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  1. The impression I get is that the intent is to keep people from using a forma, then going to Hydron for 30, then forma, then Hydron (or ESO or whatever) and to actually have a frame that has utility out in the "real game." In other words, to get players to go play all the stuff you made. However, when people get to the point where they're just trudging through the Forma-Hydron or Forma-ESO two-step, it's because that's all there is to do. That's Warframe at that point in a player's career. I predict that the change will (as someone mentioned early on) shave about 2 minutes off the forma-then-powerlevel loop, but it won't change what players do.
  2. Hell, OP doesn't need an excuse to stop. They can just say "I'm not doing this dumbass thing anymore; keep your forma."
  3. In my last two missions (both needing 4 crewship kills) we had to abort the mission because at 3/4, there were no more crew ships to kill. Mission 1: Saturn Proxima (can't remember mission; first one I think) I was not the host. I killed a crewship with the forward artillery, but the kill was not counted in the tally - so we killed 4 crewships, but the game only registered 3. At that point, it became impossible to complete the mission -- we refined what we could and aborted the mission. Mission 2: Earth Proxima (shipkiller mission) We completed the fighter kills and shipkiller kills; but after searching the mission area it appeared only 3 crewships spawned in and we needed 4. I was host; when the team aborted, I could not. I couldn't access the menu at all, and had to force-close the game to get out of the mission. Suggest that the missions spawn crewships until the game registerd enough kills - yes, it's harder, but as soon as you get the limit, any other ships can cut and run.
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