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  1. After weeks collecting all the necessary information, I can finally share what I have written with all of you. The title says it all but if I have to highlight which ones stand out the most they are: Old events turned into quests (most of them post-Second Dream). Improvements in most of the quest post-Second Dream to give more prominence to the Operator (Spoiler alert). New requirements and rewards for the Junction missions. General changes in several of the missions and ideas to improve the Archwing missions, Void Fissure missions and Kuva Lich territory. Rework of the Syndicate system, Invasions 2.0 and Death Squads 2.0 Radical changes to the reward tables to make them more organized and understandable, with scaling rewards. Redistribution of resources to make them more equitable and to help new players to farm most of these at the beggining of the game. Codex 2.0 with in-game Tutorials and Guides. New difficulties (Hard and Ultra Hard) with a rework of the Nightmare and Arbitration modes (new rules and rewards). Conclave and Lunaro rework. "New" and better mods. Among others You can download the file here that contains several .pdf files with pictures and all the necessary information not to miss. You just have to download and unzip the file. I want to thanks to all who collaborated and gave me all the necessary support and feedback to make this possible. I wanted to do this after having started playing Warframe for just over 7 years, this being my "retribution" and letter of support to Digital Extremes to improve the game. Just one last thing: I would be very grateful if you would share this with all the Warframe groups and players, please. Thank you all very much and take care.
  2. Idea: It could be like a "survival" mission. Each wave lasts 5 minutes and at the end of the round you have to kill all the enemies remaining (to be more sure, a 20-second timer will appear that will disappear when you kill them all, or will make everyone disappear when it runs out, equal to Infested Salvage).
  3. Count me in. I have complete an Arbitration Mission
  4. Something that has always caught my attention is what Teshin says when you go to talk to him being Rank 0 in The Conclave: When he says "You went into stasis, but not me" makes me wonder: "How old is Teshin?" or "For how long were the Tenno in stasis?" or even "How did Teshin survived the Collapse?". Another quote could be: That quote plus "Now I return, only to find the Tenno still herded like livestock" makes it clear that Teshin doesn't trust Lotus, especially when, during the quest Natah, he says "*Unlike your Lotus, I will not keep secrets from you". Not just Lotus, but Margulis too, during The War Within: After that, you start a "tutorial" of how to use the Transference and test everything you learned in the Queen Grineer fight (except for controlling the Golden Maw). After that quest, we don't see Teshin again except for a mention of Little Duck during the Scarlet Spear. Something that I have noticed among the new players, is that nobody knows Teshin until they do the quest "Natah". What strikes me most is that we don't have more interactions with Teshin after the Apostasy Prologue and The Sacrifice. I wouldn't have given much importance to that, until I realized the dates when the quests were released and the Nintendo Switch Release Date trailer: Apostasy Prologue: December 21st, 2017 (Update 22.8: The Ghoul Purge). The Sacrifice: June 15th, 2018 (Update 23: The Sacrifice) Nintendo Switch Release Date trailer: September 13th, 2018 (Narrated by Sean Phillips, Teshin's Voice Actor) And now DE announced the Joke-A-Thon contest, disclosing that Mike Leatham (Ordis voice actor) is still working with them (I would like to say the same about Sean, but if someone can, please confirm it to me). TL;DR: From the beginning of the game, Teshin has been around and knows a lot more about the story than we do, but he isn't relevant until Natah and The War Within (not even after this one). Like Ordis, he has the potential to be our new guide but DE is only limiting him to those two quests and T H E C O N C L A V E.
  5. Something that I noticed in the Recruiting chat is that the people only ask for Intact and Radiant relics when the host want a common or uncommon/rare prime part. What if, between the Intact and Radiand relic, there was a relic where the chance to obtain an uncommon part was higher than the radiant one? For example, refining an intact relic into a "Glittering relic" whose drop chance could be: For 50 Void Traces: Common: 45% (15%) Uncommon: 50% (25%) Rare: 5% Or, for 75 Void Traces: Common: 35% (11.67%) Uncommon: 60% (30%) Rare: 5% This could be useful if you want an uncommon prime part and you don't have enough Void Traces to refine a relic into Radiant.
