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  1. With my regular non-Riven'd Gauss build, I can happily kill a Steel Path Jugulus in 3-5 seconds. Join a public Steel Path game with a bunch of MR26+'s - Many players are dropping them in a couple seconds. Maybe you can ask one of them for their builds :) Here is a screenshot from a 5 second Steel Path Jugulus Kill. Solo, no Riven, regular Gameplay. I can upload a full video with a build if you want?
  2. 1.) Move your mouse so the click area is at the top of your chat window, in the rectangle between the left icons and the minimize bar 2.) Hold down left-click 3.) Hold down right-click (So both are now held down) 4.) Release left-click (So only right-click is held down) 5.) Release right-click 6.) Wiggle your mouse What happens: The chat window is "stuck" to your mouse What should happen: Your mouse moves as normal without the chat window stuck to it
  3. Through the pages of this thread I have seen people complain that DE are going back on their word by reducing the MR requirement from 15 to 8 when they themselves said that it was designed for experienced players. Here's a newsflash in case anyone has missed the past.... few hundred streams - To them, 8 IS an experienced player. To DE, MR8 IS your high-end player. Their stats say the majority stop at 12, so given that limitation of "MR12 is a god-tier Warframe player", they have safely deduced that MR8 is "experienced", so in their eyes - Yes - They designed the system for ex
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