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  1. Fist of all, thanks for your time that you gave in writing a response, I loved it. Secondly, A valid point, I agree that I am not as old as many veterans here who was playing Warframe from release date but I had some share of nerfs too, if not the most of it. I was long enough in game to hear about the changes and nerfs that disappointed the entire game players. I didn't get the experience myself but I had a feeling gradual nerfs will come. However which I didn't know that they will change riven stat multiplier as well. I thought they put the multipliers in the first place after reviewing the stats and such. But now at one point the realize that People one-shotting limbs in PoE. Then they increase base level and add 2 other eidolons...changed how chroma works but that still didn't stop us from one shotting it just because we started making more lethal builds . Now they are changing the numbers so that it becomes tough once more. (Don't get me wrong, with proper builds and buff one shot is still possible) but just a lot harder for everyone. Yes I agree, Opticor is a fine weapon even with a low grade riven but as said earlier from the start the game tells us to get stronger aka get higher numbers and tbh there is a nice contentment in seeing big numbers with no external buff factors. But those numbers were representation of our hard work on rivens, be in rolling over and over again till a desired stat is obtained or farm for plats day n night and then buy the riven from someone who already has the stat you want (and for the most cases it's not cheap) Only reason I suggested that Ok release less powerful but do it prior to release, many of us has gotten used to how things work here and there. ts not like we are using a Hack tool to change values , we are playing according to in game mechanics. Similar case with Warframe "changes" they call it changes but we call it "nerf" because we have spent thousands of hours with it and we know what is better and what is not. In the end Ig I did ignore the fact that things change in WF for the worse at times. I still love the game though and will keep loving it because I enjoyed every bits of it.
  2. *sighs* Guess I will say something about it...... I have been playing Warframe for 3 years approx, in which 1 year was completely for riven management. I didn't buy any direct Platinum. (Bought some tennogen tho) So I was one of those players who would depend on the daily grind and hours of trade to keep it coming and going. Which Of course I didn't mind because It was fun this way. I never complain about anything. I didn't even say anything negative when Ash was clearly nerfed with his Ult.... but this was too much for everyone.. I remember when riven mods were a thing, I would always dream of a God tier riven, Let's consider I have "X" weapon which is my favorite. Like any other tenno I was after the riven for the said X weapon. In around 8-9 month span I Bought 4 rivens for the same weapon (because I always found another person selling something better than what I use) and around 25K platinum and 21 Forma was used by that same X weapon (why 21? Because riven polarities changed along with different builds) Finally, some months ago I settled on a riven which I bought for around 5K. I was enjoying the game as is and two of my IRL friends joined Warframe seeing how I enjoyed this game. Few weeks before Update : Our friends discussing about what riven to buy. They were eager to get good in the game and join the great community warframe created for all of us, One chose Supra Riven to buy and One chose Ignis Riven to buy since they both loved the Vandal For Supra and Wraith for Ignis Variants. They also saw some sample rivens and the prices for it so that they can make a budget and start farming plats. ... We were happy because together we were getting somewhere. The day of update : Update drops, I go Inside game to see my "X" riven already nerfed. I knew nerf was coming but to see that was really heart breaking. One of the true end game objective of Warframe is higher numbers and ease of getting them. Before the nerf I didn't mind spending thousands of hours just to get to those numbers aka make platinum to get those, but now seeing all stats drop its actually frustrating. From first glance the decrease of multiplier looks low and tbh it is low but when someone looks at a different perspective it's actually not that low. In a 3+ and 1- the nerf actually falls on all the pos and neg. the nerf in pos stat is actually a lot when in combined of 3 stats. ... Guess what ? I still didn't tell my two friends that their favorite riven stats will get nerfed in general. I am being a coward but I dont want them to lose on the love they have for Warframe just yet. They are focused on Fortuna for now but in the future it will come eventually. Look DE, I loved you guys for making this game F2P and giving us free updates and everything but Pls give us back the original stats we all took hundreds of hours and hours to build. Fine, make the future rivens less powerful but keep the original stats on the already rolled out rivens. To you guys this looks like a small change but to us its higher than what you'd think it did. We already had enough nerfs on stuff as is. Ok fine, If changing the stats isn't possible for you guys then why not after a FULL and proper review release the riven stat multiplier? We may have suffered but I don't want other tennos in the future facing the same fate. Let's face it, more than 60% of the trade these days are rivens and people need to invest a lot of it. We never knew this would happen. We never knew all the hours we used in game would come to this. It's like doing a job for years with proper payment and then company decides they have given too much and then they take away our home to make up for it. Simply put, some players are already leaving or have become so disappointed that they are angry about the change. We did not deserve this at all. I know this is a long rant...but had to let it out because not only for me but I speak for my fellow tenno who barely had a few rivens to call good and now for the sake of "balancing" some good one is now just as bad. This post may get criticized a lot by the players here but I had to say all of this building up inside me....But I'd appreciate it if anyone could bring this up to them (DE) PS: My 'X' weapon was Opticor...... P.S Forgive my English errors
  3. Imagining people going to relays in all red color schemes to summon the red text later today.
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