  6. For starters, with the changes I proposed you can get the 6 specters and other items that syndicates sell and others don't. Furthermore, no matter how much enmity there is between the syndicates, there is little point in sending a platoon on a suicide mission against an ancient warrior who uses the powers of the Void, especially after the Tenno have helped 4 of the 6 syndicates in their respective quest. Unless the ones who sends a "death squad" are bosses or enemies of the Grineer, Corpus, and Infested factions. The 6 faction syndicates need a renovation, and this is my idea.
  7. It is recurring. He could continue to send the squads he wanted just to annoy us, it only depends on the RNG. And I say "defeat for the first time" as a requirement for their squads to appear. It would be weird for a newbie to see Tyl Regor appear without even knowing who he is. Well, Alad V appears in The Second Dream (much after Jupiter), such as Sargas Ruk in Scarlet Spear, so I deduce that we don't kill them. We just "defeat" them.
  8. No, they could send us a "death squad" as the same way that the syndicates do. For example: After defeat Tyl Regor for the first time, there's a chance that the screen will flicker, he appears with a threatening message, and then a squad of manics attack us, with the possibility that they will drop a "manic specter bueprint". IMO, it makes more sense that someone from the Grineer, Corpus or Infested send us a death squad than a syndicate.
  9. Instead of syndicates, enemy bosses or characters: Vay Hek, Sargas Ruk, Tyl Regor, Kela de Thaym, Nef Anyo and Frohd Bek. But without any requirement, just a random encounter (which could also mean new specters like manics, ghouls, units from The Index and Rathuum, etc.)
  10. It's annoying change the loadout or appareance every time that I want to gain standing with some syndicate (not to mention that some sigils could ruin the fashionframe). It would be better if the sigils were just a regalia (they could even sell emblems with their logo but only as a regalia too). Talking about standing, after the "Initiation" a button of "Support Syndicate" will make you gain standing, depending of your rank: Rank -2, -1 and 0: 5% total affinity. Rank 1: 7% total affinity. Rank 2: 9% total affinity. Rank 3: 11% total affinity. Rank 4: 13% total affinity. Rank 5: 15% total affinity. I also suggest not losing standing with a syndicate and Neutral as a minimum rank (0) after completing a certain quest: New Loka: The Silver Grove Cephalon Suda: Octavia's Anthem Steel Meridian: The War Within Perrin Sequence: The Glast Gambit Red Veil: Chains of Harrow Arbiters of Hexis: Apostasy Prologue. For example: If you complete The Silver Grove, your minimum reputation with New Loka will be Neutral and you will not lose standing if you support Cephalon Suda or Steel Meridian.
  11. Overcharged (max): Energy orbs grants 30% more shields (at max shields, 240 overshields) (Warframe) Antimatter Mine: Antimatter Drop augment - Creates a fully charged stationary orb that you can detonate, or explodes when an enemy is nearby (1m). (Nova) Heartseeker (max): +20% Chance to apply Slash proc on hit. (Daggers) Apex Predator / Bounty Hunter / Night Stalker / (max): On hit, enemies are marked for 4 seconds (you can see them through the walls); 30% Damage to marked enemies. (Rifle - Shorgun - Secondary) Serrated Rounds / Flak Shot / Razor Munitions / Sharpened Blade (max): Converts +100% of Impact and Puncture into Slash. (Rifle - Shotgun - Secondary - Melee) Ripper Rounds / Shred Shot / Impaler