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  1. Didnt u just read the patch note duh... Fixed the Lenz jets still appearing when you apply the Dryad Bow Skin.
  2. i thought this was happening with me only . especially in high action situation the fps drops like crazy . hope they solve it
  3. Well I can answer ur few questions 1. Hildryn can't use her 2 while in 4th bcoz it's a channeling ability why would they let u add shield back its like u can get ev while using banshee's 4th. So nope they won't its a balance as her 4th is super strong. 2. The door to vallis not opening is not a bug u need to complete phase 2 or abort that's mission objective so u need to finish phase 2 3. And if they let us skip phase 1 their is no point in doing exploiter then soo nope they won't allow us to skip
  4. Well if u cant accept changes , Thnx for ur time 🙂 hope u liked warframe , always remember not all changes are just for u but others are liking them but threatening to leave a game for another sure go ahead like DE cares 1 player leaves
  5. idk if any1 facing this issue but what m facing is whenever m going to fortuna their is a huge drop in fps as locked fps at 72fps i goes to 50-40 also whenevr m coming back from orb vallis and exitign through fortuna the fps tanks to 30-20 and the screen goes balck and it takes a lloot of ttime to load back to orbiter and when iam back to orbiter it takes few minutes to get my fps back or i have to restart the game .Also m facing sudden fps and freezes in orb vallis if the heat of the mission gets intense. it also casued one time to hang my system as well. Pc specs :- i5 8th gen , nvidia 1050ti , 8 gb ram also warframe is casuing a lot of disk usage after the buried dept update and also causing to heat up system more ( i have my fans cleaned soo it has to be warframe issue bcoz i play other games and face no issues whatsoever ) plz solve these issues
  6. when can we expect the update , its looking like the same 2018 throwback of late udpates and only hotfixes we need some thing new plz and ty fr the hardwork
  7. thnx for the hotfix but we need something new plz waiting for the new frames and limbo delux FAST fast plz
  8. i think they increased difficulty back again , they decreased in previous patches its back in this
  9. pablo tweeted they are bringing the equip all star feature in next update or so
  10. lol its a not a bug if u put 4 forma it goes to level 40 thats its feature and give the weapon special sentient stats 😛
  11. i mean thats its feature i dont think their wont be a change for it
  12. And the place where their is no twitch prime can suck on this 😞
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