 320 plat cost an absurd $20, that was immediately off the table. So grinding it is then. Keep in mind this is a MR 12 account that at one time had everything in the star chart unlocked. So how do I get Mesa. I remembered I needed the Alad V coordinates from invasion alerts so I went to the active one and did what I needed to to get my reward. 3 days later, the 'alert' completed and I recieved 1 nav coordinate. 3 days of waiting for 1 nav coordinate (yes I know its because this content is dead as mesa is a 3 year old frame).

    Alright so I got my nav coordinate so how do I use it. There are no clues or anything on this so, stumped, I went to the wiki. There I saw I would need 3 nav coordinates to make 1 blueprint that would let me access Mutalist. So thats a minimum of 9 coordinates needed assuming perfect RNG. Since its taking 3 days for one event to complete, that is 27 days just to get the material I needed to make the M. Alad V coordinates. But as it turns out its a good thing, once I realized how much other crap I still had to do.

    To get the M. Alad V fight blueprint, you have to complete a junction on Pluto. Seems easy enough. Until you look at 2 of the requirements for accessing this junction. Complete 3 neo relics. Thats not so bad. Its a bit of farming but straightforward. Heres the kicker, you have to complete a defense mission on Lua. Well, now Lua is unlocked by the Second Dream quest. I still hadnt done the prior Stolen Dream quest. But I was baffled that in order to get a 3 year old warframe, I was required to complete a quest that came out years after her release. I have to complete content that is totally unrelated to the frame that I want. Its totally random and makes no sense.

    So, after a week of playing Warframe, I feel like I am no closer to my initial goal, as I am grinding through a quest I dont care about, and sitting around waiting for nav coordinate events to complete. The funniest part of all of this is that everyone told me "make sure you have your favorite frame equipped for the Second Dream, as you can never repeat the cutscenes". This is great considering my favorite frame is locked behind the Second Dream quest.

    This is an absurd amount of effort just to obtain 1 warframe, and one that is 3 years old! Its not special or rare, its just a basic frame. Additionally the process makes no sense. Completing totally random and arbitrary objectives, and playing through unrelated questlines. And even worse, I dont think Mesa is an exception. Everywhere I look I see content jumbled and scattered around. Nothing makes sense. Unless you have the wiki open, you literally cant play this game. It looks as if each patch just added new content that was haphazardly stitched on to the old content with no attempt at making it coherent or unified. Most grind intensive PVE games are organized in a manner that gives players direction so they always know what sort of rewards come from each type of activity. In Warframe, one frame you get from farming a boss, another you get from a questline, another you get from alerts, others you get from void missions, others you get from a dojo - it makes no sense. And worse. I hear Plains of Eidolon compounded this problem even more, as none of its content is tied into the rest of the game. I may not stick around long enough to experience it.

  4. 22 minutes ago, PhoenIIIx said:

    It was delayed because the story/gameplay had changed a couple of times over the development. When creating a story or piece of art etc what you start of with and what you end up with can be two totally different things.

    I know this is a rather radical idea, but maybe you should have the story laid out and set in stone before you begin development of the missions.

  5. 11 minutes ago, Hixlysss said:

    I can't recall any MMO style game with quests that lets you, on your current account, go back and replay a main story quest...

    As for the rest of your statement...I have to agree. This thing was pushed back just so the dev's could "get it right" And it still released with quite a few breaking bugs that required players to hard restart, crashes, and just general visual stuff. Was it better than second dream's release? Yes, but I was honestly expecting more meat considering just how delayed this thing has been.

    Where is the "Sprinting is now default!" thing? The Nemesis system we have heard about for syndicates? Arcata PvE melee weapon? I mean the Riven mods are nice, but only for rifles? And they are bound to specific rifle weapons too...why not make it simpler and just, I donno, have RNG rifle mods, instead of em being RNG Synapse, RNG Braton mods...you've just made more work for yourselves when you make shotgun, pistol, and melee versions.

    Most other mmos ive played I played through on at least 2-3 characters on one account, and played through main story quests multiple times. Admittedly most of them are class based so you need to be able to have separate characters as a primary feature of the game. Also, i dont really consider warframe a true mmo. Either way its whatever. My main beef was what you touched on.

  6. aaaaaaannnd....thats it?

    Don't misunderstand, I enjoyed the quest a great deal. The cinematics, the story, the gameplay. It was all fine. But, when I think that this update was delayed for 6+ months, and was easily the most hyped and anticipated update in Warframe's history...... I guess I expected more than an hour's worth of gameplay and story. Not to mention it was far from polished, as I encoutered multiple visual bugs, along with having to shut down my client during the final fight and restart it due to a bug.

