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  1. yes , DE is famous for spoiling their little secrets, but we love them this way too!
  2. on Warframe APP there is this MOD in CODEX section. i found also NECRAMECH STAMINA and SOARING TRUTH (ballistica) ...maybe in future...?...
  3. SOLVED - : is not a bug , maybe a glitch... it happend more than a couple of times at the last Powercell(the 3rd) when excavator lets pass from 80% to 100% of the remaining charge. if you wait from 1 to 3 minutes , enemies they spawn closely again . so i recommend you all to pingpoint the area of the last excavator , thus you can use the remaining Powercells on the ground to carry on the excavation... that's all folks
  4. hi , i'm here to write about my frustration about the ENDLESS bounties on Necralisk. Everytime i start it i pray that enemies spawn with Powercells, but during the mission, can occours any rotation , any reward(1st or 2nd excavator , 'cause i play in solo mode), soon or later happend that they do not carry with them that batteries , so i must exit and reenter in Cambion Drift. i use VAUBAN , my VALKYR spectre , i use to pingpoint where the last excavator is , because i think that if remain any Powercells on the ground or alive enemy in that area , enemies will not bring with the
  5. hello everyone, I wondered if INTERNAL BLEEDING worked with NAPALM GRENADES on the Carmine Penta since this latest mod takes away the impact damage and turns it into fire damage. Plus, does the multishot on the Carmine Penta work in any way? THNX
  6. 1) Too much time for finish the cooldown of Catalyze !!!!!!!!!!! 1,05 sec(i have 105% efficiency) per enemy electrocuted with Trasmutation Probe, do not solve the problem. I subsumed in him Ensnare of Khora for aggroing enemies and cast Trasmutation Probe on them, i have on my build all 3 RANGE mods, but however i can reach max 7/8 secs of cooldown bonus(6/7 enemies max electrocuted at the same time), so i must wait for 23 secs to recast Catalyze..too much... 2) Catalyze, for give damage to enemies, must been cast at the exact level of them, if i stay 1 met
  7. did someone find Lavos Prex Card? , if yes , where?
  8. As title said,someone have an idea of If It spawns in Steel Path free roaming,or i a particular bounty? Thnx
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