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  1. Trinity needs some QoL buffs to her skills with those harrow ones... like air casting, movable casting on EV/Link. and buff the freaking duration on link/bless PLEASE
  2. except the servers can handle that influx, would not be the first massive update :P
  3. i am at 1440p, everything in my UI is overly massive now even with scale farthest to the left, and it appears when in orbiter the scale is not effected at all by the slider. It was fine before for me ^^"
  4. Tip: love nothing. For SOME REASON warframe is still early access... sooo it is susceptible to change at any moment. Do not let anything crutch you..
  5. Don't let weapons crutch you! this is what happens unfortunately... Jat kittag is probably closest to what you want, but hiduro, Venka prime, ack n brunt and mios are worth your time.
  6. it already has high innate status, i have never needed extra status on my build. I preferred to go for other QoL mods like FR(in a way increases status as well). What good is additional raw status if the thing kills well enough :P
  7. that is REALLY good in my standards, i like the thing with lots of FR, spools fast, multishot will add some nutty damage at max spool (~ up to 26 pellets at full spool with just hell's chamber) and ammo max will help with some of its issues. Grats! ;D
  8. it is hitscan now sooo not sure how negative flight speed effects it, can try in simulacrum or a low level mission unless previous roll is better to keep. but if i would have to guess i would assume it would not impact it since it does not have visible projectiles.
  9. kohm (i think) still holds the highest DPS capability of all gunss, only problem: shotgun, gotta be nearly point blank. Kohm is still my most used wep from when it was really good, and fun...aaaand skill based... BRING BACK OLD KOHM.
  10. i may upload something, gotta think about it :v i have an idea for a primary weapon tho :p (will post later in new post as per rules IF i think of something)
  11. players seem to LOVE to flock to leaderboards for what? bragging rights? I do not get it. Anywho: no money to be made off the casual, soo events are structured ideally for them, sooooo build an event to get as many players as they can on the game and pump in a ton of hours and maybe they will buy something. The free to play structure, the game is a business, employees HAVE to be paid.
  12. what people like is the constant large AoE that spans 26ish meters. How is having a CD on the only reason people use it be a buff? without the massive AoE the range is pitiful. can be just done with other weapons if it were a buff.
  13. the only problem is when people use it with macros, i have had sortie missions with 2 people macro'ing it. If they are so keen on soloing the mission/ showing off in public. i will let them just do it, half the time the mission fails cause all they so is slide around. Their fault. The particles and noise diarrhea are like a shart blizzard, definitely annoying asf. Definitely, but how do you nerf for just macros? impossible without making the weapon another mundane existence in the weapon pool that, largely, is. Only thing i can think of is a cool down on the slide attack effect. 2-3s? this is just something else meta if you can macro and something else boring and i do not understand why people do it :p
  14. aaany future fixes coming for the frost skin coat bulges?
  15. bothers me that this was apparent in the preview on the dev stream AND NOT FIXED. even more apparent in animations, found a bad bugling in the titania noble animation