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  1. Valence Transfer Infusion So will we be able to see the %%% of the bonus damage somewhere in the UI? Aside from digging in the codex and looking for the Lich in there? It's soooo convoluted and buried that it's a pain to find every time you want to know what %%% of the bonus damage your weapon has.
  2. Press TAB to display important information is BAD Design. Not just bad, it's lazy. Feels like we're slipping back into the beginning of mobile games with 5 screens you had to flip through just to get anywhere.
  3. One step forward, three steps back. Gotta check your footwork DE, what kind of waltz is that? Oh how typical.
  4. I think we need the collective sound of WOOSH right about now. If this is THE priority I've lost all hope completely.
  5. Why can't we see the number of OWNED Requiem Mods in the relic selection screen still?
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