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  1. Damn. This HAS to be a mistake. The Void is gonna be deserted. Me and my wife prefer farming syndicate relic packs anyway and now the only reason to go to the Void is gone? I hope this is a mistake.
  2. So am I getting this right, void relics drop chances in the void have been reduced?
  3. I immediately disabled Operator monologue in my game but my wife's Operator has said so many times that this or that does not have honor that I seriously worry for the world-view of the person who figured that blabbering about honor all the time was something interesting at all.
  4. GoT's author does things perfectly predictably when you take reverse psychology in consideration. He so desperately wants to be unpredictable that he ends up being very predictable. He's mostly an edgy little rebel in his old years because apparently he didn't have proper teenage years. I feel sad for him. GoT is only popular because everything else sucks more than it; not because it's good by itself. A very obvious statistical distribution where GoT is on one of the extreme ends of the classic bell curve. (This also explains why Firefly has a loyal fanbase more than a decade after i
  5. 1. I don't "complain" on threads about coop activities and never will. I can tune in and say "gating content behind forced group play is a sure-fire way to invite more toxicity" but in the end it's DE who decides what to incorporate or not. 2. You don't know yet if Railjack's coop is axed. Stop doom-saying. 3. The quotes you wrote do not apply to me, I didn't say those nor did I imply them. Nonsense. Difficulty and solo are not mutually exclusive. You can have difficult content while soloing AND being in coop (sorties are a good example at least for my current progression lev
  6. Are you kidding me? I'd pay 10 bucks right now to have only that option! I always grumble out a sarcastic remark when I hear "it's the grineer" -- I hope it's just an old monologue artifact left from epochs past but at this point I'm willing to accept somebody was dumb enough to think including that line actually made sense.
  7. @--END--Rikutatis Mate, with all due respect, your comment towards me is mostly assumptions and baseless negativity. :( I find it appaling that you get so triggered over an entertainment form (a computer game) and how people would like to consume it -- which is an OPTIONAL choice and does not take away anything from you. Live and let live, no? The fact that DE is sympathetic to "should be able to solo most -- if not all -- of the game" and proves it with their actions says that your point of view is in conflict with DE. Hence you and me arguing about it is 100% pointless.
  8. Exactly how I feel as well. I practically don't use the stance combos because they are so awkward and often times fruitless. Give me a polearm quick melee as it is now and I'm very happy.
  9. If they focus on heavy attacks then I might as well stop playing because most stances are awkward and non-fluid, and trying to do a charge attack against 5 corrupted guys in Mot is an absolute certain death unless performed from stealth. Can't play Loki everywhere. I only use the quick melee button or fully equip a melee weapon with a stance that doesn't make me feel like my Warframe suddenly got anemia and can't easily swing around 2 kilos of steel. The quick holstering will get an universally good reception though. But the fluidity of most melee combos / stances has been an is
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