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  1. @Sabremouse Region chat last night was pretty bad as you would expect. I just hope this can somehow get to DE eventually.
  2. @KarvenSlash This is a great piece of speculation and oddly enough I can see how it would kind of fit into this story for some weird reason
  3. @LupoDWolf I saw that in the trailer but to be completely honest I have no clue what to actually make of it. The only idea I can think of is that it may be foreshadowing some kind of butterfly effect. The butterfly effect is "the phenomenon whereby a minute localized change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere.". I can personally see something like that working in this kind of setting that we have been presented with in the trailer especially since we do see our past self at some point in the trailer.
  4. @(PS4)FriendSharkey I know what you mean when your talking about the "unease". When I watched that trailer live I got chills from watching it. I really hope they can keep that same vibe for whatever is to come out of this in the future.
  5. It sucks yeah but then again they basically have to give that warframe to half a million accounts sooo its gonna take a while XD
  6. Hello. I don't really know if this topic will get anywhere but I am just here to express my feedback and ideas. First of all Tennocon did happen the night I am writing this so I do not know if any developers will be able to see this post soon or maybe even at all. But anyways here are my suggestions. So as many of you guys know the Lotus Ephemera and Nekros Prime were given away as rewards for watching the Tennocon stream live for a certain amount of time. If you have been around for a while you may know that the amount of people that have been watching Tennocon in the last two years is quite large. Due to this there is a massive resurgence of players in the game at this time. I also noticed that many people did not know the fact that the Nekros prime Warframe might take an entire week to fully process and be given to all of the players who have met the requirements to receive the Warframe for free. Due to people not knowing why their Nekros prime is not on their accounts immediately people automatically resort to asking region chat. Now this is where the problem begins. Now the region chat is being flooded with the exact same question over and over and that question is "where is my Nekros prime?". Just in the course of this one night I have seen many different people ask this questions literally hundreds of times. The problem with this is that because the region chat is being flooded with this question so constantly that it completely interrupts the ability to actually have a normal conversation in region chat. Now here is where my idea comes in (also sorry for the long introduction) I want there to be an automated chat message that is sent to people whenever they ask a question like this in the future. For example it can say that "your Nekros prime reward will take a while to process and will be in your inventory shorty" an automated message like that would do wonders for the many people that get on the game when things like this happen. My main inspiration for this suggestion is when people type into chat "when baro" or something along those lines in region chat. Immediately after that a message is directed towards them using a bot telling them the info they need to know. An alternative to this method would be having a bot send a out a message in chat on a timer like every 15 minutes for example. This message could say something along the lines of "If you watched 30 minutes of the Tennolive livestream and you are waiting to receive your free Nekros prime please note it will take a long time to process". If something like that could be implemented whenever a free Warframe is given away it would help so much and would keep people a lot more at bay when a Warframe is given away.There would also be a lot less of spam, confusion and chaos within the region chat. If anyone reads this entire thing please try and share this thread however you can if you think my idea has potential.
  7. Ok thanks so i'm not crazy lol. The main thing that kind of confuses me is that this trailer seems to more fitted for a lore oriented quest rather than a trailer that is tied into an open world. I am aware of the fact that DE has said they are not showing off the new open world (for now) but never the less I am still confused about how this could possibly tie its self into an open world. This trailer seems as if it may be more directed towards the evolution of the operator and maybe just warframe lore in general. The reason why I say it may be at the least geared towards the evolution of operator is because of the description of the trailer on youtube. If you didn't notice it already the description says "Tenno, it’s time to grow up." which leads me to believe that The Duviri Paradox may not be an open world related thing but possibly either another prologue or quest of sorts. I believe that the Plains of Duviri (the name of the new open world) and The Duviri Paradox may be two separate things. I can't tell if they will be released at the same time but I have supported my claim above regardless.
  8. Also... great speculation btw
  9. Do you think that the skeleton horse like thing is an orokin creation or something else unknown? The guy riding on it kind of resembled a Dax is why I am asking.
  10. lmao I never knew about space boost thing before I just beat it in practice
  11. archwings need a complete rework so that people aren't forced into using the itzal but thats a topic for another day
  12. My odonata is not nearly that fast even though I have maxed hyperion thrusters and my archwing is rank 30
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