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  1. Good afternoon. Has anyone figured out how to claim the new skins from Twitch/Amazon Prime? It was supposed to start today, but I can't find it on either Twitch or Amazon. Console is having problems, but I'm on PC. Thank you. Edit : @[DE]Rebbecca help!
  2. According to the update forums, they're having trouble. Either go there, or contact support.
  3. No love the the solo players, eh? Gah, now I have to bother with people after I cast my blessing. lol
  4. 1. Check your in-game profile. Everything is separated by tabs, so you can quickly see which items you need to acquire/level. Keep in mind, there are "hidden" weapons in warframe. Two drop from the boss fight on Ceres, one from the Razorback, those that cycle through the event rewards (snipertron and ethereal daggers), the Vandal Braton and Lato from ESO, the penta version from the new RJ - Corpus maps, and those from Baro ( a wraith variant of the thrown mace was on PC last time around ). 2. When the MR30 test was announced, people who didn't have Excalibur/Lato/Skana Prime were afraid the
  5. Thank you all. I'm not a "number cruncher", so I appreciate it when you go easy on me. xD
  6. I'm the hellhound, that waited for the Shadow. When recovering a Warframe, every one/thing is an obstacle to be removed.
  7. Good evening. As you may, or may not know, there's a drop table sheet going around the forums. It's usually posted in a thread where someone asks for "the best farm for ___". However, I ran into a snag. I want to farm Zetki Reactors for my RJ. According to the drop table, it's a 100.00% (11.11% , uncommon) drop from the "elite exo outrider". I'm a bit confused, is it 100% or 11%? Is it a typo? I've been farming for hours, and the reactor is the only thing that hasn't dropped. Thank you for your time.
  8. There are corpus boards where Cy tells you your recall is being jammed/blocked. In all honesty, this mechanic is pointless apart from the extra loot you may acquire while running back to the exit.
  9. 1. Stuff rarely drops when DE says they do, so they're cutting back on stating actual dates. From a previous reply post, I'm going to say this weekend or sometime next week. 2. The anniversary event, works similar to alerts. You'll have a list of alerts that show each item as a reward, what the mission is, and any special instructions - aka "melee only". They are timed, lasting the number of days that DE assigns them to. I think the anniversary events were about a week or two long.
  10. Good morning to all! Since the RJ 2.0 rework, I'm wondering if Hildryn's passive affects the RJ through the Plexus, in a similar fashion of her passive affecting the archwing. With my NPC crew, I've only had trouble in the Veil fights. Usually with the boarding parties, when I'm not aboard. I was hoping that my SP Wukong would help in these fights, but now I'm not sure this is the right move. The wiki is far behind updating for the RJ rework, so no help there. Thoughts? Experiences? Thank you for your time.
  11. So, if I purchase this new warframe from the store - I'm supposed to receive "secret goodies", when I complete his quest? Whelp … *cracks open her wallet*
  12. ( @[DE]Rebecca Please pass along. ) Thank you, DE and the Tenno Community, for 4 years of Warframe. It was an enjoyable, yet frustrating, journey. Onwards and upwards, to the New War!
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