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  1. Good afternoon. I just got around to leveling Wisp and the Fulmin. I encountered a problem with its alt-fire, and took pics to help. 1. Fulmin's alt-fire mode : The Fulmin and the Catchmoon, don't mix : Thank you for your time, and consideration. ~
  2. Another warframe locked behind a boss, with no lore. It's a damn shame, that DE is getting lazy.
  3. Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, not everything is in the menu. Such as, able to use the gold orokin ring trim around the smallest of circles. They only shrink down so far, and you're unable to push them through the column without moving your camera view -- which prevents you from doing so. Asking dojos owners don't help either, as if it's a huge trade secret. It wouldn't surprise me if they used a 3rd-party program. What people did in their dojos is impossible under the current menu ( I know that I'm not that stupid).
  4. Shotgun + Radiation = Dead. I prefer the sobek, but everyone favors the arca plasmor.
  5. Damn disappointing, but it is what it is.
  6. Good morning. I've been watching videos on youtube, to get ideas on decorating my dojo (myself). I'm interested to know how to change the size of the pieces. There's plenty of "look at me" videos, but nothing on explaining how the mechanics work. Thank you for your time and consideration.
  7. Good. After rank 30, it was just a waste to time. All that nitain will come in useful, however.
  8. Good evening. I'm leveling/modding up my Nidus, and want to stay with infested weapons to complete his look. Which infested primary, secondary, and melee weapons would be considered the best for regular missions/alerts/bounties/sorties? I'll be using the, teeming virulence augment, as well. Thank you for your time and consideration.
  9. I ground for that damn thing, and it's dumb looking as hell. It's the bony top of his helmet, but it covers your operator's face with the horns sticking straight up. You can't have any other face decor. It's more of a "I got it" piece, now.
  10. Good morning. I'm curious to know, if there's enough warframes/archwing/weapons/gear/etc in the game, in order to hit MR 30? I missed out on the Founder's Pack, I don't have the weapons found within ESO, I'm missing a few prime weapons, and Despair. Thank you for your time.
  11. No, pumpkin. Your MR has nothing to do with the type of player you are. It's just there as a guide to unlocking weapons and missions at certain times. You should move at your own pace. Besides, they were probably dragged through by a group so that says loads about how lazy they are. Enjoy the game, Tenno.
  12. You're going to leave those "pineapple leaves", or I'm going to find you --- and lick you until you urinate your pants XD
  13. I'm still unable to purchase anything on the website. Is there an ETA, or is DE being ignorant of this problem as well?
  14. I can't buy either the PA or PV, and I'm in the states. Seems DE hasn't caught on to their payment problems.
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