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  1. The Dark Sector mission node, on Venus (North Pole). 1. Find a large room, stay there, and let the mobs come to you. If you need to move around, then do so. 2. Don't let the air drop below 20%, since the air support modules will bug out. I usually wait between 30 - 40%. 3. If your screen flashes, run to the nearest air support module (the more, the better). This will allow you emergency air, just in case you have trouble defeating the kill team/stalker/hunter/the 3. Look for me when you're on. I'll help you if you need it.
  2. Luck beyond luck, I was able to take out my third Lich at R2. The supra vandal build I had, just ripped through her like paper. I loved her attitude, so I decided to convert her. Gained my fourth, but I'm starting to hate using Oberon Prime. The toxin weapon bonuses are only between 20% - 32%. I'm leveling my Nidus, for those sweet 50%s. Thank you all, again.
  3. My apologies, I should have worded that better. I wanted to thank you for the build suggestions. From what I've been reading here and on other forums, I was surprised who many suggested the Supra Vandal. My tombfinger seems better equipped in handling my Lich, as long as I keep them at 1 or 2. I was using radiation, as my Liches have all been spawning with that weakness.
  4. GrazeZeroLow

    Grendal Bug

    1. Yeah, I've experienced that bug as well. Usually due to the host having bad lag. 2. You need range mods to make his basic power useful. Remember to swing your mouse around while sucking in, to maximize the amount of mobs that you eat . 3. Grendel is energy starved, forcing you to be self-efficient. Your build, your focus school, Dethcube generator, arcane energize, etc. 4. I'm not sure what you meant by not "locking his 4 by his 1". Do you mean his body/energy burn limit? Pulverize is OP, so we need it. 5. Sounds if you have a pet peeve about the shield blink? Modding for shields wouldn't solve anything, but it will gimp your build. Harness that minor shielding, and use it to regen your energy! My build was similar to the one @Brozime had done in his YouTube video. He focused more on efficiency and range, so I had to try that out. The changes made my group experiences that more enjoyable, as I was able eat before the slaughter started. (Arcanes are my preference.) Eat only what you can use. If you're not defending during a mission, spam 1-3-4 as needed. Energy Generator matches perfectly with Arcane Energize. Armor makes your sentinel tougher, so this synth combo is a must. Good luck, and may you only eat sweet things!
  5. I experienced this last week in OV, but I thought I had a lag problem. Now, it's back this week in Cetus. 1. The fishing spear is backwards in your hand. 2. You have to tap the mouse button a few times, before it fires. 3. After the catch cut-scene, you're stuck in a squatting position. You need to spin your mouse, and bang at your keyboard, until you start moving.
  6. It's, bs. He, or she, just becomes more of a pain. Their thrall missions top at 110, they cover more planets, and they steal more of your loot.
  7. According to the wiki comments, it's little more than a 100% status (without a riven) shotgun and the base version is preferred. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Kuva_Kohm
  8. Yeah, it's painful. Oberon Prime is my main, so I gain bonus toxin. However, it's been in the 30%s and lower. I get these weapons hit 40 after 5 forma, but damn...
  9. I have to agree, that's just silly.
  10. Grendel is a blast, and I love him to death! You have to be pro-active, and vomit out the extra bodies when you can't use them. He still needs more, though. Such as his vomit does minor armor stripping, while his Regurgitate would completely strip the armor of enemies within the splash radius. Corpus and the Infested would take direct damage of some percent. Or, something...
  11. This is pretty much it. Chat is divided into tabs, and monitored for those subjects under said tabs. It's generalized, so players of all ages can have a pleasant experience while playing.
  12. @Salzstangl The Supra Vandal build, proved effective against the trash mobs and the thralls. I didn't unlock the ex-weapon slot at the time, but I'm doing so now. I was leveling a Tombfinger , since everyone in their videos were using one. I didn't get far, as you can see. It took me far longer to take my second Lich down, but all I had was this and my Trinity specter. My Trinity Specter was a blessing! When she casted the Well of Life , and the Lich was suspended, I had the time to throw down the pads I needed. Finally got him early this morning, but I wanted his Kuva Kohm ! Without skipping a beat, I went for my third Lich. Unfortunately, I found the larvaling spawn to be bugged. (Was that a pun?) The Royal Guard's message would break, so there wasn't a spawn. On my fourth try, the spawn worked. Love her, but I want her Kuva weapons! Again, thank you all for your time and suggestions! ~
  13. I'm actually surprised at the number of people who suggested using the, Supra Vandal. Both here and other forums. I haven't used that bugger in ages, and with a mod swap, fits the weaknesses of my Lich. I'll take her out for a spin, and hopefully, the battle won't go on forever.
  14. Good afternoon. I'm finding that Lich mission mobs are tougher than sortie level mobs. This is putting me at a disadvantage, since my sortie builds are taking forever to kill anything. Hijack and disruption are impossible at this rate. I see a number o posts on Twitter, where players are just chewing up and spitting out huge amount of Liches. I post my questions, but never hear back. So, what weapons and builds are you using? Thank you in advance. ~
  15. This reddit post is the best I could do. If you're not the soloing type, I suggest you bring along friends/clanmates that know not to kill them.
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