Munitions / Serrated Edges (max): Converts +100% of Impact and Slash into Puncture. (Rifle - Shotgun - Secondary - Melee) Comet Rounds / Crash Shot / Meteor Munitions / Counterweight (max): Converts +100% of Puncture and Slash into Impact. (Rifle - Shotgun - Secondary - Melee) Calculated Spring (max): +300% Health, -20% Sprint and Parkour speed, -0.1 Movement Speed (Warframe) Tempered Bound (max): +300% Shield. -20% Sprint and Parkour speed, -0.1 Movement Speed (Warframe) Lie In Wait (max): -80% Weapon Recoil while you’re crouching. (Sniper) Vanquished Prey / Prize Kill / Calculated Victory (max): On kill: -100% Shield Recharge Delay for 4 seconds. (Rifle - Shotgun - Secondary) Quick Charge (max): -60% Shield Recharge Delay, +120% Shield Recharge, -40% Total Shields. (Warframe) *Overview / Broad Eye / Air Recon (max): -60% Zoom during Aim Glide, +60% Aim Glide. (Rifle - Shotgun - Secondary) *Recharge Barrier (max): Electric Shield Augment – Allies that pass through have 50% Shields restored and 100% Shield Recharge Delay for 4 seconds. (Volt) Explosive Demise (max): Enemies killed explode dealing 600 Blast Damage (+30% Enemy Max Health) in a 3m radius shortly after death. (Melee) Overcharge Detectors (max): At max energy, +30m Enemy Radar. (Warframe) Sword Alone (max): Using only your melee in your arsenal, +40% Attack Speed, +40% Sprint and Parkour Speed, +0.2 Movement Speed (Melee) Relentless Assault (max): On kill, +4 Energy Rate/s for 4s (Melee) Armored Acrobatics (max): +40% Damage resistance for 4 seconds after a Bullet Jump, -20% Sprint and Parkour Speed, -0.1 Movement Speed (Warframe) Armored Evade (max): +40% Damage Resistance for 4 seconds after Dodging, -20% Sprint and Parkour Speed, -0.1 Movement Speed (Warframe) Armored Recovery (max): +80% Damage resistance while knocked down. (Warframe) Surplus Diverters (max): +5 Energy Rate/s during Shield Recharge. (Warframe) Anti-Flak Plating (max): Inmune to Knockdown and Stagger, -30% Sprint and Parkour Speed, -0.2 Movement Speed (Warframe) Recover / Momentary Pause / Recuperate (max): On kill, +2% Heal Rate/s for 10 seconds. (Rifle - Shotgun - Secondary) Anticipation (max): Inmune to Knockdown and Stagger for 40 seconds after being knocked down or staggered. (Warframe) Martial Fury (max): +60% Attack Speed, -40% Total Energy (Melee) Impenetrable Offense (max): +60% Damage resistance while blocking. (Melee) Rising Skill (max): +30% Sprint and Parkour Speed, +0.1 Movement Speed, -20% Total Shields. (Warframe) No Current Leap (max): +30% Sprint and Parkour Speed, +0.1 Movement Speed, -40% Shield Recharge. (Warframe) Adept Surge (max): +30% Sprint and Parkour Speed, +0.1 Movement Speed, -20% Total Health. (Warframe) *Agile Aim / Snap Shot / Spry Sights: You can aim and shot while sprint. (Rifle - Shotgun - Secondary) Air Thrusters (max): +50% Bullet Jump. (Warframe) Kinetic Collision (max): Speed augment – Running into an enemy increases the duration of Speed by 2 seconds. (Volt) Push & Pull (max): Metamorphosis augment – Switching to Day-form stun enemies within 6m for 4 seconds and open them to finishers, and knocks them down when switching to Night-form. (Equinox) Shield Overload (max): Polarize augment – Reduce 100% of the enemy max shield and increase the armor reduction by 100%. (Mag) Sapping Reach (max): Pull augment – Steals 10% armor and shields from the enemies for 6 seconds. (Mag) Signal Flare (max): Radial Blind augment; +100% Heat Damage for your melee weapon for 20 seconds, (Excalibur) Defiled Reckoning (max): Reckoning augment – Enemies affected