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  1. Wolf

    Dojo decoration bug

    As we can see in this video (provided by the lovely @Faber), these specific dojo decorations have a weird texture bug since (the last mainline?)! I hope this could be fixed as it messes up some of our dojo decorations!
  2. Switching to operator should also be client-authoritative, people with high ping can experience extreme difficulty switching
  3. Switching to operator should also be Client-Authoritative
  4. Funnily enough the OP does contain plenty of useful/valid game bug feedback. Perhaps next time you comment on a thread you should read it first? On the contrary, if such a long run is possible (which it is clearly) then it does have something to do with the game. It's a challenge for players to theory-craft for and physically endure as players. If a player doesn't want to engage in such game-play, then they just don't. However the players that do want to participate in such an activity should be able to do so. The players that engage in this type of game-play have every right to give feedback to the developers on it. And also have the right to tell other people that they did such a run.
  5. Lets not forget DE are like normal people and have a holiday sometimes
  6. Incorrect, please test things before making baseless comments.
  7. As the leader of a 900+ member clan, I can wholeheartedly agree with this. Running a clan is a volunteer service and you (DE) making clan leader's matters harder with this change is not very appreciated.
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