    So, I guess I just dont understand why this update was so delayed. Yes it was good. Very good in fact. But, it just left me wanting more. I enjoyed it to the point where I would actually like to go back and replay the quest, which, inexplicably, is not even an option. I cant think of another game where story missions are not replayable. Sadly, once I do the remaining few portions of the update, I see myself taking another absence from the game until we get another update 6 months from now...

  7. On 7/26/2016 at 8:02 AM, Vol4ica_ said:

    I think so. Let's assume this is fully drawn with hands. Then author must be really good a drawing. But person good at drawing would never make an art  with two focal points. Look - kubrow' s head is big and has high sharpness. And its body and back legs are smaller and blurry. This means that head is very close and the other things are far. Oberon is standing close to back leg. Back leg is far. So Oberon is standing far. So he must be blurry but he has high sharpness too. A good drawing person making preparational sketch by himself would never make such mistake.
    If this is not enough for you - look at kubrow's back legs. Everything below their knees is "cut" by grass - I mean hidden. This means that grass is high. But if the grass was high then Oberon's legs would be hidden by grass too. They aren't. This happened because author couldn't take a screenshot with proper camera angle. Would never happen with pre-sketch too.

    And those leaves in front (left and right lower corners). They were blurred so sloppy that caught the grass behind..

    Also I recognise some filters. For example the one applied to the background looks very similar to "glass filter"

      Reveal hidden contents

    I'm not envious, this is only because you asked


    How are you not banned for posting this? A perfect example of slanderous forum posting, and on top of it you are dead wrong on just about everything. There are numerous examples of people using screenshots in this thread, and you go after a legitimate artist? Even for the people who did screencap stuff, its not your place to criticize, and I am sure DE is more than capable of identifying original art from the rest. At the very least they are more capable than you at doing so. 

  8. i'll quickly run some numbers.

    maximum Power Strength on Ballistic Battery would add 4544 Base Damage. add on 8179.2 for assuming you have a single Elemental combo. bring it to 14,313.6 if it's a +75% on your Enemy.

    the best Loadout without Heavy Caliber i can come up with would be 3084.6 Damage on a Multishot. bring it to 4157.85 if we assume you have a single Elemental Combo that has a +75% Bonus on your Enemy.

    23,015.45 * (5.6x Crit, but 10.2 assuming double Crit Weakpoint)

    unfortunately, only totals to 234,757.59 Damage.

    note, didn't account for Ballistic Battery interfacing with the Physical Mod i had on, but it would only add a couple thousand or so.

    since you're not a Client, both of the numbers from your shot are probably displayed, so it's probably overlapping.

    idk if u factored it in but i was using rifle amp and shooting gallery was active, still doesnt seem to add up but thanks.

  9. Okay I will try this again


    IGN: xeternal


    The reason I am interested in joining your clan is that I am looking to return to warframe after a year of absence from it. When looking on forums for a clan to join yours stood out not because I am familiar with Quiette, but because it had all the things I was looking for in a clan (dojo, community, active members, good sized, active with raids). 


    You asked for more information about me so here it is. As I said I play Counterstrike, Dota 2, Destiny, and a couple other video games in my spare time. On Warframe I am mastery rank 12. My favorite frame is Nyx, although I play nearly every frame in the game up to the new ones that have been released while I was gone (working on acquiring those). I live in California and I am currently finishing my computer science degree, do freelance graphic design work, and enjoy long walks on the beach. I'm pretty easy going and can get along with just about anyone, unless they are $&*^s (I hate $&*^s). 


    EDIT: Why is $&*^s censored, its not even a bad word. Also, if you would like more info please message me here or in game. Understand there is a limit to the amount of personal information I would like to post on public forums.

  10. 1. IGN: xEternal

    2. I played warframe a while back, probably almost a year ago, but stopped for no reason in particular other than I just got busy with other things. Most of what I have done on warframe is solo stuff but I am interested in actually playing with other people now. I am a bit lost with all this new stuff that has been added or changed and I could use some help with finding my bearings. I read the forum introduction to the clan and you sound like a group I would get along with and you have the things I was looking for in a clan (active members, large community, etc).

    3. Not much to say about me really. I play video games when I'm not at work or school. Mostly Dota 2 and Counterstrike but not exclusively. A friend told me about the changes to warframe and when I heard they made a prime for my favorite frame I just had to come back and give it another try and I think I rediscovered why I liked warframe so much to begin with. Thanks for your consideration.


    Edit: I am mastery rank 12 if that means anything. 

  11. I used to play warframe a while back. Then I stopped. Now I'm playing it again. Trying to figure out all the new stuff could use some help and friends to play with.

  12. Rhino, cause its Fast, armored, good skills, good shields


    theres no weakness for this.  so unfair when you consider there are frames with barely any strengths.

    This. He just takes the challenge out of every mission. On top of that when new bosses are released I have to play solo because he ruins the fun of a boss fight just by using his rhino stomp. Probably will get some hate from rhino fangirls on this, just how I feel. 

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