by Reckoning suffer 400 Toxin Damage for 5 seconds. (Oberon) *Gun Slide / Double-Barrel Drift / Strafing Slide (max): -40% Weapon Recoil and Spreading when sliding, +40% Slide, -40% Friction (Assault Rifle - Shotgun - Secondary) Tear Gas (max): Smoke Screen augment - Blind enemies instead of stun them for 4 seconds. (Ash) Discharge Strike (max): Soul Punch augment – Casting Soul Punch will knock down enemies near the target within 8 meters. (Nekros) Draining Gloom (max): +100% chance of a Magnetic/Corrosive explosion, -60% Magazine Capacity, -60% Max Ammo. (Despair) Thuntermiter (max): +100% chance to throw an explosive projectile when is fully charged, dealing 100% of Damage within 4 meters, -50% Max Ammo. (Miter) Loose Hatch / Loose Chamber / Loose Magazine (max): +60% Reload Speed, +90% Weapon Recoil. (Rifle - Shotgun - Secondary) Hydraulic Gauge / Hydraulic Chamber / Hydraulic Barrel (max): -60% Weapon Recoil, -30% Magazine Capacity. (Assault Rifle - Shotgun - Secondary) Secondary Wind (max): On kill, 50% Reload Speed for 4 seconds. (Secondary) Grinloked (max): +60% Accuracy and Fire Rate while aiming. (Grinlok) Mortal Conduct (max): If your health is under 20%, enemies that attack you will be stunned for 3 seconds. (Warframe) Triple Tap (max): On 3 consecutive hits, 50% bonus Damage and 20% bonus Fire Rate on next 3 shots for 3 seconds. Stacks up to 5x (Burston) Final Tap (max): On 5 consecutive hits, 5% bonus Fire Rate, 10% bonus Status Chance and 10% bonus Critical Chance on next 5 shots for 5 seconds. Stacks up to 10x (Hind) Sudden Justice (max): On 2 consecutive hits, 25% bonus Reload Speed and 25% bonus Critical Damage on next 2 shots for 2 seconds. Stacks up to 4x (Sybaris) Gorgon Frenzy (max): On kill, +100% Multishot for 2 seconds. (Gorgon) Plan B (max): On hit, +100% Holster Rate and Secondary Weapons Fire Rate for 4 seconds. (Bow) Tactical Retreat (max): If your health is under 20%, +40% Movement and Parkour Speed, +0.2 Movement Speed. (Warframe) Final Act (max): If your health is under 20%, +20% Ability Strength, +20% Ability Efficiency and +50% Casting Speed. (Warframe) Kill Switch (max): On kill, +80% Reload Speed for 2 seconds. (Shotgun) Emergent Aftermath (max): On headshot kill, +80% Reload Speed for 2 seconds. (Sniper) Vital Systems Bypass (max): +1% Heal Rate/s, +50% Shield Recharge Delay. (Warframe) Deft Tempo (max): On headshot, +20% Sprint and Parkour Speed for 4 seconds. (Assault Rifle) Precision Munition (max): +100% Projectile Flight Speed, +50% Reload Speed, -75% Max Ammo. (Tonkor) Measured Burst (max): +150% Damage, -50% Fire Rate. (Tiberon) Adrenaline Boost (max): +200% Power Max, -30% Total Health. (Warframe) Heavy Warhead (max): +100% Explosion Radius; -50% Projectile Flight Speed. (Secondary) Soaring Strike (max): +100% Fire Rate and Reload Speed while airborne. (Bow) Lucky Shot / Blind Shot (max): +100% Critical Chance and Critical Damage, -40% Accuracy. (Rifle - Secondary) Feathered Arrows (max): +100% Flight Speed, +20% Reload Speed, -10% Total Damage. (Bow) Static Alacrity (max): +100% Projectile Flight Speed, +100% Explosion Damage, -50% Explosion Radius. (Secondary) Hastened Steps (max): +40% Sprint Speed, +0.2 Movement Speed, -25% Total Shields. (Warframe) Heightened Reflexes (max): +100% Casting Speed, -30% Ability Efficiency. (Warframe) * : Mods that currently are on the PvE but IMO need a buff or change. Rifle = Assault Rifle, Sniper and Bow. Parkour Speed = Maneuvering and Sliding Speed. Mods without “(max)” are mods that don’t need to be maxed (like Coolant Leak).
