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  1. Just keep spamming that claim button until you get it. This new system is crap - slower than the previous one when bogged down by viewers.
  2. Buy two of those imprints, or something similar, from players. The breeding process is completely random unless you use pre-coded imprints.
  3. Pharaoh - Steel Path. Panzer - Virus bombing and healing. Sly is nice if you have a warframe/play style built around dodging/avoidance, but the rest are usually fodder.
  4. Fury. Vigor and shred are situational, per build. In the 3 years I've played, I haven't used them.
  5. Honestly, there's no reason to watch the warframe creators. Most of them just S#&$ on DE and the players who enjoy the game, just to get reviews. All my weapons are built into my warframe builds. so every one is useful in the current mission/situation.
  6. Skana from the tutorial, or buy its blueprint from the store. Likewise, the mk1 bo with the stance that drops from the Venus junction will tear up the Jackal. Amphis is a superb weapon, but you'll have to be MR 5 to use it. Its blurprint is awarded for completing the junction between Ceres and Jupiter.
  7. Slow down? lol Honestly, just focus on opening the star chart. The left side of Earth, to Venus, to Mercury, then back to Earth and complete a bounty for Cetus to open up the right half of Earth. You'll get blueprints/mods/etc for completing the junctions, defeating the world bosses, and just doing each mission node. Excalibur, skana, lato, and either the mk1 braton or mk1 paris will get you far. Switch out the mk1 training weapons for their base one as soon as you can. The braton can be bought for credits while the paris needs nano spores to build. There's no rush. Most story and
  8. 1. I'm using a riven only for the 77% crit damage. Otherwise, just use hallow point. 2. I only use the suppress mod to make my kitgun universal. It's just superb as a stealth weapon.
  9. We're forced to wait until Christmas of this year. Same for the Prime Vault pack that was released at the time.
  10. I don't mean to be crass, but is this a joke? What is with all the Octavia noggles?
  11. The "steel path", is nothing but a cesspool with bullet-sponges floating around. Even the best meta builds take a bit to kill. Also, there's plenty of "cheese" left in warframe. Saryn and the Rev can still "press 4 to win" and the damn lockdown arcane for operators.
  12. Good evening. While farming for familia bonds, I came across a new bug. Namely, if you complete the 1st stage of a bounty with a Necramech, the reward plate is blank and no rep is given. I tried this a few more times, and the same thing occurred. Keep in mind, that this only happens at the 1st stage of the OV bounty. The other stages are not affected. Thank you. Correction. This only happens when the 1st stage of the bounty is : 1. Ambushing the Coildrive. 2. Recusing the lost team / collecting hacker keys.
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