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  1. The Glass Texture of this skin is so different from the Glass of its Abilities DE could do a visual rework on her Skills
  2. What happened to the fish ephemera that would come with the Hydroid deluxe? Was it forgotten?
  3. DE... I waited a long time for this Gara deluxe so I could use the Sword Skin on the Vitrica... And when I bought Skin, I was disappointed to know that I couldn't equip it at Vitrica... Please bring this skin to Vitrica!
  4. Hi, DE ... Since the day of Tennocon, I've been making PLs just to buy these cosmetics and the Hydroid deluxe skin ... But there were two setbacks ... 1 ° - Cosmetics were placed in this SuportPack 2 ° - The Hydroid Skin Deluxe arrived incomplete, without its Ephemeral Fish. I'm a little bit sad I wish we had Ephemera, at least ...
  5. Yes ... I think maybe the problem is the size of the legs too ... In conceptual art they look smaller ... And your cover, really needs to have its size increased ... In her ingame demo, I can barely see her, when I'm looking at the Hydroid from the front ...
  6. Yes, I am aware that there are many changes from Concep Art to the final work ... I'm a fan of Skins Deluxes ... And I would like this to be an Ephemera because I could equip it at Ivara too
  7. Hello In this Concept Art, it shows that the Hydroid Skin has a Fish Effect I wonder if this will come as an ephemera If this was not planned, I would like to leave this as an idea for an additional item in your Deluxe package
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