  12. For the new players. Even if is not the original event, at least the newbies will be able to get a glimpse of what it felt like to be on the side of a faction (in this case the Grineer who currently have control of Mars). Besides, the Brakk is already obsolete because the Kuva Brakk exists, and there are also players who need Detonite Ampules, Fieldron and Mutagen Masses to make weapons. About the assassins (G3 and Zanuka Hunters), I have in mind to place them as "unique" enemies on Hijack missions, where you have to kill them to complete the mission (I'm also working on ideas to "improve" the Star Chart missions).
  13. I'm conscious that some people don't like the idea to unlock the Plains of Eidolon and the Orb Vallis after The Second Dream, but I have my reasons. Before the Plains, Warframe already is a big game with its resources, the Star Chart, the syndicates and its characters, that can be a bit confusing for new players, especially due to the lack of tutorials and an outdated Codex. So, assuming that after complete The Second Dream you understand the game mechanics. Then here you go: New places to explore, new resources, new missions, new syndicates, etc. The same I could say about Rising Tide that IMO, it should be unlocked after The Sacrifice or the Chimera Prologue, not just for the story, but also for the new resources and mechanics (especially considering Scarlet Spear). My idea is to give the new players a progressive experience along with an interesting story, although to achieve all that means changing or updating many things in the game, such as the Codex, Junctions, etc. But currently I'm working on it.
  14. With a few changes (including Junctions requirements and rewards) and considering the canonical events (The Grineer taking control of Mars and Alad V being healed of the infestation), there are several events that can fit in the main story and as secondary quests (the walkthroughs and rewards are just suggestions): The Gravidus Dilemma (main): Requirement: Complete The Archwing Synopsis: Alad V discovered an unawakening cache of Warframes near Mars (necessaries for the Zanuka Proyect), which the Grineer are unaware of. Commanding a Corpus army and funded by the Board of Directors, Alad V invade Mars and it’s your duty to prevent them from seizing the cache, even if that means fighting alongside the Grineer, commanded by Sargas Ruk. Walkthrough: Complete all the nodes on Mars, except War, Kadesh, Syrtis, Wahiba and Olympus. All these missions have the Corpus as enemies, and you will be helped by some Grineer units. Rewards: Orokin Reactor BP, Brakk parts and BP, and Invasion missions unlocked. The Hunt for Alad V (secondary) Requirement: Complete Phobos Junction. Synopsis: Despite your efforts, Alad was able to capture a warframe capable to continue his Zanuka Project and create a functional prototype. Frohd Bek, Alad’s former colleage who was able to resist the attack of the Balor Fomorian commanded by Vay Hek, is tracking him down due to the debt that Alad accumulated during the assault on Mars, and for fear that he could gain more power in the Board with the Zanuka Proyect. In response to that, Alad V diverted the Infested to Frohd's ships on Phobos, hindering his efforts, which leads him to make a deal with you: Eliminate the infestation from his ships and in return Frohd will send you Alad's location. Walkthrough: Complete all the nodes on Phobos, except Iliad, Kepler, Memphis and Zeugma. All these missions have the Infested as enemies, and you will be helped by some Corpus units. Rewards: Orokin Catalyst BP. Suspicious Shipments (main) Requirement: Complete Saturn Junction. Synopsis: The Lotus detects an unusual behavior on a Grineer galleon located on Saturn (Cassini), with Corpus proxies surrounding the ship. It turns out that the Corpus successfully invaded the galleon and it is your duty to find out what happened. Upon investigating this galleon, the Tenno discovers that Alad V used the infestation (remarking the Corpus' ban on Infested biotechnology) to take over the galleon and sent several corpus units to experiment with it. Reconciling his shortcomings in his Zanuka Project, Alad explores forbidden knowledge in hopes of getting the attention of the Corpus Board of Directors