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  1. The skin I wanted most, Nova Mithra Skin, is in batch 2. I was really hoping it'd be in the first batch since it was the skin I wanted most. 🙁
  2. I'm not really sure if this can be replicated on purpose but I kept getting "Invalid Launch Point" in an open area trying to activate my archwing on Deimos, activated my K-Drive, immediately fell through the map on an infinite loop, but regained the ability to launch my archwing and had no collision and could no-clip through everything. I've had this happen once before on Fortuna months back but thought nothing of it, however on Deimos you can do this to force Isolation Vaults to load and fly right into the vault and take the loot which now makes this bug gamebreaking. If this bug were somehow
  3. Why do these Infused Warframe Abilities have these rules?It was apparent in player feedback and play testing that these Infused Warframe Abilities had the potential to be the overwhelming choice; which is not ideal. Instead of changing the Ability outright due to those concerns, we decided to give them slight rules when Infused. DE doesn't like when things don't see use based on the fact that other things are more popular, even though there will ALWAYS be a meta and some of these Helminth abilities just aren't going to be good. Roar, Eclipse, Larva, Etc are all going to be meta abilities be
  4. I never said they did, the point is that chart is actually a pretty solid example and has logic behind it. Without going off the rails on a mod config just to fit an ability into a loadout where it doesn't fit to begin with. (I.E. X frame is normally built for PowerStat1 & PowerStat2 so Y ability fits into Z build.) This chart gives you some idea of what you could potentially do with the abilities. Even then some abilities are just gonna be kind of useless and don't even see much use on the original Warframe's kit and DE needs to look at statistics, realize this, and make them better if th
  5. Okay I love Warframe but I'm not gonna sugar coat this... these nerfs are actually completely pointless and are killing the hype of what could've been a fantastic & exciting update and was even bringing back old players! It is outright stated the nerfs are not because they are overpowered, it's because they will be popular. This is not a solution to get people to use more variety when choosing their helminth abilities, the popular abilities are popular for a reason. The reason those abilities are so popular is because they are good majority of the time and 95-100% of the time every other a
  6. With Inaros Prime's debut I think we can all agree our Tank God King needs a rework, I'm sure we can also agree we don't wanna see his survivability nerfed. I suggest Inaros remain the tank he has always been BUT we add some risk as part of the new play style of his rework while rewarding you with improved and more viable abilities worth casting regularly! Inaros no longer has an energy pool. Abilities consume a percentage(%) amount of Inaros' maximum health (%HP) for every ability cast. %HP cost scales based on the ability's power stats (Power Efficiency does not decrease %H
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