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  1. There's more than enough info out there, to take ANY warframe into the "endgame". From the major to the smaller warframe creators/partners, to sites like Overframe. It's not the warframe, it's the players who refuse to bulid/learn to use them.
  2. Good afternoon. This seems to be a random bug, but after the last hot fix ( 2 days ago? ) the game will freeze when someone leaves an endless mission -- either at the decision screen or in the middle of a wave. Your looking at least 3 freezes every 2 hours. ( Prime parts are usually recovered through the inbox. ) I haven't encountered any of the previous freeze reports, until now.
  3. Yeah, I know. I'm going through him again. My Rhino Prime is 21, but he was my first prime so he saw many new mods added to the game. I found a frost build on that site you linked previously, and I'm going through it for improving my other frames. Thank you.
  4. Thank you all for your replies. Yeah, 11 forma is a lot. But, he was one of my first primes. Might just start from scratch, and hoof out plat for a new one. The guides are interesting, and I'll be looking through them to see which fits my play style best.
  5. Dear DE, I know we had our differences ( I accuse you of not fixing the MR tests bugs and that you ignore me ), but did you really have to go this far? Did you have to bug out my Lich, and throw a number of bosses into the mix? 1. Kokabiel, Europa 2. Jidd Anedd - Sabatoge 3. Ice planet, single reactor 4. Lich and his thralls spawn 5. Glass fissure spawns 6. Lich and thralls get glassed - bug out (can't down Lich and I don't receive murmurs from the thralls) 7. I get a message from Salad V, that's he's disappointed in me -- then I get beamed in the back of my head with his collar 8. The grineer "bug" sisters, decided to join the party In closing, W T F! D E! Edit : Only pic I got to come out.
  6. Good evening. Just as the title states, the Lich excavations still have the drills at level 1 vs level 60+ mobs. Love Frost for this, but sometimes they just shatter his globe in seconds. Looking for advice, if I can improve. I have a general build, useful for any mission type.
  7. Good evening, DE. This achievement is impossible, unless someone is carrying therma in the off-event season. Thank you for your time.
  8. Good evening. How would I go about the challenge of taking on the Orb Mother, without the fissures event? Can she be found above ground, like in phase 2? Thank you for your time.
  9. Yeah. Those that *@##$-ed about that challenge, got it taken away. And, a number of other challenges were taken/nerfed as well.
  10. It's a bug on OV. If your teammate(s) are not on your arse, they won't receive credit.
  11. Good morning. Please fix the MR 28 test. I've been waiting between each patch, but nothing has happened. 1. The timer in the practice run is FAR SLOWER in the qualify run. I'm pretty sure this is a bug. 2. There are far more mobs in the qualify run, to the point where the new stagger system prevents you from standing upright. 3. The canister either disappears when you touch it, or doesn't break when it hits the ground. I'm getting tired of reporting this, as I know I'm being ignored at this point. Regardless of the advice I'm given, or the videos I see online, my MR 28 experience doesn't match them at all. Thank you for your time.
  12. Using Zephyr is cheese, but it worked like a charm.
  13. I've heard of the 25 min wave spawn, but I can't reliably reproduce it. I've spent time in endless survival, without any luck. The moment I join a PuG, the mission is flooded with glass mobs. I'm not in a rush I don't have a problem with the investigation part, though I found it rather easy. I'll keep that in mind, when I'm actually able to complete the memory sequence. I'm not in a rush. It just bothers me that you'll lose your fragments after an innocent mistake.
  14. The reporting system makes it quite clear, that if you reported someone that didn't do anything wrong, the reporter would be pushed. They were just being an arse, but since you didn't know what the correct action to take, reporting them for harassment was a good call.
  15. The time table is borked. Plain and simple. 1. Played for 3 hours straight, and not one glass mob spawned. 2. When I grouped, I got 14 fragments in 30 mins.
  16. A few suggestions for you to consider... 1. I can see the decrease in movement if we are in our operator form, but not our warframe. 2. If you insist on the movement penalty, the timer needs to go or let us walk to each platform. Using Zephyr is just bs. 3. We shouldn't be penalized for our innocent mistakes. There's no clear explanation on the significance of the clues, and you took away our ability to react in a situation. If we fail, only one fragment should be taken away. Once we lose all 10, then we need to obtain more. 4. Our holding limit should be 10, not 20.
  17. I'm not sure about this "chart". 1. I've played for hours, and haven't seen any glass mobs. 2. Since you can only hold 20 fragments at a time, the time gating mechanic is not necessary.
  18. It's broken as hell, atm. Players are already reporting about playing for hours, and none of the glass mobs are spawning. I was doing the "3 mobile missions" challenge, and had them spawn. There were 5 or 6 mobs, but only 2 fragments dropped. I haven't seen any since.
  19. I don't want to sound rude, but when is the release date for NW 3? Since it ended May 3rd, I guess I was expecting NW 3 to start on Monday. I'm not happy about the challenges being "dumbed down". Unless it changed, you only have to complete 70% of the total challenges to get to rank 30. If you can't do them, don't. Don't ruin ( I guess ) other player's enjoyment.
  20. Good evening. Finally reaching my MR 28 test, I found it impossible to complete. Namely, the canister wouldn't break when it hit the ground or it just disappeared. I'm just beyond pissed at how the MR tests have become completely broken, yet DE is toying with mechanics that have no affect on game play. Thank you for your time.
  21. Replace of, unless your using umbra mods and adaptation.
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