and be subsequently promoted for reaching new heights in the name of profit. Soon, Alad will conceive the Mutalist strain that he sought for, albeit with horrible consequences. Walkthrough: This mini-quest could be a mix between Exterminate and Spy missions, with the Corpus as enemy faction. The particularity of this mission is that you have to kill around 200 enemies and have Eximus Stronghold. Rewards: 50000 credits and 1 Forma. Breeding Grounds (main) Requirement: Complete Puck – Uranus. Synopsis: Alad V decided to look into the Infestation for answers to his disappointing portfolio. His studies resulted in a new development of the Infestation, the Mutalist strain having the ability to infect inorganic beings such as the robotic MOA. To transmit his creation throughout the Origin System, he engineered Infested Hives, tumors that are capable of corrupting ships and colonies in a matter of seconds. The Lotus learns of a massive Infested outbreak off Assur - Uranus and sends the Tenno to destroy the Infested Hives, fearing a system-wide outbreak. Despite temporarily hindering Alad's plans, he mocks the Tenno's futile efforts on stopping the inevitable: the domination of his Mutalist Empire. Walkthrough: This mini-quest consists only of a Hive Sabotage mission, with the difference that it acts as a Nightmare mission with the "Health Vampire" challenge. Rewards: 50000 credits and an Orokin Catalyst. Mutalist Incursions (main) Requirement: Complete Neptune Junction. Synopsis: Alad V ventures off to research the Infestation, only to return with a new look, being exposed to the Mutalist Infested strain that he has been experimenting on. He introduces existing Corpus proxies blended with Mutalist flesh such as the Mutalist Osprey, along with new Infested units like Brood Mother and Boilers. Under the partial control of the Infested, he declares a new Mutalist Empire, boasting his research as the next evolution of humanity. To counter this threat, the Tenno successfully purge most of these Mutalist enemies from the Origin System. However, Alad's actions have left the system vulnerable to random Infestation Outbreaks, leaving the Tenno to fend them alongside the Grineer and Corpus. Walkthrough: You have to complete the next nodes, where Mutalist Alad V interacts with you: Romula – Venus (Defense) Tikal – Earth (Excavation) Wahiba – Mars (Survival) Zeugma – Phobos (Survival) Gabii – Ceres (Survival) Armaros – Europa (Exterminate crossfire) Caracol – Saturn (Defection) Ur – Uranus (Interception) Once you complete all these missions, you have to complete the last mission on Kelashin – Neptune (Survival – 15 minutes). Rewards: 50000 credits, 1 Orokin Reactor and Infested Outbreacks unlocked. Ambulas Reborn (secondary) Requirement: Complete Pluto Junction. Synopsis: Frohd Bek is back and he’s brought a powerful new threat! Perrin Sequence leader Ergo Glast has intercepted disturbing communication. The profit-hungry Corpus are attempting to grow their military to dangerous and uncontrollable levels. Corpus Board Chairman Frohd Bek is inviting investors to witness the newest and deadliest Ambulas prototype live on the battlefield. Work with Ergo Glast to halt Frohd’s project and disrupt Ambulas deployment before they see widespread use. New dropships containing the Ambulas prototype have been sighted on Corpus planets. Walkthrough: To start this quest, you have to talk with Ergo Glast in some Relay. Then, you have to complete missions on Pluto until you reach Hades, and get 20 Animo Nav Beacons, defeating the Ambulas proxies that will appear in the Corpus missions. Once made that, you will receive an inbox message from Ergo Glast and you can fight against Ambulas. Reward: You will be able to trade Animo Nav Beacons for Perrin Sequence standing and your minimum reputation with them is Liability. Tubemen of Regor (main) Requirement: Complete Sedna Junction and defeat Mutalist Alad V once. Synopsis: Lotus intercepted information on Grineer scientist Tyl Regor's secret cloning labs in the depths of Uranus, deciding it was the perfect opportunity to weaken the Grineer Empire, who were already struggling revert the effects of their Cloning Decay Syndrome. Alad V, a shadow of his former self, begs the Tenno to find a cure within