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  1. Look firstly I will say this, Warframe is a power fantasy PVE game, the reason we love it so much lies in that. No offense but sometimes things has to be said.This will probably be my first and last comment on this forum so bear with me. We love the game because it's fun and unique, we love to customize so much, we love to color it our way. With this update we can delve deeper in that aspect and enjoy it. To those who seems to be complaining about it, I will say this, this is Warframe, not some battle royale or PVP game out there, we play this to have fun and enjoy the time, we don't play it because of it's "realism" not everything has to be set in rules and stated "BALANCE" let us have fun creating our own sci-fi character that can mow down hundreds of enemies. That is warframe, Also it isn't even fully out and final yet, there will be more future changes and patches. Again emphasizing on it's core function, we play warframe to kill thousands, not a few hand counted enemies. I am actually glad for this update to be honest, Now I know my 6K hours in this game is not going to waste now that even base frames have meaning. to address another thing, let's form a scenario. Let's take a buff ability - Roar. Let's take a tank -Inaros Now Inaros can have roar along with it's high health and adaptation build to survive for a long time. So that so called Roaring Inaros pops up in a random public gameplay, or arbitration . What happens? he roars- Which part of that is bad for game? Unlike before, now some inaros can also actively help more people in squad. (no offense again to inaros mains, I love inaros too but sometimes me and my friends encounter strict tank inaros who just afks or does little to help the team) So yeah, frames are more powerful now, maybe roar will even get nerfed when used on other frames later, But you get the idea, none of the changes actively dont hinder anyone at all except it makes the game fun and easier while giving us things to do. Last emphasis on WF being a SCi-fi game where most people love having more power and diversity. So it's better to see how things roll out before calling for nerfs and all that. This is not PVP.
  2. A friendly suggestion. Change how the policy works. Release weapons after proper testing please. Like really, test it yourselves to make sure it isn't broken. Don't go changing things after so long after many players have invested so much time after a certain weapon. If you must adjust / nerf. There should be a rule where it's done within 45 days of release. That should give enough time to look at charts and usage (simce somehow you guys would release some weapons without thinking it would be too op) after the said 45 days. NO stat change should be applied no matter what. Just no. If earlier testing wasn't enough. 45 days should be. After that, stats remain the same. Also, why always the nerf. Is it not possible to look at some weapons and say how bad they are compared to others and buff them too? For the sake of balance. Not saying make everyone meta but there are some utter MR fodder weapons that could see a bit of light here and there. I am just giving this idea because like many players, I would be scared of investing much more on a weapon I like and to see it get nerf is a slap on the face. I know its to keep balance. But it's also PvE. So there has to be a limitation to how much something can be changed. So players can confidently spend time on something and stick with it without fearing one day stats will drop.
  3. This awkward radio silence though... I still don't get how telling us "Hey couldn't make it for 'xyz' reasons so shipping it next week or later." would be that hard, literally anyone in DE can do that if they have access to this Warframe forums. After this weekend it will be back to visiting forums periodically while praying that we get an official statement. Any old or relatively old WF player is used to delays, that's although not desirable but definitely better than this awkward silence all over this place. We just want some official confirmaton guys.
  4. At this point even a simple "hello, not happening this week." would do tbh. As many people have said thousands of times. People are mostly pissed off due to the overwhelming silence. Atleast if we knew this isn't coming out any sooner. i wouldn't have to come here and check 24/7 like many excited players are doing. We are used to waiting and Delays. But atleast let us know if its coming or not. I understand coding and bug fixing may be terriblly hard. While I'd love to have the update asap. I'd personally still understand if they'd actually make a snall announcement about this.
  5. i hear good stuff about RJ changes but the entire thing about nightwave... What's the point of ending this one if another one wasn't even ready to be deployed? The way the post was there, I am pretty sure most of the community was pleased that finally its ending and another is starting. I mean it's like completely missing the point of "Why we need another nightwave.or a new series" Because people were fed up with 15 credits per rank and no new / interesting rewards to look forward to. ''Prestige'' ranks are just by name, its worse than normal ranks. Getting more ranks there becomes optional. But we all dealt with it, longer than we should but we made it....for what? another slap on the face? Is it too hard to understand that we players were eagerly waiting for new one to come so that we can actually do something new. Not even going to mention where the heck Primary kitguns are..they were supposed to be released with Scarlet spear. some of us were waiting for new toys to play with too. But no... But please..its just a request on behalf of many..pls stop being vague and state things more clearly. because most of us are waiting for many things now. Stay safe everyone!
  6. We need another quick hotfix to fix the current hotfix thats causing log in issues 😞
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