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  1. Look firstly I will say this, Warframe is a power fantasy PVE game, the reason we love it so much lies in that. No offense but sometimes things has to be said.This will probably be my first and last comment on this forum so bear with me. We love the game because it's fun and unique, we love to customize so much, we love to color it our way. With this update we can delve deeper in that aspect and enjoy it. To those who seems to be complaining about it, I will say this, this is Warframe, not some battle royale or PVP game out there, we play this to have fun and enjoy the time, w
  2. A friendly suggestion. Change how the policy works. Release weapons after proper testing please. Like really, test it yourselves to make sure it isn't broken. Don't go changing things after so long after many players have invested so much time after a certain weapon. If you must adjust / nerf. There should be a rule where it's done within 45 days of release. That should give enough time to look at charts and usage (simce somehow you guys would release some weapons without thinking it would be too op) after the said 45 days. NO stat change should be applied no matter what. Jus
  3. This awkward radio silence though... I still don't get how telling us "Hey couldn't make it for 'xyz' reasons so shipping it next week or later." would be that hard, literally anyone in DE can do that if they have access to this Warframe forums. After this weekend it will be back to visiting forums periodically while praying that we get an official statement. Any old or relatively old WF player is used to delays, that's although not desirable but definitely better than this awkward silence all over this place. We just want some official confirmaton guys.
  4. At this point even a simple "hello, not happening this week." would do tbh. As many people have said thousands of times. People are mostly pissed off due to the overwhelming silence. Atleast if we knew this isn't coming out any sooner. i wouldn't have to come here and check 24/7 like many excited players are doing. We are used to waiting and Delays. But atleast let us know if its coming or not. I understand coding and bug fixing may be terriblly hard. While I'd love to have the update asap. I'd personally still understand if they'd actually make a snall announcement a
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