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  1. Ok, I never knew they spawn more at night. I always take my Smeeta, in the hopes that her charm mod boosts the pickup number (2 instead of 1).
  2. You need to create a support ticket, instead of screaming into an empty void...
  3. Good morning, DE. This is the first feedback post I've written, so please bare with me. Atlas is one of my favorite warframes, but his PA was lacking. Not only in a design concept, but in accessories, compared to previous PAs. 1. I'm probably the only player that was disappointed, when you gave his prime a neck. The high collar he was given, could have easily fitted a no-neck version. Lore-wise, I would love to know how he lost his neck going from prime to his base version. 2. The metal filigree on his Tekko Prime and Syandana are lovely, but it's not repeated on Atlas P or Dethcube P. His high collar could have been done that way, so can the front and back plates of Dethcube P. Using imagery from in game Luna and Atlas's deluxe skin, his body could have represented the cracked surface of Luna - the spiked metal chain structure through it - and then accented with the metal filigree (high collar, flappy bits, etc). 3. There was plenty of feedback, in that his Primed version should have diamond-type rumblers. You had the means with his deluxe skin, so .... 4. From the leaked Japan(?) video, I believed Dethcube Ps little wing attachments were to have dangling chains. Yeah, I was disappointed with the crap cloth (toilet paper for the warframes?). They should/could have been chains, similar to fine jewelry. 5. Throwing in an alt helm with Mesa PA, was a fun surprise. Would have loved to seen one for Atlas P, or maybe a diamond-like armor for a kubrow. Or, maybe a skin that gave a Kubrow a rocky look - a rumbler puppy? You know I love you, DE. But, there was quite a few design opportunities that you missed - or ignored. On a positive note, the "Prime on/off option" looks great on those alt skins that allows it. Using his Graxx skin, the Paxis Syandana (by Malaya & Jadie), the armor bits from Harrow's Deluxe, and the Tekko Prime --- he's an insect warrior, created by the Grineer! Ok, so that ends my rant. ~ Love you all.
  4. They are always there, since they are an "easter egg" of sorts.
  5. Here's my crazy (still needs another forma) ... While my moa blows away the Corpus, he's hacking their robots / comptuers / doors / recusing the prisoner without me ...
  6. 1. You can delete Rhino (if he's R30), since you have his Prime. There's a slot. 2. Excalibur and Excalibur Umbra are two different frames, regardless of what players say. Two different play styles. I'd take the base over the Umbra any day. (Keep both, though. Railjack may make him useful, again.) 3. I enjoy very few of the female frames, so Oberon would be my pick. Here's the "invincible" build (my preferred arcanes) that was suggested to me by @DarthKadra
  7. Found this in the support Q&A. Hopefully, it will help. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200182320-Can-t-Patch-Update-General-Launcher-Troubleshooting
  8. I'll see what I can do. Edit : Ok, so I tried but I was unable to repeat any of the bugs I reported. Though I was playing solo, I'm going to assume I had some bad lag that night. Maybe a background scan I wasn't aware of, or YouTube since I have it in the background while farming. Thank you for responding. ❤️
  9. If there's a Steam icon on your desktop, simply right-clicking it will allow to choose "run as administrator".
  10. Dear DE, I recovered the 4 orokin vaults challenge. I slapped on the Hobble Dragon Key, because I was too lazy to make another. To my surprise, sprinting and jumping causes Wisp to enter an interpretive dance. 1. Sprint - Sucks Wisp into the ground, where she does her best impressions of a skate. 2. Jumping - Prevents Wisp from switching weapons and using them. Jumping again, allows Wisp to use her weapons. 3. Bullet Jumping - Arms start to wave, ending in the currently held weapon to become stuck in Wisp's head. This seems to be a game-breaking bug, as I was forced to abort the mission since I couldn't fight. No other Dragon Key is bugged on Wisp. Thank you for your time.
  11. Dear DE, Thank you for fixing the "Mow Them Down" challenge. Receiving the rep for it was a nice surprise, too.
  12. Good morning. I'm looking for slova builds. Mainly to farm thumpers and endless missions. Thank you for your time (pun, hehe).
  13. Kuva - Kuva Fortress (The Queens) and Kuva missions. Nightwatch Corps. - They only appear in special events where DE places them. We probably won't see Nightwatch for quite some time. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Nightwatch_Corps#Hyekka Master
  14. Can't tell from the image, but the guy you want is black / red / jetpack / Exergis.
  15. Ivara - Mods - More enemy radar, speed, anti-friction Weapon - Rakta Dark Dagger Pretty much what is suggested on the wiki page.
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