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  1. OP here. Right now losing that one frame like having a tree you loved get chopped down. Not many are gonna care, nor do they have to, there's just the personal sentiment, but that empty spot hits a nerve every time you see its not there anymore. Also its not hard to spot the folks that read like 1 or 2 lines in the opening post without taking it all in and processing the information before going venomous, chilll and drink something tasty, there's already one doof in here that made a mistake because of a lapse it judgement and its me. Thank you to all others for being understanding, a
  2. Heh I actually had a separate fashionframe for each spare Nidus and every one of them has 6 or so forma on. Favorite Nidus had about 9 or something along with the two Umbra Forma and an Aura Forma. I think like 30-40% of my several thousands of hours on Warframe were on just that one Nidus with about ~55% of total playtime being just Nidus. The secondary skin that was on the favorite Nidus that I put in the slot that wasnt its usual one for some reason I cannot remember looked a lot similar to one of the others with the color scheme, shoulder pads and syandana even being the same.
  3. Thanks for the kinder hearted replies folks. Looking back on the ticket its been quite a few weeks since my last play. A month and a half now. Maybe a logon here and there but then I'd just go to loadout and log off again when my favoritest thing isnt there. I did think about rebuilding, but buying a new dog doesn't fix losing and old one. And yeah its just digital goods. Years of sentiment still leaves a hole when what its attached to is lost though. And I suppose I'd like to not to have to look at that lone flower on the wall mocking me every time I walk into the helminth r
  4. I gave that a shot a bunch of weeks ago on ticket #2292196 The response was that nothing can be done at the moment and that any lost umbral forma has to be earned again manually. I did urge them to see if anything at all can be done afterwards but the final response was pretty much "we are sorry, nothing can be done, go to the forums and read the wiki" Im MR29 btw :u
  5. I accidentally subsumed my favourite Nidus which was one of many Niduses I had. It was by accident. I had 4 loadout slots dedicated to several nidus fits and fashionframe. The favorite Nidus was with a different appearance slot on it on a different loadout slot and I must have swapped it with one of the other niduses that was in that slot at some point in the past. I did try the help desk, the folks at the help desk said nothing can be done and I got a little copy paste about posting on the forums. That Nidus had 2 umbral forma on it, I went through second dream with it and Ive l
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