those labs, in hopes to cure himself of the Infestation he was exposed to during his prior research. The Tenno ultimately saves Alad V, promising to repay the Tenno in the future for what they had done. Walkthrough: This mini-quest consists in a 20-minutes survival where you have to distract Grineer Units while Alad’s proxies find a cure of the Infestation (behind the camera). While the mission is taking place, Nef Anyo will make an appearance and will try to complicate the mission for you and Alad, sending you some Eximus Corpus units, Bursas and Hyenas, while Tyl Regor will send his Manics and Manic Bombards. Rewards: Orokin Catalyst BP, Karak Wraith parts and BP. Operation: Rathuum (secondary) Requirement: Complete Marid – Sedna. Synopsis: You will receive the next inbox message from Cressa Tal: Listen up, Tenno. I don’t care if you support Steel Meridian or not, I need your help. An entire company of Grineer defectors was just captured by Kela De Thaym. Now they face Rathuum, Trial by combat. Of course, the fight’s rigged, a show of force to Grineer everywhere, meant to scare off future defectors. But there’s a way we can turn this thing back on Kela, an obscure rule. All you need to do, Tenno, is take their place in the arena and defeat the Grineer executioners. You game? Walkthrough: You have to complete the three missions of Rathuum (Nakki, Yam and Vodyanoi, in that order) and the fight against Kela de Thaym. You will receive an inbox message from Cressa for each fight in which you are victorious, but when you complete Yam, you will also receive an inbox message from the other five syndicates persuading you to give the coordinates of the deserters to each of them. When you complete Vodyanoi, you will receive two inbox messages from Kela, saying that she will execute the defectors, and the other from Cressa sending you the coordinates to fight against Kela. Reward: After you defeat Kela, you will be rewarded with the coordinates (valued at 10000 standing), and each syndicate will send you an inbox message asking you for the coordinates. This decision depends up to you. Shadow Debt (main) Requirement: Complete The Second Dream. Synopsis: After helping the Tenno during the events of The Second Dream, Shadow Stalker's followers, the Acolytes, hunt Alad V in vengeance. Alad V requests the Tenno to protect him in exchange for a reward. To triangulate the location of the Acolytes and Alad V, the Tenno acquire security data from Grineer and Corpus systems through a Spy and Mobile Defense mission. The hunt has begun and it is your duty to protect the prey from your supposed brothers in arms, being Misery the last hunter. Walkthrough: The first mission is a Mobile Defense where you have to find the location of Alad V, and the second mission is a Spy where you have to find information about the Acolytes. Once complete these missions, the hunt will begin and the next 5 missions are 10-minutes survival where you have to defend Alad V and defeat each Acolyte: Torment – Grineer Forest Mania – Grineer Galleon Angst – Corpus Outpost Violence – Corpus Ship Malice – Orokin Derelict The last mission is a 20-minutes survival on the Orokin Tower where the last enemy is Misery. In addition to the corrupted enemies, the other acolytes will appear, then their shadows and finally Misery. Reward: At the end, Alad V will thank you for the help and he will reward you with the location of a colony on Venus controlled by Nef Anyo, in revenge for what happened in Tubemen of Regor: Fortuna (giving a reason to go to the Orb Vallis). Also, the acolytes will be new assassins (like Stalker, The G3 and Zanuka Hunter). The chronological order of the quests would be: Main quests: Vor’s Prize Once Awake The Archwing The Gravidus Dilemma Stolen Dreams The New Strange Suspicious Shipments Breeding Grounds Mutalist Incursions Patient Zero Tubemen of Regor Natah (New requirement: Complete Tubemen of Regor) The Second Dream (New requirement: Complete Mot - Void) Shadow Debt Secondary quests: Howl of the Kubrow The Hunt for Alad V The Limbo Theorem A Man of Few Words Ambulas Reborn The Jordas Precept Hidden Messages Operation: Rathuum Saya’s Vigil (New Requirement: Complete The Second Dream) Vox Solaris
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