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  1. I think that making the other missions faster and leaving the excavation as it is will balance things a bit , but problem is that it removes all the reword that came from skill , little as it is .Excavation involved at least some level of team communication and coordination and you also needed to kill fast enough to get all the cells you needed . If now survival will be just as good , that doesn't feel right , I did an 2 hour survival with Loki and no abilities just for the hell of it and didn't even die , that mission is way to easy to be just as rewording
  2. The passive sounds nice but the loot one should be removed because it's probably going to be abused , like the good old suicide smeeta kavat trick , and instead of 3 charges per mission it should be a cool down , 120s seams reasonable. The clone seems nice , as long as it also uses the mods on your warframe and weapons as well it's gonna be good. Cloud Walker will be as bad as it was before but that's fine , can't win them all. The new defy seems like an overly complicated mish mash of different abilities and and about primal fury , let it be an ability we focus on , it's basically just a melee with a new stance , not a "moment of power" . Make it a hell of a lot stronger or let it be like exalted blade
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