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  1. The impression I get is that the intent is to keep people from using a forma, then going to Hydron for 30, then forma, then Hydron (or ESO or whatever) and to actually have a frame that has utility out in the "real game." In other words, to get players to go play all the stuff you made.

    However, when people get to the point where they're just trudging through the Forma-Hydron or Forma-ESO two-step, it's because that's all there is to do. That's Warframe at that point in a player's career. 

    I predict that the change will (as someone mentioned early on) shave about 2 minutes off the forma-then-powerlevel loop, but it won't change what players do.

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  2. On 2021-05-07 at 11:07 AM, (PSN)Jason_V_Jade said:

    When you have a large chunk of the fan base whining about no new content then we get stuff like this or new frames or heavily bugged/broken content. The player base must take part of the blame of that.

    DE should be focusing on fixing bugs instead of cranking out new content quickly.

    DE has to crank out new content quickly. They need a constant flow of new guns, frames, cosmetics, activities, and other stuff so people are either grinding or buying; fixing old bugs and old content probably doesn't make the numbers.

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  3. 1 minute ago, Llminx said:

    umm, and that's generally accepted/allowed? So...there's no "false advertising" limits on the trade chat or something similar? Just trying to understand how the system works cuz if it was an ad irl that would b a bit of an issue XD

    No, I am sorry - it's not actually a lie. The BP is in the Railjack rewards table, so I take it back. It's not a lie, it's pulling a fast one. The BP is frequently handed out for free by lots of very nice people. It's also available from Baro from time to time IIRC. 

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  4. No, it's just people lying in trade chat to try to score 50p off of someone who doesn't know better.


    Edit: it's not a lie (at least, the bit about it being a rare railjack reward; certified supplier -- anyone can call themselves that I guess)

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  5. I'm in the same boat; so as others have mentioned, it's time to hang it up for a while. To me, the game gives you dozens of directions to go but it doesn't really feel like it's about anything.

    I can take a half-hour or so of play, but most of that is staring at the Navigation and thinking "I don't want to do any of this." Ironically, the thing that engaged me the most was zoning out while mining and conserving on Deimos, to rank up the Entrati. I could do that for hours, but I can't handle the core game anymore. 

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  6. jHlNVQ4.png


    Huh. I'm pretty sure I haven't spent 32% of my play time at MR26, considering that I reached it less than a month ago.  

    The kills thing, though, that jibes. I'm too slow to keep up with the nukes. 

  7. 5 hours ago, NebulaLagoon said:
    • TYPE: In-Game
    • DESCRIPTION: I think I'm the only person carzy enough to make 2 Sevagoths and rank up the second one enough to get to the Exalted Shadow, but it appears that my second Sevagoth has the first one's shadow
    • VISUAL: 
    • REPRODUCTION: Make 2 Sevagoths and check if they have the same shadow
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Each Sevagoth should have his own shadow, unleveled and without formas and mods. (I mean, if that's how it was intended. I'm not complaining about now having to put more formas on the claws, but I did want to make a different build for the Shadow.)
    • OBSERVED RESULT: My first and second Sevagoth have the same shadow, the one I leveled and forma'd (including the claws). The shadow also has only one appearance.
    • REPRODUCTION RATE: Closed the game and restarted, still the same. Same thing in the Simulacrum.

    If I recall (this is going back a while) this is actuall working as expected - all copies of a frame with an Exalted whatsit share the same whatsit (like, two Ivaras have the same Artemis Bow). 

  8. I just slammed through the Entrati rankups in the past, hm...2-3 months I think and what a drag it was (I know the common wisdom is "don't focus on one thing" but I'd taken a year off and there was catching up to do). Saw my only crescent vulpaphyla 2 days ago, totally by chance. I've never seen a sporule avichaea. 

    I think the only thing I can do is say the whole process really sucked, but it felt really good when I stopped. I'm not even going to do the necramech folks.

    So yes. The Deimos conservation stuff is well-crafted, almost artistic, tedium.

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