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  1. Please, keep posting condescending replies in the guise of trying to help, where you assume you know EXACTLY what another person is and is not doing.
  2. Yep! 100% isn't. I tried both caps and lower case. Yep, tried it both ways. Did anyone else also Rush the Helminth building? That is the only thing I can think of that somehow broke it.
  3. Still! I can not subsume a frame. Fed Helminth to 100% in everything, type confirm... NOTHING HAPPENS After 3 days. I paid to rush the building on Helminth and now..this.
  4. I still can NOT use Subsume. It does jack S#&$. Time to come back in 6 months when this might work.
  5. I dont think it is! And yes..100% to all resource types!
  6. I feel the pain of the OP I was super excited for HoD, cause I love the infested and their planet etc (Nidus is my main). The quest..wasn't..bad? I mean, I enjoyed it, the explanation for WTF we are actually doing was sorely lacking. Especially about the heart. But it was ok. Then I see the requirements (some of which have been lowered) for ranking up..MORE bloody fishing and animal hunting. I never did any conservation of Fort/PoE, and now I know why. MY god, the explanation (if you can call it that) is #*!%ing pathetic. If I have to alt tab and research an in game mechanic..well..t
  7. Built the part last night. Feed Helminth 100% of ALL resource types. Try to SUbsume new warframe (and a lvl 30 one, to test) Type Confirm to continue. I type confirm 'Please wait' prompt flashes briefly NOTHING HAPPENS I mean..seriously? New patch bugs and all that, but wtf? I was so keen to test this and..it doesnt work.
  8. I am not getting logged out, but I type confirm (this is AFTER feeding Helminth 100% oof every type of resource), there is a lil 'Please Wait' message..and nothing happens. AT ALL.
  9. I was doing bounties on Deimos with a full squad. We did 3, went back to the Necralisk, and the mission 'ended.' They all quit the squad, and now I am stuck in Free Roam mode. Neither door will open, and I can't do anything besides quit to orbiter/necralisk..which will lose all of the stuff I got from the bounties. Any ideas?
  10. The spawn point by Cerebrum Magma was ALWAYS the birds for me. But it was so annoying to actually find the tracks and echo spot nearly every time.
  11. I finally got my 5 common birds and Medjey dog thing. I was capturing 'normal' dogs as well, figuribng I could use those for son tokens (like how with dad and daughter, the tokens take all different combos of resources). Then I looked and..those Vizier and Pharoh dog tags are NOT in his token combos, at all. What the #*!% is teh point of even having them, if there is no way to use the damn things?
  12. How do you mean? Can you go through that step by step, like from zoning into the Necrolisk?
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