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  1. Well, we just have the script, designs and the concept art. If DE see what we are doing and they give us their approval, then we are talking about taking this to the game. This story brings a new paradox, known characters and new ones. But there's just one implied completely in this storyline, the Eye who watches, or so it is told, The Man in the Wall. The hispanic community liked the story a lot, so we are asking to you guys, do you want to see what we are doing?
  2. Swazdo-lah Tenno!! Me and other fellow friends to the game, we are making and outstanding adventure/quest for warframe, Though it's still a fan project, we hope to get DE's attention if you want this to be real! This Quests (yeah bc it will be divided in two parts) would bring two new warframes, weapons, lore expansion and more! This adventures have an essential relation with Duviri Paradox (who knows when it will finally come out that update). So we are here, announcing to you this project of our own, this story that had us hyped a lot and still. We want to ask you if you want to know more ab
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