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  1. It's a SP reward that you can buy for 35 essence. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/The_Steel_Path#Rewards
  2. Posting the video you saw, would be helpful. Your description of "sludge bullets" can mean any one of the Infested weapons, including those given by Father.
  3. Nah. Everyone will be completing NW at there own pace, for any number of reasons. I doubt it will stop before the year is out, so it's not a rat race. Take your time.
  4. Good evening. Man, that Steel Path has thrown me for a loop. I've read / watched endless videos on warframe & weapon builds, but I don't have the same result ( especially those one-hit ). The new galv and weapon arcanes seems to be the issue for me, as I've already opened three planets without them. What is the big deal? Prime Bane mods are now being used. I swear my eyes will explode if I go through another Nexus game. Arcanes are also and issue, since I only farmed them during the previous two operations! 1. Which weapon do you use? I don't see the reason the Bramma is so popular. Even with "the build" for Steel Path, I'm still need to hit them 3 times before anything dies. Why is the Bubonico so popular? I've seen one in every PuG, but no one will give up their secrets. I would love to know how an infested weapon is kicking ass in SP. Melee is also a problem, as I can't SP crit builds to work the same way as they do in the creator videos. I can only assume there were nerfs at one point. 2. How do you farm essence and arcanes from the acolytes? How would you build a Khora or Nekros? 3. Which warframe & build would you use for defense and excavation? Interception? Rescue? Capture? Exterminate? Is their a warframe / build I could use for every mission in SP? I've used Oberon Prime for every mode in the game, before Steel Path was put in. Without a good weapon build kit, I just can't kill the mobs fast enough.
  5. Well, at least people can still do this with Nova's wormhole. 😘
  6. Loki's switch teleport and Nova's wormhole, are the fastest ways possible.
  7. The problem is, that DE never taxed us on Prime Access before. I was charged the $139, but my sister got the $8 taxed on. We both use paypal and live in PA, so it seems extremely unfair that she's taxed and I'm not.
  8. Why is there an extra $8 tax on the PA, this time around? I never was charged tax before, so did DE change something without letting us know?
  9. Good afternoon. Since when did DE start taxing players on Prime Access? I was always charged the $139.99, but now there's a $8 tax? Is this a bug, or did they change something and didn't tell us?
  10. Good afternoon. Why am I getting charged an extra $8 for the Nidus PA? I never was charged tax before. What the hell is going on?
  11. Since specters only use the semi-firing mode, and doesn't use the alt fire on weapons, you don't want to go too crazy on builds. Zarr/Kuva Zarr & Kuva Bramma can clear the area with straight-up damage. Check overframe for builds. Secondary should be a thud gun, like a lex or Brakk/Kuva Brakk. Specters can channel, so a sword & board melee is ideal. Such as S&A prime.
  12. I only use my Smeeta when farming, and she never hit the floor - although AOEs really do a number on companions. My build isn't anything special, but she survives.
  13. Good morning. I'm having some trouble during SP missions, where you need to defend an objective. I was trying Frost Globe builds, but he's not cutting it. I was wondering if anyone is using Limbo in SP, and how is he fairing? I would love to give him a try, so I need your help/suggestions. Thank you in advance.
  14. My pilot kicks ass ! In all honesty, you need to pick crew with either 4 or 5 points in the stat you want them for. The 3 points you get to assign them ( command ) will go into the areas you want. I usually pick combat, unless I can even out both endurance and combat together. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Railjack/Crew#Roles
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