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  1. tbh the refund might come with next hotfix or probably by this week end , iam not sure its DE they will inform us as the refund start happening and u don't have to do anything well dw time difference wont be a issue to you bcoz it will be automatic u dont have to do anything
  2. u will be refunded as u bought the skin to gift ur husband 🙂 if u didn't get refunded when the refund start happening contact DE support 🙂
  3. i thought this was sacrifice until i saw its beast of sanctuary 😞 give us that update fast .. *we are ready for sacrifice *
  4. shadowmoses098-EN-

    FPS drop on the new Windows 10 creator update 1803

    Well after the new windows update their was in starting cpu usage bt it went down but the fps problem didnt even go away, the problem is its locked at 15fps i lt won't go above or low just stick at 15fps rest all game goes Normal.. Juts fps stuck at 15.. Well fr now I have rolled back to previous version bt hopefully they notice this and addresses it
  5. shadowmoses098-EN-

    Where is update 22.20.0?!

    NANI !!!! m soo excited
  6. well today i got an windows 10 update (update 1803) , after updating i ran warframe [did verify and optimize cache ] the fps got locked at 15 and its dropping like hell.. well i thought it might be some windows update issues but rest games are working fine .. plz help ... screenshot ;-
  7. shadowmoses098-EN-

    Blurred Screen [Fixed]

    After this recent update the graphics have constant blur effect...its unstable and happens every time i go to the operator mode .. and some times i stays in the frame mode too the whole missions. the only thing right now i can do is turn off the motion blurr and it solves the issue but some time it does popup again :( .. plz help.. i have added screenshot of the visual bug this is the screenshot of the visual bug it also triggering some effect that even in void mode iam still getting damage