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  1. It has been stated that you only need to complete 60% of those Nightwave challenges in order to rack rank 30. I'll pass on the Profit-Taker, as the toroid farm RNG is draining.
  2. 1. I'll need to pay closer attention to melee, since I wasn't aware of all the concern after 3.0. Some stances seemed choppy (machetes & claws) to me, now I'll have to evil-eye them. 2. The host migrations and screen freezes are becoming more common after each hotfix. I'm losing more rewards to these problems, than I manage to take to Fortuna's door. With only four days left of OBD, I doubt if anything will be done. Damn shame I can't partake in the boss fight for all the special rewards.
  3. Constant connection issues is turning this event into a burning dumpster fire. I'm losing more rewards to the host migration , than I'm gaining when I can make it to Fortuna's door. Buried Debts is more of a chore, than an experience. I doubt these issues will be fixed in the remaining four days, which will prevent players from farming the special rewards. Ah, well. I have a TON of toroids to farm, since the drop rate is still s*** in warframe.
  4. Connection problems plague this operation. The more hotfixes there are, the more connection issues there are.
  5. Was going to post a similar bug. Glad to see I'm not the only one. I bought a K-Drive just for kicks (today's special), and noticed the engines(?) won't stay the color you pick. (rose gold metal, peachy energy) Top - Bottom -
  6. Three appearances ... First - There was his image, but he didn't spawn. Second & Third - The group killed him, only to receive a uncommon mod. The next discount coupon I get is going towards buying the wolf hammer off of someone.
  7. As others have stated, whether or not you complete the Nightwave event is up to you. It only took me 5 - 10 mins for each challenge, since the tools on Fortuna make these endeavours trivial. It's not mandatory, but I doubt you'll see these items again. Do keep in mind, that fishing and mining are important parts in the higher stages of the game. Namely, to build the amps for eidolon hunting, kit weapons, and moas.
  8. No. I would suggest rerolling that riven, since slash boosts the proc of viral (+75% vs Corpus Flesh).
  9. Good morning. One of the current weeklies asks us to catch 6 rare fish on Orb Vallis. Now, what is considered "rare"? Are we talking about weight/size, or the fish species? If anyone has completed this, please let me know what counted. Thank you for your time.
  10. You're quite welcome. It could have possibly been a bug, since this update has been broken since last night. Still, DE are breaking their collective asses to fix everything so kudos to them. I'm downloading the recent hotfix, as I'm typing my response.
  11. Good afternoon. Since I use my Equinox for OV bounties, I figured she would be the best choice for the open-world OBD event. I was wrong... Though my weapons take down the mobs, the constant fire is training her 3rd & 4th toggles -- day or night. I would like to know, what players are bringing to this event. Are you treating it as a survival mission? What weapons and status are you taking? Have you done the fissures solo? Thank you for your time and consideration.
  12. Not really. There's a secret stash of 3, hidden within a cave. ( Dear god, please protect me from those who will murder me. ) Daily - A 20 wave interception, using Hildryn, with the Decaying Dragon Key, only using her 1st and 3rd abilities, no archgun, and no energy pickups .... 🤣😳👉
  13. Working as intended. Wait until this happens during a Kuva run. You'll s*** yourself. 🤪
  14. Her main BP hides within the top faction tier of the Quills/Fortuna. Her pieces (BPs) are supposed to drop from the boss, when we "unlock" that part of the event. As a previous player stated, Hildryn (and her goodies) are plat purchases for the next week (archwing gun in the Tenno Lab). Still, you have to decide if you want to grind out the OBD boss. And, her alt helmet will probably show up as a purchase choice during Nightwave.
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